By default, Windows Vista allows interested users to evaluate the operating system with trial or demonstration (demo) period of up to 30 days. However, it’s possible to extend the time left to activate Windows Vista even after 30 days grace period has timeout or expired, by using -rearm switch for slmgr or slmrg.vbs command and script (software licensing manager). In normal installation, users are allowed to extend and delay the activation grace timing or use the Windows Vista without activation (in trial or evaluation mode) for up to the 30 days for maximum of 3 times (3 months or 120 days). With Vista ReArm Unlimited Patch, you can extend the 30 days no activation period for unlimited times.

  1. Download the Re-Arm_Unlimited_Installer_2.0 executable which contains Re-Arm_Unlimited_Installer_2.0.exe
  2. Install Windows Vista with default product key or without any product key.
  3. Then run the Re-Arm_Unlimited_Installer_2.0.exe installer to install the hack. Do not reboot computer yet.
  4. Run command prompt with administrator rights. (right click on Command Prompt icon, and choose “Run as Administrator” or type “cmd w/” in Start search)
  5. Type slmgrhack -rearm in command prompt.
  6. Wait until confirmation says completed successfully, then restart computer.
  7. Whenever 30 days trial almost used up or going to end, simply go to Command Prompt (with administrative privileges) again, and type “slmgrhack -rearm” again to get fresh 30 days of trial period, without the need to activate Windows Vista yet.

The trick should work on all editions of Windows Vista including Windows Vista Ultimate edition x86 and x64 (32-bit and 64-bit) Vista. The Vista rearm patch installs slmgrhack.vbs into c:\Windows\System32 folder, or other location that you specified.

If the unlimited rearm patch doesn’t work, you use a registry hack to modify the rearm count (number of times the required activation flag and grace period has been reset or extended. By using this trick, unlimited Vista rearm patch above is not required.

  1. Open registry editor.
  2. Navigate to the following registry key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SL

  3. Edit the registry subkey of “SkipRearm” (you should see current value as dword:00000000) and set the “SkipRearm” value to any positive integer (such as 1).
  4. Open command prompt with administrative rights.
  5. Type “slmgr -rearm” or “Rundll32 slc.dll,SLReArmWindows”.
  6. Restart computer. You should now has a fresh 30-day of trial period on Windows Vista, which by end of 30-days time bomb, you can repeat the procedures again to skip Vista activation.

Another method that also using the -rearm switch or slmgr or slmgr.vbs involves mixing of method from future time/date changing and ghost image to recover to just installed state after all rearm options run out. Not exactly good though.

  1. Boot up to BIOS.
  2. Change the date to 2099 or 2050.
  3. Install Windows Vista with default product key or no product key.
  4. Go to BIOS again to change back the time to current date and time. You can use Windows Vista without activating for 43200 minutes.
  5. Make a ghost image of current Vista installation state.
  6. After each month or after 43200 minutes almost used up (to check how many time left for activation, type “slmgr.vbs -dlv” or “slmgr.vbs -xpr”), go to elevated Command Prompt with administrator rights, and type “slmgr.vbs -rearm” or “Rundll32 slc.dll,SLReArmWindows”. You have have additional 30 days to use Windows Vista skipping activation.
  7. After the third time, you won’t be able to “rearm” Windows Vista without activating it. Restore the ghost image of the system you made initially, so that the Vista system is now like just installed.
  8. Go to BIOS, and change the date to year 2099 or 2050 again.
  9. Log on to Windows Vista and open command prompt as administrator.
  10. Type slmgr.vbs -rearm in the command prompt and press Enter.
  11. Change back to date and time to current date and time.
  12. The 30 days activation time bomb will be reset again and there is more 43200 minutes to use the not activated Vista. However, note that you will lose your existing documents and customization if you follow this way to crack the Vista activation.

P/S: By installing Windows Vista in future year such as 2099 or 2050, it will trick and fool Windows Vista to stop counting down to activation time bomb expiry date by the number of days since installation, which is 30 days. Instead, the counting will be by the actual number of minutes you use Windows Vista, which is 43200 minutes. If you’re not running Windows Vista 24-hours a day, you can actually use Windows Vista for more than 30 calendar days.

To check how many time in minutes left to activate Windows Vista, use slmgr.vbs -dlv” or “slmgr.vbs -xpr”.

If you’re having problem with Windows Vista Validation Tool Update (KB929391), visit here for ways to remove KB929391.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational and informational purpose only.