Windows 7 has imprinted the desktop with several watermark that will appear if the condition warranted, similar to Windows Vista. For example, “For testing purposes only” will appear if the user installs a beta or RC copy of Windows 7, “Evaluation copy” if the operating system installed is not activated yet, “Test Mode” when enabling the testsigning mode (allow non-CA signed self-signed certificate to be used), “Safe Mode” when booting into Safe Mode, and etc.

Watermark on Desktop

It’s possible to remove and delete the watermark from Windows 7 desktop, by using the hacking technique published by My Digital Life that modify user32.dll.mui file to remove watermark strings. People who doesn’t have the skill, technical knowledge or patient to do the job themselves can download the following watermark removal script instead.

Note that each Windows 7 Watermark Removal Script only supports a specific build version of Windows 7. Please download the correct version to ensure proper deletion of watermark for clean desktop.

Update: Remove Watermark universal desktop watermark remover is a universal watermark patcher that supports all versions and languages of Windows, including 32-bit and 64-bit.

Download Remove7Watermark.exe (for Windows 7 Build 7000)
Download Remove7Watermark.exe (for Windows 7 Build 6956)

Run the Remove7Watermark.exe as administrator. Restart the computer to make the change effective after successful patching. The script only supports English (en-US) Windows 7.

Tip: If the batch script above doesn’t work, try out Remove Watermark automated patches, which supports all languages and all Windows versions.

When running, the script will install a patched version of user32.dll.mui after making the backup of original user32.dll.mui to user32.dll.mui in %systemdrive%\User32Backup\ folder and user32.dll.mui.bak in %windir%\System32\en-US\ foder. So, to uninstall the patch and reset or restore the watermark, just copy or rename back the file to original location or name.

There is another hack to remove Send Feedback link on the title bar of all windows in Windows 7.

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  • Bob

    I got rid of my watermark, by just changing themes in windows…dont know how but it worked

  • i had a headache with anoying watermark no more thanks willjon

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  • Run, but doesn't works.

    I just hope is not a virus! @@

  • Try running the program in safe mode. I did that to hack the windows start-up sound.

  • billy

    Don't work, donwloaded twice, took ownership and elevated permission for "user 32" in both system 32 and Wow64, then ran as administrator. Still says "must run with admin rights"

    UAC is always turned off.

    Useless trash hopefully not a virus.

  • technoshamen

    oh btw you dont just drag it over the water mark. you have to drag it over the wm and then let go. its best if you work right to left and keep moving it back and forth till the whole thing is gone

  • techno shamen

    Way more simple

    I was playing around with the recycle bin and found out that if you put the recycle bin over the far right side of the watermark and then drag it away it will remove some of it. well i kept at it and removed the hole thing within 8 seconds using the trash can. the only thing that will bring it back up is a refresh of the desktop or restarting your computer. way simple and fast to do

  • wtf

    Dude… fuck you. This god damn patch just crashes the machine. My machine now locks up every time I start it. I restored user32.mui. Didn't help. It does some other crazy shit.

    Seriously guys… save yourself the headache. DO NOT INSTALL THIS TRASH.

  • roxx753


    i have version 7022, what do you think i gonna do? please help!

  • Finnigan


    try this if this is what you mean

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  • Michgauth

    Hi There,

    Several days ago I installed Windows 7 on my machine. When I installed it, I choose Upgrade instead of CUSTOM (Big mistake). Now I would like to remove Windows 7 and get back to Vista Pro.

    Before Vista Pro I had Windows XP Pro. The problem I have with Vista is an upgrade version. I don’t have the full version.

    Anybody could help me on this? I’m looking for an uninstall procedure

    Thank you,


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    I don't know why people are having problems with this? It worked sooo easy and fast and now no watermark! Thanks!

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  • Brad

    I'm using Windows 7 build 7000 x86, and using the depositfile mirror, it downloads and runs fine for me. Thanks!

  • Jack

    64 bit version wont let me run as admin…32 bit works perfect. any solutions?

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  • Me

    This is not working for me in Windows 7 Beta 7000 (64 bit).

    You must run this program with admin rights

    I did, right click on file and run as administrator.

  • Dennis

    Clamwin claims this exe includes a trojan. I noticed after I ran it. Should we stay away?

    • admin

      It's just a WinRAR packed exe, likely to be false positive.

  • richard

    It worked fine form me, I don't know why but now everytime i launch a windows explorer window, the system color(border around windows, taskbar color) changes to black. So I'm gonna revert the patch now

  • Lsd

    Does Not Work Don't Waste Your Time!!

  • Bontrey

    Like other people have pointed out, running as administrator doesn't seem to make a difference; it won't work either way.

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  • tom

    yeah even when I right click to run as administrator it says you need to have admin rights. I have UAC disabled too…

  • Brad

    Doesn't work. Says you must be an administrator even when you run as admin.

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