Windows Vista Validation Update (KB929391) has just been released and deployed to Vista computer that are what called by Microsoft as “frankenbuild” system that use the workaround of mixing files from RC and RTM build to activate the Windows Vista. As there is no official retail or OEM version of Windows Vista on sale in market yet, so practically all Vista installation by personal or home users is likely to be activated with pirate or crack methods. Your Vista will be de-activated after this update and with Aero feature disabled.

Unactivated Windows Vista will go into reduced functionality mode once the activation grace period expired, where Vista will provide only limited usablity. So if you want to continue using Windows Vista at least until theoretical expiry date of RC1 or RC2 product key in mid 2007, there a few methods that you can try, and should works on all editions of Vista (ultimate, business, enterprise, home premium and etc).

  1. Do not install KB929391 Windows Vista Validation Update. You can turn off Automatic Updates, or at least set it not to automatically install critical updates for you. But if you need to read this article, most likely you have installed it (or Microsoft has pushed it to you), so useless.
  2. Reinstall Windows Vista. Straight forward method, format your hard drive and install fresh Windows Vista again, activate it with various crack or workaround, and then remember the point 1 above.
  3. If you have made a ghost image of your hard drive which Vista is installed, roll back to the previous state of Vista by restoring the image. Also remember point 1 above.
  4. If you have made a CompletePC Backup, boot from Windows Vista DVD, and recover your system by restoring the backup. Remember point 1 above too.
  5. ronie reported the following steps will work to remove the KB929391 update:
    1. Boot from your Vista installation DVD.
    2. Select “Repair your computer”.
    3. Choose “System Restore” and pick a restore point that has been created before the validation update (KB929391) was installed.
    4. As usual, remember point 1 above.
  6. Try to disable, uninstall or remove Windows Vista Validation Update (KB929391) in the hope to undone the ‘damage’ by using following steps. You will need the RC1 or RC2 files of tokens.dat and CPP product key (both is the same as what you used to crack Vista activation previously to make Vista validated and genuine. If you lost the files, download it here) plus Windows Vista DVD. You should backup your important files before trying this.
    1. Reboot Windows Vista, and boot into Safe Mode.
    2. Launch Windows Explorer, go to Folder Options and check (tick or select) “Show Hidden Files” and “Show protected system files” options. Then click OK.
    3. Zap the WPA encrypted store by deleting the following files (hidden by default unless you show hidden file as instructed above):


    4. Uninstall the WGA (Windows Vista Genuine Advantage) update by execute or run the following command:

      regsvr32 /u c:\windows\system32\LegitCheckControl.dll

    5. Reset the Vista Software Licensing tokens file by copying back the RC1 or RC2 tokens.dat to


      Replace the original tokens.dat.

    6. The following step is to remove the Windows Product Activation (WPA) data from the registry. It’s impossible to do this at normal Vista installation bootup, so restart the computer and boot with Windows Vista DVD. Choose to “Repair my Computer” and then select your appropriate Vista installation.
    7. Then select “Command Prompt”, and at command prompt window, type “regedit” (without quotes to run registry editor.
    8. Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry branch, and then click on File -> Load Hive.
    9. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\config and choose the SYSTEM hive. Give it key name of “temp”.
    10. Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\temp\WPA\ registry branch and then delete and remove every registry subkeys or child nodes under it. Leave only WPA that is blank. If you already deleted the WPA key, re-create it by right click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\temp\, and choose New -> Key.
    11. Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\temp\ and then click on File -> Unload Hive.
    12. Exit from registry editor, exit from command prompt, and then restart the computer.
    13. After booting up normally into Windows Vista, the Vista will be in RFM mode (reduced functionality mode) with message of “Your copy of windows is not genuine.”
    14. Run slui.exe.
    15. Enter any CPP product key (serial key issued during Release Candidate 1 or RC2).
    16. Windows Vista should be activated as genuine.
    17. Log off (logout) and log on (login) again to reactivate Windows Aero interface.
    18. You can now run windows update, by remember point 1 above, uncheck the KB929391 WGA update and if you don’t want to see it forever, hide it.
  7. Simplified and shorter method to recover from the KB929391 Vista Validation Tool that based on the above steps, as found out by joysa. Just execute step 1 – 7 and follow by step 12 – 18, and you’re will be rescued from Vista RFM hell.
  8. Another way to get rid of KB929391 Windows Vista Validation Tool, very similar to step above but requires a new CPP product key:
    1. Create a new Windows Live account.
    2. Obtain a new Windows Vista Release Candidate (RC1) beta product key from here. You can also try out other product keys, if you have one. The existing RC1 beta product key used to activate Windows Vista is may has been blacklisted and banned by Microsoft already. Once generate and obtain the new product key, note it down.
    3. Restart computer and boot into Safe Mode.
    4. Launch Windows Explorer, go to Folder Options and check (tick or select) “View Hidden Files”. Then click OK.
    5. Ensure that you have full administrative access or full administrator rights. Turn off UAC is needed.
    6. Zap the WPA encrypted store by deleting the following files (hidden by default unless you show hidden file as instructed above):


    7. Reboot the computer and log on to Windows Vista normally.
    8. After you logged in, you will likely in RFM mode, with message of “There has been a change to your Windows Activation Process”, and requires you to activate Vista again or restart, with 2 options of either Validate Windows Online or Close.
    9. Click on “Validate Windows Online”, system will still prompt you with error message “Your copy of Windows is not genuine”, and return to the previous screen with 2 options again.
    10. Manually restart the computer.
    11. After the reboot (and login to Vista if applicable), system should prompt “There has been a change in the Windows product key”, and pop up a window for user to type in Windows Vista product key.
    12. Enter the new Vista RC1 product key.
    13. The Windows Vista Ultimate edition should be activated again.
    14. Remember point 1 above, turn off Automatic Updates now, and check out what is the updates before installing. Note that this method doesn’t remove or uninstall KB929391, but should works to make your Vista as genuine again.

Note: If you go to Genuine Microsoft Software website for validation, you will get validation results of “This copy of Windows does not pass genuine validation. The Windows product key installed on this computer has been blocked.”

You can now also permanently activate your Windows Vista with StopTimer.sys hack.

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  • PrimCube

    What if I have Vista and it's purshased.

    Genuine appesred and i tried to validate it, but it doesn't work at ALL!!!

    Help PLEASE…

    Thanks in advance.

  • Shaun Zhang

    Why would I want to crack windows? why would I want to uninstall validation update? they are useful ways to prove that my computer is genuine, I don't want to use a pirated copy of windows.

  • Its good work. thanks..

  • marcki

    this sure works and give you a 30-day grace period…but dont know what will happen after that.on top of this (cracking your legit copy of vista/ installing an orig license on another laptop)YOU'LL GET A BONUS trojan horse called "TR/ActivCrk.B.

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  • Evren

    Above Solution #8 worked for me to remove the Genuine warning and RFM mode in Vista Enterprise. It is easy and fast to apply if you have an extra product key inhand.

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  • ted

    three times I boot my system and lots all my programd because dvd cd player not working, there is any way to remove this nasty vista dn instal XP,

    thank you for support

  • One Eye

    I have jus done what I need to get Vista Unlimited unlocked. But when I go to the available updates, I do not see KB929391. What should I do?

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  • mikeoke

    It is possible to remove the WPA registration key in safe mode

    These are the steps I used to remove KB929391 on a KMS activated vista

    Boot in safe mode

    from dos prompt

    attrib -r -s -h c:windowssystem327b29*

    del c:windowssystem327b29*

    regsvr32 /u c:windowssystem32LegitCheckControl.dll

    start regedit


    rename WPA key to WPA1

    create new key WPA

    reboot vista

    Enter the Vista product key (RC1 or volume)

  • me

    i agree with miller, you don't need to do all those tricks, just set the date to 2099 before installing vista and you will have no troubles :):)

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  • if have installed my copy of vista ultimate x64 with my bios date at max and then installed and changed date after.. i have been a week over my activate 30 day trial and have no problems.. i can dl and update everything an ddont have limited use. i have full use and everything. maybe u should try installing the way i did. worked for me

  • Mike

    Reply to 41:

    You can replace those files using safe mode as long as you do it properly. I have done it many times!

  • Mike

    This saved the day on 32 bit RTM Ultimate when I installed WGA by mistake after getting tired of not being able to install any updates.

    I am still unable to install any updates. I skip the WGA and select all other updates but I always get a failed message with a Error Code 80070020. I am using a RC1 key and winver shows "Evaluation Copy. Expires 5/31/2007 6:59 PM". Any good ideas? The timer cracks don't work for me since I have already installed the OS and not made the date changes.

  • michael

    would it be possible to view the contents of the vista cd and then just delete the WGA file and burn onto a new one so that when you install vista it wont ever check its legitimacy?

  • D

    Ahh, thanks so much for this! Made mine genuine by using option 8.

  • DepresEuforicna

    I removed all the files toward instructions above, and I have Genuine copy now, but I can not pass VGA when I wan-t to download something. Can someone help me?

  • Turns out I was trying to get into Safe Mode w/ Networking. That was my problem.

    Now I have a new problem.

    After replacing the tokens.dat file in Safe Mode with the cracked version, I'm getting a 0x80070426 error when trying to get into Vista on a normal Boot. This is after doing all the regedit steps as well.

    So, after reading the comments, it seems I wasn't supposed to replace tokens.dat in Safe Mode(although it says to in the steps). I then went back into safe mode to replace tokens.dat with the original and still no luck.


  • So, in other words, I'm stuck @ step 6.1

  • I am also in limited functionality mode.

    Cannot enter Safe Mode.

    Can only use cmd prompt after booting from Vista DVD.

    Am I totally out of luck?

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  • sri

    hhaha well i just tried it..

    didnt get any of the popups it said,


    my control panel is now empty.


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  • admin

    franklin, check your BIOS is first boot the DVD drive.

  • franklin

    well that is the problem. I can't seem to be able to boot up the dvd

  • admin

    If you want to reinstall Vista, just boot up with Vista DVD and format the HDD and start all over again.

  • admin

    Try retype your product key, but you may need a new product key to do so. Check out here.

  • franklin

    how can I run slui.exe ? I can only use cmd right now. That is the only thing that works and it is only working in safe mode. Is there anything else that I can do? How can I reinstall windows vista with the limited functionality that I have?

  • franklin

    It comes up with a screen that gives me 3 choices:

    1. Access your computer with limited functionality

    2. retype your product key

    3. activate windows online now

    I have tried both 2 and 3 and they both come up with a e00>…error and I don't know what to do. It was working fine after the first hack and then I tried to do the second hack to keep it validated forever and then it started to do this. What do I do?

  • admin

    Can you run slui.exe or given options to validate windows?

  • franklin

    it went into reduced function mode after I tried both hacks. What do i do?

  • finald

    Awesome, I followed all the steps in section 6 (1-18) and it worked! For 6.4 I had to delete LegitCheckControl.dll instead of uninstall command as it didn't work. But I could delete from console just fine.

    Thanks so much

  • leadsinga

    cheers for that … I'll have another go at it tonite … like the look of Vista intend to purchase once they get drivers to support all my dam hardware … at the moment thou it's gotta a long way to go …

  • admin

    hi leadsinga, u no need to use any key, just install, and use this crack to "activate" it permanently.

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  • leadsinga

    Guys I just formated drive after the update tool killed my Vista … can I re-install fresh using same RC2 key I have and re-activate or do MS blacklist used keys????

    Ta Muz

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  • RobNyc

    Somebody needs to create a script that does it all for us..

    Damn only if this was in Mac OSX or Linux.. the scripts would work, but its hardly found for windows

  • seaplane

    System repair from RTM does indeed work.

    Fortunately my system had done a restore point 5 hours before KB929391 was installed.

    Painless too!


  • anantha92

    MAn now im stuck after i added an empty key vista boots up and asks to reinstall and just logs off

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  • joysa

    cheers Mate!!

    thank a lot, i was wondering how Microsoft could get rid of you ;) hehe… just now i recovered my vista back from that cracking update with your help, most interesting part is that…i don't have to go through the full process, i mean i took process 1-7 and than 12-18 only…and you know what? it works as it was…good works, keep it up !!



    What's for further updates i have no clue right now… we'll see if that works… I guess until Genuine advantage you can update… the rest probably not.. but let's just hope there will be another crack for that soon. :P


  • Super dad

    For people who lost the object in control panel, it was related to deleting the WPA Key from the System HIV,

    The work around is to Boot again from the DVD, and follow the steps from #6, but this time after loading the system HIV file, Add a Blank Key called WPA


  • anantha92

    pls help now it says to reinstall windows to activate.

  • Tim

    OK, almost everything on this page worked. Thanks for the system restore tip, that would have been much easier. Some of the commands didnt work, but what seems to be most important is Deleting those 2 files in safe mode, removing the child nodes in that WGA registry key, and re-copying tokens.dat from the crack.

  • anantha92

    Hey, guys i have a few problems i could with doing the hack. Step 4 dosent work and step 14 gives me a 0x800~ some thing error. i tried admins way but had problesm doing these steps:

    net stop slsvc

    del “C:windowsServiceProfilesNetworkServiceAppDataRoamingMicrosoftSoftwareLicensing okens.dat”

    (it’s ok to delete it now)

    net start slsvc

    slmgr -uilc (will reset tokens.dat with RTM data)

    slmgr -upk (will remove RC1 key)

    for the service start it gives me an error that the service cant be started, and stopping it too. It gives a runtime error for the:

    slmgr -uilc (will reset tokens.dat with RTM data)

    slmgr -upk (will remove RC1 key)

    Some visual basic runtime error. And yes my control panel locks up hard too. As you can see something is definately wrong. Admin or anyone else pls help me with my problem. MAny thanks in advance and any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Neo

    hehey guys… 10X a looooooooooot.

    for those who are unable to enter control panel and run slui the solution is vvv simple:

    run regedit, select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEM and create a new key "WPA", log off and log on, the thing is that you deleted the wpa instead of its content. it works 1000000%!!!


  • ronie

    i may have found an easier way:

    – boot from your installation DVD

    – select "repair your computer"

    – choose "system restore" and pick a restore point that has been created before the validation update was installed.

    this method works for me and i now have a fully working and activated frankenbuild again.

    i have verified this method by reinstalling the KB929391 update and doing a system restore as described again.

    please report back if this also works for you.

  • aaa

    Work 100 %

  • None

    slmgr -uilc is an invalid command. all you need to do is run slmgr -rilc (to reinstall all the files) and then copy over the tokens.dat from the RC1 again in safe mode, reregister with your key and you should be fine

    it's fine if you zapped all the WPA keys and did not leave an empty one. just put back an empty WPA key using the vista CD bootup.

  • Rich

    If i zapped already all the WPA keys and did not leave an empty one, is there a way to do the steps you just mentioned, or do i need to reinstall my whole windows?

    Will reinstalling windows and disabling updates fix this problem completely?

    Keeping in mind, I have the same problem mentioned above of control panel locking up and I cant run slui.exe

    Thanks for you help

  • admin

    Going from frankenbuild back to RTM w/o reinstall:

    You'll need the Default RTM key (see above)

    follow the proceure at the top, but replace pkeyconfig.xrm-ms with the RTM one.


    If you delete it and reboot, you will kill your install unless you can replace it with a clean RTM one!

    Delete the two hidden files in system32, then boot from the DVD and zap the WPA registry keys. Make sure there's an empty WPA key left.

    When you reboot and login you may be forced to the "enter your key and activate" box. If so, use the online link to get a browser.

    Either way, get admin cmd.exe up and do the following:

    net stop slsvc

    del "C:windowsServiceProfilesNetworkServiceAppDataRoamingMicrosoftSoftwareLicensing okens.dat"

    (it's ok to delete it now)

    net start slsvc

    slmgr -uilc (will reset tokens.dat with RTM data)

    slmgr -upk (will remove RC1 key)

    enter the default RTM key from Jellybean finder in the next step

    slmgr -ipk XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX (Key should be accepted!)

    slmgr -dlv (verify info, you're back to clean-install state)

    cancel activation and restart.

    you have RTM with 30×3 grace periods!

  • martin

    no luck for me too. Same errors in step 4 and step 14

    now i cannot see control panel anymore there are no objects in it.

    and i cannot see systempreferences.

    hmm…what to do now?

  • admin

    Hi ronie, are you sure that Vista has installed with KB929391?

  • ronie

    no luck for me. i tried this method on my WinBeta RTM (Vista Ultimate x64) installation, which i had patched and activated with a rc2 key.

    things that did not work for me:

    -step 4: there is no LegitCheckControl.dll anywhere on my system.

    -step 6: when i boot the installation dvd and choose repair, i get an error saying 'this method is not compatible with your installation'.

    but, if you close the repair window, you'll get dropped on the command prompt so i could proceed from there.

    – step 14: slui.exe will not start. it gives me some kind of 'unexpected error occurred'.

    hope this info can be of use for someone.

    any help to get my vista fully up and running again would be greatly appreciated.

  • prms2d4

    i did what you said and it works and the funny thing is that i update windows and now there is no problem anymore and he accepted the code i enterd ;)