Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack for 3 PCsMicrosoft today officially announced the pricing and delivery details for its Windows 7 Family Pack for family users who want to upgrade their home PCs from earlier versions of Windows to Windows 7 on up to 3 PCs. The pricing and delivery details of Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade and Windows 7 Family Pack has previously been leaked and reported from retailers.

Windows 7 Team blog has made an official announcement on Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade and Windows 7 Family Pack. Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack will be available starting on October 22nd, the day Windows 7 release to market, or until supplies last, in the US and other select markets. Thus, Windows 7 Family Pack will not be always available, and is quantity-limited and time-limited offer. The Family Pack can be used to install Windows 7 Home Premium on up to 3 computers. The price of Windows 7 Family Pack will be as follow:

US: USD $149.99
Canada: CAD $199.99

When comparing with standard Windows 7 prices for upgrade license, which costs individual upgrades from Vista or XP to Windows 7 Home Premium at US$119.99 per pc, Users who opt for this Family Pack will make a saving of more than US$200 for three licenses. Of course, the statement is only true if you miss out the Windows 7 pre-order discount offer. Of course, there is highly likely chance that there will be further discount from retailers on Family Pack price.

Windows 7 Home Premium Pack is also has less conditions attached when comparing with Windows Vista Family Pack, which only available for Windows Vista Ultimate owners.

Update: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Family Pack (3-User) is now always available.

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