Windows 7 has included several hidden regional themes which target different geographical areas. Include in theme is country-specific regional wallpapers that feature beautiful tourist attractions, landscapes and sceneries of the countries. Microsoft has included 6 desktop background wallpapers from each country. As many as 20 countries have been made available with the release of Windows 7 RC, making up a total of 120 wallpapers.

Computer users who look to impress and refresh with these beautiful regional HD (high definition) photos, which has the resolution of 1920×1200, can download the archive below. All 120 wallpapers are different, and each represents a unique and famous landmark of the country (for example, the China version has Li River at Dusk (Guilin), Snow on the Great Wall, Huangshan Mountains in Winter (Anhui), Rice terraces in early morning mist (Guangxi Province), Beach at Yalong Bay (Sanya), and Seventeen Arch Bridge on Kunming Lake (Beijing), while the USA has Sunset over the Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming), Pemaquid Lighthouse and Cliffs (Maine), Cannon Beach (Oregon), The Palouse, Arches National Park (Utah) and Camas Prairie at Sunset (Idaho). Each country has 6 wallpapers.

Windows 7 Regional Countries Wallpapers

Other countries that have the regional wallpapers in Windows 7 include Austalia, Brazil, Britain, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, and US. Do note that the wallpapers have been updated from Windows 7 Build 7077 onwards, and thus are different from wallpapers that been included prior to Windows 7 Build 7057, which made available for free download earlier.

Download Windows 7 Regional Wallpapers (120 Images): Windows-7-Regional-Wallpapers.rar (71.9 MB).