Apple iPad is selling well with its ability to extend to various market segments such as educational, entertainment, gaming or as a pure tablet PC. If you wonder how it can fit into cosmetic industry, Scalar Corp has answer for you with actual working product for such a niche market. Just recently, the Japanese company has announced the development of its portable microscope device targeted to be paired with iPad and iPhone for this industry. Named as AirMicro model A1, it is a wireless LAN capable microscope that can be connected to iPad/iPhone in local area network with ability to zoom up to 200x and display the actual image on the relatively large iPad or iPhone for convenience use.

Internally, the portable microscope is equipped with a 5MP CMOS image sensor which can capture QVGA format video at a frame rate of 15fps. At the same time, it is featured with a power efficient IEEE802.11b compliant transceiver chip from GainSpan Corp that could definitely prolong the battery life for true portability with just three AA size batteries. In terms of software stacks, the package was developed by Procubed Inc with necessary functions such as DHCP as well as broadcasting capability so that the same media source can be delivered to multiple units simultaneously for real time viewing with easy convenience and great efficiency.

Priced at USD390, the portable microscope is a bit pricey for personal use but should be reasonable for business or educational purpose. With actual availability to US market by mid of June 2010 first followed by end of June 2010 in Japanese market, the company plans to push 50,000 units in the first year followed by 550,000 units after three years in world wide market.