Apple’s iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad are so successful with good traction in consumer market. However, it does lack some compelling features as compared to other smartphone devices and one of them is the Adobe Flash playback support. Good news now, Skyfire 2.0 which claimed to be able to enable flash playback on iOS devices has recently been approved and been pushed to App store by today.

If you recall, Skyfire was first introduced to Windows Mobile and Nokia phones back to May 2008, and was again released in May 2010 for Android based smartphones. As you may be interested to figure out how it can get around with this, here is what Skyfire can do. Whenever users click on a page with embedded Flash video, Skyfire’s server will perform download, render and convert Flash based video into HTML5 format that is compatible and can be played on iOS device platforms. However, for security concern, Skyfire will leave the video rendering on mobile phone without relying on its server on certain online banking websites so there could be some trouble to convert certain flash for playback, on top of some games or non-video flash based contents.

Skyfire 2.0 is already available on App Store and at a cost of merely $2.99, it is definitely a great-to-have app that virtually allows Flash playback, which occupying almost 75 percent of online video as claimed by Adobe on your iPhone, iPod and iPad devices (with iOS 3.0 and above). However, it is “temporarily not accepting new purchases” now due to overwhelming demand as its server can no longer can support such peak load which causes significant video experience degradation at consumer ends. Hopefully it will get rectified and available in App Store again in short future.

Update: Updated Skyfire for iOS