Windows 7Microsoft has not yet officially released Windows 7 Beta yet, which is said to have the build version of 7000 (6.1.7000.0 or 6.1.7000.0.081212-1400) compiled on December 12th, 2008, and scheduled to be made available for free download early January 2009, with invitation to Win7 beta already sent out. Yet, the Windows 7 build 7004, with complete build version of 7004.0.081203-1830 has been compiled and made available to internet Microsoft employees.

Scott Wylie, Director of Development and Platform Strategy for Microsoft New Zealand Director has published a screen shot capture of Windows 7 build 7004 on his blog. Interestingly, he called the build 7004 “the pre-beta build of W7”. Industry speculates that the build 7004 is in fact the possible Release Candidate (RC) or even RTM (Release to Manufacturing) code bits.

Windows 7 Build 7004 Desktop

It’s a little hard to comprehend if build 7000 is indeed a RC or RTM build. If that’s the case, what’s the point of beta release? Furthermore, build 7004 of Win7 is compiled (on December 3, 2008) later than the speculated beta build of 7000, which is on December 12, 2008, and is said to be Windows 7 Beta2. It’s also hard to believe Microsoft decides to choose a older build as an beta, even though newer build (and supposedly better build with lesser bugs) is available, unless in the situation where there is a cut-off point to meet release deadline.

Meanwhile, a new date is added to possible availability of Windows 7 Beta 1. In addition to January 5, 2009 and January 13, 2009, Microsoft may opt to announce the Windows 7 Beta 1 on January 7, 2009 during Steve Ballmer’s CES keynote address for a lucky seven. Meanwhile, early word is still confirm that Windows 7 Beta 1 will be of build 7000, with the ISO image file possible has the name of 6000.0.081212-1400_client_en-us_ ultimate-gb1cxfre_en_dvd.iso.