Getting fed up with the famous leaked “devils0wn” CD key (i.e. FCKGW-RHQQ2-YXRKT-8TG6W-2B7Q8) which has been blacklisted by Microsoft and no longer works to bypassed Windows Product Activation in Windows XP operating system nor passed WGA validation? Instead of trying hard to crack Windows XP, with the power of Google (and Belarc Advisor), now you can search and find genuine product keys for Windows 2000, Windows XP Home, Professional and Media Center editions for free, thanks to ‘unintentional’ act of Windows users who always leak the product license key to the Internet.

Belarc Advisor is a utility that scans and builds a detailed profile of installed software and hardware, missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, CIS (Center for Internet Security) benchmarks, and of course, including Windows product keys and serial numbers and then displays the web based results in HTML format accessible in any web browser. If these results is been published to the Internet (indeed there are lots of them, especially by those who seek technical help), the results page will be indexed by Google, and the genuine product key of the user’s Windows XP or 2000 contained in the result pages will become searchable and available to everybody.

Note: Piracy is not encouraged and against the law. This article is to show that there’re indeed such a method of obtaining CD keys, and that any anti-counterfeit measure will likely ultimately cause trouble to licensed users too.

Find product key or serial CD key for:

All Windows XP Editions
Windows 98
Windows 2000
Windows XP Home
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Media Center

Will Microsoft send a DMCA anti-circumvention violation notice to Google?

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  • Hayley Deering

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    How to download a legal Microsoft Office w/out a Key or activation code??

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  • please help to find the window vista product key for my laptop,my product key is 3767G-FKBJG-YPC99-7BMHQ, BUT IS NOT RESPONDING. PLEASE HELP

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    ja pensou vc acessar 25 vzs o office e simplismente ele nao funcionar mais a microsoft se superou pois eh no windows stater eh asim vc acessa 25 vzs e ele bloqueia para poder acessar novamente vc tem q comprar um produto oferecido pela msm q naum tive coragem nem de perguntar quanto era resumindo estou sem world ah mo tempao…

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  • DIVXHacker

    You guys are barking up the wrong tree.

    I've been hard pressed to find a working key for a LEGAL CD I own. It's 100% genuine. But I have to destroy it because the CD key was thrown out – my mother threw it out. She thought it was trash. It was a broken CD jewel case (the rest of it broke, I had to chop the CD case down so it wouldn't stab me when I got my underwear out)

    So, long story short, I had to go and shell out $150 for a new XP Media Center package. I had to go upstate for it. The CD is WORTHLESS without a genuine product key, and when that label gets destroyed, ripped you're supposed to destroy and throw away the CD, as they are matched with each pressing… So I blew my old disk up with a Piccolo Pete I saved from the Fourth. So in the future, do what I am doing with mine: rent a safety deposit box in the bank. It's THAT valuable.

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  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 Genuine Product Key:


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    use keyfinder to find your systems key

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  • And those people who keep on asking for key just go on google and find one, took me 5 mins to get a key that was not banned. I still may have to crack it but it works for install, if you need a key to instal xp, and such programs as Tinyxp…

    Live long Tinyxp

  • THanks alot i clicked the XP Pro link, Search through goolge a bit and found one that works, took me 5 mins..

    THanks alot gues keep up the good work

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    plz plz give me windows vista ultimate's product key,plz

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  • raunak

    its gone..

    every key is gone..

    every key says its invalid.. microsoft knows abt this nw..

    ny othr method to get d free keys??

    do pls lemme kno,,,its urgent..

  • Prasanna Thurairajah

    Dear sir,

    Please help me to get Windows Vista Unlimited Product Key,..

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  • i want product key for xp proffesional. and my last 5 charrecter product is 2GQ36 . I WANT macthing product key. can u help me plz

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  • i have 30 days trial version of roboform

    can you please help me with the free product KEY for roboform..please

  • devilsdaughter

    i have a windows xp professional genuine cd but i lost my product key…… what should i do to retrieve it again and i have formatted my system so i would not be able to change registry settings to get it what would be the solution….????

  • James

    Heh, funny to watch all these people begging for a product key as if they have no other way of cracking good old Windows…

    To Steven S (May 17th, №17): surely they'll just continue their spamming. If you've ever seen a Rapidshare Premium Account giveaway you've probably found lots of people asking for a couple. Laziness is the key.

    My suggestion is: leave a fake .ZIP on Rapidshare and tell everybody that it's a product key… enjoy racking up your Rapid-Points!

  • Monkeyman

    need a legal xp key since mine has been hacked and i dont want to call microsoft. ty

  • ben316

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  • Cam Johnson

    Haha, thanks!

    I wish finding a product key was always this easy! :)


  • dj_yameen

    i need SMAC 2.0 product key…someone can help?thank u!

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  • Just goes to show how much the Internet is still very much in the Wild Wild West stage of it's development.

  • Microsoft is avoiding fines and people are avoiding to pay to Microsoft, i think its a fair deal :-)

    Microsoft, Trying to Avoid a European Fine, Defends Demand for Royalties

    Jani Syed

  • Myles

    Reminds me of mass mailing and searching for or formmail.cgi. Pretty cool though, that's a good thing to know…

  • Tensor

    i would add -FCKGW to that same search to avoid the devils0wn's key

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