E-book is a new market that most of the industry players eying on with their new products to try competing with. As an extra effort to stay competitive in this market place, Amazon has confirmed that the new Kindle 2 device will be enhanced with battery life improvement as well as native PDF format support.

The upgrade, in the form of automatic Whispernet update is applicable for all new Kindle devices as well as the latest Kindle device released in October and also the version that equipped with US wireless released back in February timeframe. By having the enhancement, the new Kindle is expected to be able to last for seven days with wireless connectivity turned on, which is almost twice as long as its current version that stays at four days. However, its battery life with wireless turning off remained unchanged at approximately two weeks. Besides, another notable improvement includes the native PDF support that allows users to read PDF documents without the need of format conversion.

This is the outcome of six months of intensive power management development and firmware improvement. And definitely, it will make its Kindle device competitive in current market, as an attempt to resist the new entrance such as Barnes&Noble’s Nood as well as Sony’s e-reader into the market space.

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