Windows 7Other than retail channel version of x86 and x64 Windows 7 RTM final gold DVD ISOs been leaked, the OEM version of Windows 7 Ultimate RTM original untouched and unmodified DVD ISO images have also leaked to Internet. The Windows 7 RTM OEM ISO is a non-brand specific image released to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and system builders, which in turn distribute and support the Windows 7 OEM disc to end-users.

This OEM version of Windows 7 RTM ISO is not to be confused with brand-specific Windows 7 recovery disc or image that distributed by major PC vendors, which make use of OEM-specific digitally signed certificate (.xrm-ms) that matching with BIOS ACPI_SLIC table and OEM royalty SLP (System-Locked Preinstallation) product key for instant offline SLP self-activation. Instead, Windows 7 RTM OEM DVD disc ISO requires OEM NONSLP product keys to activate online or by phone, exactly similar with a retail product key, which distributed and supported directly by Microsoft, or OEM COA serial numbers pasted on sticker of new PC. The non OEM SLP key, from product key group ID 182, is similar with retail or upgrade product keys, it can be used only on one computer. Check out what’s the differences between various kind of OEM product keys.

In any cases, there is no need to separately download OEM or retail version of Windows 7 RTM installation DVD ISO, as the retail version of Windows 7 installation can be easily converted by simply using the correct product key (e.g OEM_SLP product key can convert a retail Windows 7 installation to OEM version), as product keys issued by OEM has different base from retail product key. For the DVD ISO images, the only difference between a Windows 7 RTM retail ISO and Windows 7 RTM OEM ISO is at source/ei.cfg file [Channel] heading, which specifies either Retail or OEM channel.

ei.cfg of Windows 7 RTM retail ISO:

[EditionID] Ultimate
[Channel] Retail
[VL] 0

ei.cfg of Windows 7 RTM OEM ISO:

[EditionID] Ultimate
[Channel] OEM
[VL] 0

Nevertheless, people who interested to keep all available versions of Windows 7 RTM can download the complete full original untouched Microsoft-released x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) Windows 7 Ultimate RTM OEM final gold DVD ISO. It has the same RTM build version of 7600.16385.

Download 32-bit (x86) Windows 7 Ultimate RTM OEM English ISO

File Name: 7600.16385.090713-1255_x86fre_client_en-us_OEM_Ultimate-GRMCULFREO_EN_DVD.iso
Size: 2,501,894,144 bytes
SHA1: 9018D76CD7EB1098257F8474D9D7D40AF948E143
MD5: 28ECC57D83286BC15E7CF7A80CB940F3

Torrent: t2046078.torrent or MICROSOFT.WINDOWS.7.ULTIMATE.7600.16385.RTM.X86.OEM.ENGLISH.DVD.torrent

Download 64-bit (x64) Windows 7 Ultimate RTM OEM English ISO

File Name: 7600.16385.090713-1255_x64fre_client_en-us_OEM_Ultimate-GRMCULXFREO_EN_DVD.iso
Size: 3,224,686,592 bytes
SHA1: 82C8C36423A1511516E54DC7E54B96603AA88F01
MD5: DAD9F7A0B4D5D928A6A67BA6CD896350
CRC: 2211FE19

Torrent: t2046055.torrent or MICROSOFT.WINDOWS.7.ULTIMATE.7600.16385.RTM.X64.OEM.ENGLISH.DVD.torrent

Some example of OEM non-SLP product keys, which is the serials that can be used to activate OEM version of Windows 7 installation. However, the following keys are example only, and cannot be used for activation, as they have been blocked and invalidated by Microsoft.

Windows 7 Ultimate: 7YWX9-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-9CP4D
Windows 7 Professional: VTDC3-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-WYGJ8
Windows 7 Home Basic: BMDHM-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-YQB23r
Windows 7 Starter or Small Notebook: BQXR3-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-X938C

Note: Product keys and download links been removed due to Notice of Infringing Activity – MS Ref. 307112 from

The best way to use Windows 7 for free currently is to rearm Windows 7 for 120 days with no activation required. There are various Windows 7 cracks, activators and toolkits floating in Internet, which currently apply frankenbuild style of hacking by replacing Windows 7 RC pkeyconfig.xrm-ms & tokens.dat files to RTM system. By doing so, Windows 7 system can be activated, but it will expire on March 2010.

The x86 sand x64 MUI language packs (LIP) of Windows 7 RTM (with local packs) and localization packs (LocalPacks) for Windows 7 RTM is also available for download. More information about Windows 7 is available.