Intel Atom processor is getting good traction and has managed to create a more affordable mobile nettop and netbook market. While it is able to handle basic office applications well with seamless connectivity for web browsing activities, but it still doesn’t meet graphics performance as expected by most users. In order to fill up the gap, Asus, one of the famous nettop manufacturer has decided to utilize Nvidia Ion graphics solution for its next generation Eee series targeted for media centric applications.


Generally, hardware video decoding capability is pretty much dependent on graphics core residing in chipset, and Intel relatively older 945GSE or Northbridge/Southbridge Combo US15W don’t seems to be on par with Nvidia which is famous for its discrete graphics solution. So by having Nvidia Ion pairing with Intel Atom solution, it is definitely a good match that can better graphics and video decode performance while still able to sustain its low thermal envelope under budgeted price point.

The taiwanese company is planning to refresh its upcoming netbooks and nettops with Nvidia Ion solution including those Eee 1201N, EeeBox EB1012, EB1501 and it is expected to able to decode 1080p full HD media clips with great compatibility on Windows OS (Operating Systems) such as XP, Vista and even Windows 7.