Previously we mentioned about the harnessing kinetic energy Drive Thru services at Burger King and Sainsbury Superstores vehicles flow at car park, now seems that the same concept has been applied at the Tokyo Commuter station. Named as Hatsudenyuka, it is a specially designed electricity generating floor that can be used to harness human power into electricity to be used for powering up lightings and other electrical appliances.

What makes them difference is this round the experiment targets on walking passengers instead of previously drive through vehicles but yet, you would be impressed with the effect that it brings to the community. Tokyo is a big city that filled up by excitements and advanced technology and it definitely makes sense to implement the energy harnessing method especially at the commuter stations where you could easily find a huge crowd walking through daily. Interestingly, the system implementer purposely puts the tiles with signs so that it can attract the crowd to walk across, step through in order to generate sufficient energy for lighting purposes.

The trials was conducted by NEDO, the New Energy and Industrial Technology Organization and we should be seeing more trends of harnessing power based on human beings and vehicles which would otherwise wasted to the air as an initiative towards greener environment.