Nettop is a new market segment that being initiated by intel with its famous Atom processor mainly targeted for mobile users with sufficient processing power for office application and web browsing activities. Indirectly, it opens up opportunity for ARM based architecture solution providers to compete in this price sensitive market while able to keep its power consumption low for prolong battery life. Not long after Jointech released its JL7100, which was claimed to be the world’s most cheapest netbook at one time, now seems that Sungworld, a China based company has unveiled an even cheaper version of netbook replacement targeted for those that are tight of budget but still would like to get one as a mobile companion while traveling.

As expected, the entry level netbook doesn’t come with impressive hardware specifications. Powered by VIA VT8500 ARM 9 based processor running at 300MHz, it is further supported by a built in 128MB RAM, 1GB hard disk drive and an expandable 16GB SD Card through its internal card reader slot. As similar to JL7100, it is designed with a 7-inch LCD display with 800 X 480 resolutions which may be slightly too small for average users. However, you will be surprised to find an internal 802.11b/g WiFi module (not optional) for you to stay connected seamlessly while moving around. All these are well designed into a slim form factor with total weight of 700gram (inclusive of an 1800mAH battery) only.

At a price of 500 Yuan (or equivalent to $73), this machine will be pre-installed with Windows CE Operating System and limited office applications, sufficient enough as a typical Windows CE based smartphone replacement but of course at a much larger screen size.