The ultra simple and fully automated one-click Windows Vista activation crack TimeStop.exe patch in English version has also been released by hackers. With the same functionalities with TimeStop.exe, VistaTalk Activation Crack is also an updated and repacked full automatic install package of TimerStop.sys hack as mentioned in method to activate Windows Vista forever. With this Vista crack, only 1 reboot is required, which will be performed automatically by installer after the successful patch. This crack stops the timer of Vista at 30 days, and remaining at 30 days forever. Best of all, Vista system will able to access Windows Update (remember not to install KB929391 Vista Validation)

The vistatalk activation crack is credited to #vistatalk IRC chatroom on Note that if your Windows Vista has already been rearmed 3 times, or reset and extend the activation countdown timer for 3 times, this patch won’t work, as the crack need to rearm with 2099 crack at least 1 time in order to work. In this case, you may have to reinstall your Windows Vista or try another crack method. Beside, this crack and patch may not work on 64-bit of Windows Vista too. If it fails for 64bit Vista, try version 2 of TimeStop with updated TimerStop.sys Timer Stopper.

NEW: TimerLock Vista automatic activation crack for TimerStop v2.0a.

Step-by-step instruction to apply the automated timer stopper and 2099 vista crack

  1. Optional: If you still haven’t install Windows Vista, use crack “2099 trick” to install the operating system, which requires you to set your BIOS system date to year 2099 while installing.
  2. Download
  3. Extract the archive file to a folder.
  4. Right click on vistacrack.exe.
  5. On the right click context menu popped-up, select Properties.
  6. Click on Compatibility tab, and then check or select (tick) “Run this program as an administrator” option.
    vistacrack.exe Compatibility Properties
  7. Close Properties dialog window.
  8. Double click to run the vistacrack.exe patch, then press “Crack” button to activate your Windows Vista permanently. The vistacrack.exe will automatically install without the need of user intervention the TimerStop.sys service. Before that, the patch will perform a Vista re-arm process at year 2099 too.
  9. After your system is patched, the computer will reboot.
  10. When your Windows Vista boots up again, after logged on, it will show a warning message at notification area (system tray) for acknowledgment to run the Vista activation crack process. Right click on the warning message, and allow the the program to run, and then press “Allow” when the warning message pops up again.
  11. The program will open up a command shell window to crack Vista activation to stop countdown timer. After the process complete, press Finish to close the program.
  12. Optional: To ensure that the Vista crack is properly applied and worked, restart the computer, and then follow the rest of the steps.
  13. Go to Start (Orb) -> Run.
  14. Type in the text box: slmgr.vbs -dlv
  15. When the window come out, verify that the time remaining for Windows Vista activation is 43200 seconds. If it’s, the crack has been successfully applied.

Solution if you have used up the allocated the default 3 times Re-Arm capabilities

Try to reset rearm count of your Windows Vista.

Note: There is also Chinese version of similar crack available, TimeStop v1 (download TimeStop.rar with TimeStop.exe version 1, or another updated version of (not working with Vista Ultimate). Anyway there is also TimeStop.exe version 2, which also claim to work, but most likely not working on Windows Vista x64.

Note: System may start counting down the activation timer again after 3 days, but the timer should be reset back to original remaining period once reboot.

Disclaimer: This article is for information and educational purpose only. Please support genuine software.