The Windows 7 Build 6956 VHD image and Windows 7 Build 6956 setup installation DVD ISO image have been available for free download via BitTorrent (BT) network by using the torrents. If your Internet is throttled or packet shaped by ISP so that any torrent traffic is slowing to crawl, causing the download is taking age to complete, and you can’t find ways to speed up the torrent, here’s the HTTP web download links to the image.

Download Windows 7 build 6956 Setup Install DVD ISO Image – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Note that above download links is for another ISO image created by another Windows enthusiasts, which should be pretty similar or same with the Windows 7 build 6956 ISO downloaded by earlier torrent. If you want the torrent for this ISO, download here: Windows 7 Build 6956 Ultimate.ISO.torrent

Download Windows 7 build 6956 VHD (Virtual Hard Disk for VPC, VS and Hyper-V, not very useful for novice who doesn’t know how to manipulate boot sector)

People who download the VHD image will have to rely on one of the installation hacks to get Windows 7 build 6956 installed, either on existing Windows 7 partition or new NTFS formatted partition.

Update: Download Windows 7 Build 6.1.7000.0.