The TimerStop.sys crack that can permanently activate Windows Vista by making the state of Windows Vista system always in evaluation or trial state, and posted by offlinevista in an anti-WPA forum has been updated to support Windows Vista 64-bit of all edition, including Windows Vista Ultimate. The new version of TimerStop Vista activation countdown timer stopper version 2a (or v2a) consists of 32bit (x86) timerstop.sys (4096 bytes) and timerstop64.sys (6136 bytes) for activation crack of 64bit or x64 version of Windows Vista.

The previous version of TimerStop.sys (3584 bytes) does not work to stop the timer on 64-bit (x64) of Windows Vista because the driver is not signed which is a requirement for the TimerStop.sys to execute and run properly on x64 Vista in order to intercept the running timer in spsys.sys. If you enable bootlogging, you can check for an entry in ntbtlog that shows “Driver not loaded …\timerstop.sys” which is the result of this problem.

V2a version of Vista experimental crack has a new and update driver, adds support the bypass or disable of Vista driver signature check enforcement in Vista 64 bits which prevents all unsigned drivers to load in normal mode, and thus the driver no longer loads in testsigning testmode, as implemented in previous version of StopTimer.sys driver. Beside, the test button in the installer no longer in need or indeed functioning, as due to changes in the TimerStop.sys driver, the installer can’t determine if it works or not, instead will just let you see if the counter is freezed or not. Beside, now the installer will prompt to run as administrator if you forget to run it with elevated rights or turn off Vista UAC. Also enhanced is that V1 only checks for timers once, while V2 will check for several times for the timers, as if Vista startup is slow, the timer may stop after a few minutes.

TimerStop stops kernel timers launched by the Microsoft Licensing System in spsys.sys (part of SPP or Software Protection Platform)

For automated installer which will automatically does the rearm at 2099 trick for you in Windows Vista RTM 32bit or 64 bit, and then install the TimerStop patch, try TimeStop v2. Apparently other automated self-claimed TimerStop cracks such as vistatalk activation crack and Dr Hisham (CORE) Timer Stopper, are based on version 1 of TimerStop.sys, thus its reliability to crack the activation on Vista 64bit is low.

New: TimerLock automated batch install script.

Step-by-step how to use instructions to apply the TimerStop v2a crack for Windows Vista RTM x86 and x64 (32 and 64 bit):

  1. The Windows Vista must be installed with no product key.
  2. You will need to apply one of the “2099 trick”, either by install your Windows Vista in year 2099, or rearm Windows Vista in 2099 once (see second part of the article). Remember to disconnect the Internet so that the time won’t sync back to current date while rearm is in process, and change back the time after that.
  3. Download the TimerStop_Crack_V2.0.rar or archive, containing install.exe, timerstop.sys and TimerStop64.sys.
  4. Unpack the archive in a temporary folder.
  5. Run install.exe.
  6. When prompted for permission to run as administrator, click on OK, as administrator’s rights and privileges are needed to install the driver.
  7. On the installer window, press the “Test” button. Do not close the message box shown on screen, but you can ignore what is displayed.
  8. Launch a elevated command prompt with administrative rights by right clicking on Command Prompt icon, then select “Run as Administrator”. Alternative method is to press Windows+R keyboard shortcut.
  9. Type “slmgr.vbs -dlv” in the command prompt, a dialog box should popup in 10-20s.
  10. Take note of the number of minutes remaining on “Time remaining” displayed on the last line, and close the dialog box.
  11. Wait a few minutes, and run “slmgr.vbs -dlv” again.
  12. If it works, the number of minutes remaining for Vista activation should be the same. You can then close the messagebox shown after pressing “Test”, and press the “Install” button to install and auto run the driver at each system start or reboot.
  13. Check again your system with “slmgr.vbs -dlv” to see if the counter keep counting down. If the timer still running, try to restart your PC.

Note: You may not have exactly 43200 minutes remaining, as if you use the “install in 2099” trick, you will have less than 43200 minutes left, since the crack isn’t applied just after the timer is initialized to 43200 at the end of setup. It’s only possible to get exactly 43200 minutes if you use the “rearm in 2099” trick, or slightly less than that if your computer is slow.

Upgrade from Previous Version of StopTimer.sys (v1)

If you have already used the previous version of TimerStop.sys (non v2) on your Windows Vista x64, you can upgrade to v2 version by doing the following:

Disable testsigning mode by running the following command in elevated command prompt:

“bcdedit -set testsigning off”

Then just run the installer. There is no need to uninstall or reinstall the Vista experimental crack as the driver hasn’t changed.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational and educational purpose only.