With the rumors circulating that the date of official release for preview of Windows 9 (codenamed Windows Threshold) set to be on September 30th, 2014, the famous Windows OS leaker, WZOR, who is famous as the leaker for Windows operating system pre-release builds, has claimed that the ISO images for Windows 9 Preview may be leaked after September 15th, 2014, hopefully before Microsoft does.

WZOR has been responsible for the leaks of most recent Windows operating system builds, be it pre-release beta or preview versions and final RTM editions, especially for Windows 8. However, while WZOR was good in leaking unreleased Windows ISOs, it’s pretty inaccurate in predicting the milestone for Windows 9 so far.

In April 2014, WZOR claimed that Microsoft will only release a beta version of Windows 9 to the public and developers between May 9th and 15th, 2014, and finalize the RTM (Release-to-Manufacturing) versions between October 21st and 25th of the same year. Later in June, WZOR said that Microsoft plans to release Windows 8.1 Update 2 and early preview of Windows 9 during WPC between July 14th and 16th, and make available for free public download. Both claims proved to be false and incorrect.

Now, the newest claim by WZOR is that the Windows 9 Preview may be leaked to the web after 15th September, as Microsoft intends to release Windows 9 to partners on early September. The keywords are “may be” and “after”. So it may be just speculation, although it’s plausible as Microsoft plans to release a Windows 9 Preview soon.

Let’s see if WZOR can still retain their pole position in leaking Windows OSes. Hopefully the leak will come much earlier than official release. So far there is no leak for any builds of Windows 9 yet, despite the development of Windows 9 has almost came to an end according to various news report.