There are multiple software solution that can help to safeguard your sensitive folders and data so that none of unauthorized party will able to get access to them. Some of them are like My Lockbox, Hide Folders, Free 1 Second Folder that we have mentioned earlier and in case you are not fully satisfied with any of them, here you can try this alternative free version available from SafeHouse. Named as SafeHouse Explorer, it protects your confidential files from being accessed by third party by making them invisible and truly encrypted with 256-bit Twofish algorithm.

For the start, users will just need to create a volume or drive by specifying the location and size of it. It allows users to create as many numbers of secret folders as they wish in simple steps and good thing is, this doesn’t limited to internal storage drive but also external drives such as USB thumb drive or multimedia storage cards as well as remote network servers. When any files are saved inside the volume, it will be double protected with an advanced encryption algorithm besides your personal password.

SafeHouse Explorer is compatible with Windows 2000/2003/XP and Vista and users can get a free download at SafeHouse for immediate use.