TimerStop v2a driver crack for Windows Vista activation is a popular workaround to bypass Windows Vista activation, as it locks the Vista machine activation grace period in within officially allowed 30-day duration which fools the Microsoft to treat the system as newly installed for trial usage and not yet activated. Hence, the all Windows Vista edition, including Windows Vista Ultimate cracked with TimerStop may able to access Windows Update, download Ultimate Extras, enable Internet Time sync, and other free software from Microsoft Download Center. To make the application of TimerStop.sys patch easier, pembros has posted on anti Windows Product Activation (WPA) forum a batch script (now contained inside a program) TimerLock that automated the TimerStop.sys driver installation process.

The TimerLock batch script or executable comes with original working version 2a (v2a) of TimerStop.sys and TimerStop64.sys by offlinevista. The command script will firstly install TimerStop driver with a random file name (so you won’t find TimerStop.sys and/or TimerStop64.sys on your system as the name is randomize to minimize the risk been caught by Microsoft). Then it applies the 2099 crack (and thus will use one rearm count, if your Vista 3 times rearm allocation is used up, you may need to reinstall Vista) and restarts. Upon restart the system will be restored to original date. The process also auto disable driver enforcement in 64bit Vista (32-bit TimerStop.sys driver has built-in workaround to the Vista unsigned driver restriction) to skip warning about unsigned driver, and will work on any localized language or region version of Windows Vista as it change the date format during the process silently.

As TimerStop drivers will be installed with a random name, CurrentName.dat file will be created in TimeStop folder to record the actual name of the system. Keep the file or write down the name of the installed driver on your system just in case you need to uninstall TimerStop driver.

Note: (Only if not working) For TimerLock to work in 64-bit Windows Vista Ultimate x64, although the script has built-in support to disable unsigned driver warning, you may have to disable driver enforcement manually with command provided by Shadowchaser:

bcdedit -set loadoptions \”DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS”

Note: Use updated version only if previous version failed or unable to work. Beside, TimerLock won’t work on Microsoft Virtual PC 2007.

Latest Version: TimerLock 2.6

Download TimerLockSetup.zip version 2.6 – Fixed divide by zero errors with few small tweaks.

Download TimerLock version 1.4 (TimerLock.zip – previously version 4).
Download TimerLock version 1.5 (TimerLock.zip – previously version 5).
Download TimerLock version 2.0 (TimerLockSetup.zip) – Has changed from batch script to executable with ability to work alongside with UAC.
Download TimerLock version 2.1 (TimerLockSetup.zip) – New icon, fix (hopefully) incorrect admin privileges checking and other bug fixes.
Download TimerLock version 2.2 (TimerLockSetup.zip) – Removed admin check that always fails for x64 users, added OS check and UAC checking, with ability to work from any non-temp location on any drive now.
Download TimerLock version 2.3 (TimerLockSetup.zip) – Full support for 32-bit and 64-bit (x32 and x64) Windows Vista.
Download TimerLock 2.4 (TimerLockSetup.zip) – Use this version if you don’t like some anti virus software returns false positive status that the crack contains trojan named Generic3.AEW.

To automatically apply the TimerStop driver to crack and bypass Windows Vista activation by using the TimerLock script:

  1. Install Windows Vista without entering any product key. If you have already installed Windows Vista, make sure you don’t use up the 3 times legal rearm limit. Anyway, version 5 will ensure that TimerStop driver is installed even though rearm allowances have been used up.
  2. After installation setup complete, boot up Windows Vista system with user id with administrator rights.
  3. Disconnect from Internet if necessary.
  4. Turn off UAC. (Not necessary required since version 2.0, try only if unsuccessful)
  5. Extract the TimerLock.zip or TimerLockSetup.zip to a folder.
  6. Run install.bat or TimerLockSetup.exe to activate TimerLock script.
  7. When prompted to restart computer, press OK.
  8. System should prompt that the patch was installed properly. If not check your system date if it has properly set back.
  9. Optional: If you have problem that the activation timer counts down between restarts or reboots, manually apply 2099 trick.
  10. Check if your activation remaining timer still counting down with slmgr.vbs -dlv command in elevated command prompt.

If the TimerLock auto Vista activator and patcher doesn’t work for you, you can always apply Timer Stopper TimerStop driver (v2a) manually.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational and informational purpose only.