Arimaz is finally unveiling its tiny adorable robot penguin which can give more life and excitement to Facebook activities besides providing a personal touch. This tiny cutie robot, which is now named Pingo, will connect Facebook enthusiasts to their Facebook activities and change the web social activities to be more interactive and excited. It integrates into users’ account via a Facebook application and is able to perform various actions: dance around whenever there are Facebook updates, sing songs for the owner, read news, give weather forecasts, read emails, read quotes, headlines, etc. Friends who have this cute robot can also communicate with each other via this device. They can poke each other, send messages, send gifts, etc via Pingo.


Pingo retails for $149.99, slightly higher than the price suggested before its launch. Facebook enthusiasts who are looking for Christmas gifts to give friends perhaps can consider this palm size device. This robot device is compatible with Mac OS, Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.