Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 (IE7 RC1) which is almost the final finished IE7 product to be officially launched. IE7 RC1 features a lot of features enhancements especially in improved performance, stability, security and application compatibility. RC1 also features improved CSS standard compliant and new language options. Beside, Internet Explorer 7 RC1 will also install automatically with auto-uninstall feature (i.e automatically uninstall previous beta version of IE7) without the need to manually uninstall any previous version of Internet Explorer. But yet again, IE7 RC1 is protected with Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) validation check.

However, there is crack or patch available which enable Windows users to install Internet Explorer 7 RC1 version 7.0.5700.6 English for Windows XP SP2 with no WGA validation check, contributed by swissboy. Instruction to bypass WGA validation check to install IE7 Release Candidiate 1 as follow (updated version by swissboy to incorporate 2 updates i.e. ‘Microsoft National Language Support Downlevel APIs’ and ‘Microsoft Internationalized Domain Names Mitigation APIs’ (which will automatically install normaliz.dll)):

  1. Download the patched, fixed and cracked IE7 RC1 setup installer (inside contains IE7RC1-WindowsXP-x86-ENU-noWGA.exe).
  2. Go to Control Panel -> Add/Remove Program, uninstall and remove Windows Internet Explorer 7 (if you unable to see the option, click on Show Updates on the top).
  3. Extract the downloaded file to a folder.
  4. Run IE7 RC1 setup installer IE7RC1-WindowsXP-x86-ENU-noWGA.exe from the zip file. At the end of the successful IE7 RC1 installation process, you will be asked to restart Windows, DO NOT RESTART Windows now! Click on the box ‘Do not restart now’ and then select the ‘Finish’ button.
  5. Run the update XmlLiteSetup.exe (Hotfix for Windows XP KB915865) to install or actualize the file xmllite.dll, otherwise there may be problems with menubars such as some items are missing or incomplete.
  6. Run the update NlsDl.exe (Microsoft National Language Support Downlevel APIs).
  7. Run the update IdnDl.exe (Microsoft Internationalized Domain Names Mitigation APIs). This update will also install the normaliz.dll which is absolutely needed for Windows system restart, thus eliminating the need to manually copy the normaliz.dll as per previous instruction.
  8. Restart the Windows.
  9. Run and start IE7 RC1.

Alternatively, if you prefer to crack IE7 installation WGA check yourself, use the following method:

  1. Download IE7 RC1 from Microsoft. Find out ways to bypass windows validation if you fail the genuine Windows validation test with message “This copy of Windows is not genuine.”.
  2. Extract the IE7 RC1 installer setup file to a folder. (Use extraction tools such as WinRAR)
  3. Download the crack for IE7 RC1 WGA validation when install, which consists of patched ieustom.dll and normaliz.dll.
  4. Extract the IE7 RC1 crack to a folder.
  5. Copy the patched iecustom.dll to the Update folder of the extracted IE7 setup. Overwrite any existing file.
  6. Run update.exe (Do not run iesetup.exe).
  7. Restart the PC when installation complete.
  8. Run xmllitesetup.exe in the extracted IE7 folder.
  9. Copy the normaliz.dll from the crack to \Windows\System32 folder.
  10. IE7 RC1 installation done and you will be able to run IE7.

Note: The above steps have incorporated the fix to missing normaliz.dll. The method is IE7 application specific workaround. Better way is to use the trick to make Windows genuine to Microsoft.

Update 1: IE7 Final RTM Release

Update 2: Internet Explorer for free download without validation.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational and educational purpose only. Readers should contacts Microsoft if their licensed or OEM software cannot be validated or purchase genuine software.

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  • Ken

    Done and works! but, my Mcafee found a Trojan everytime opening the new IE 7. After that, I remove it, when I restart my windows and try to open the IE 7. the Mcafee found again this trojan… Anyone have this problem?

  • dowlads internet explorer 7

  • BeerCommercial

    TO: sk

    re: January 14th post about DirectX downloads.

    And a heads-up for others downloading from Microsoft. Try using a Windoze98 system with IE6 to download files which would normally require WGA verification ;)

  • Rabbitz

    I have found the ultimate solution to the WGA Problem…

    I found an OEM XP CD that accepts VLK's from many leading manufacturers… I have removed all customisations from it and found an activation crack.

    Now all I have to do is run the keyfinder from Magical Jelly Bean on some pre-installed XP PC's and viola… I have genuine Windows with a choice of keys I can use!!!

    So far, I have been able to "pass" all genuine tests that Microsoft can throw my way!!!

    Note, I use Genuine Windows wherever possible, but finding the CD's for re-installing Windows on pre-installed PC's causes me headaches. Another reason I use this technique is so that I can install Windows without any of the rubbish that OEM's put on for me!!!

  • samual_mathews

    thx dude

  • sk

    i wanna install Directx 2006 but microsoft check Windows geniue Copy , plz say me solution.

  • bendeg

    Damn, it works ! Let's hope I won't get any strange behaviour…

  • Hi,

    I´m testing this and it´s now.

    I downloaded files from it.

  • kostadin

    lol guys funny ….using billgates sss name if any one can get me an f***in crack plzzz plz just link it or something

    :) i would appriciate the help i have firefox but cant go with out the other ill just feel beaten

  • kostadin

    you ass had to point me towards that spammy website took me like 20 minuets to fixxxx god damn just kiddin do you know if i could crack it the same way as wm11

  • Administrator
  • the link for ie7rc1_wga_crack isn't working anymore. Where can i find it now?

  • it2051229

    Uhhmm.. i actually have a problem with IE7 and I hope microsoft team will read this…

    Whenever i try to save a webpage and i'm on multiple tabs, i cannot switch tabs while saving a webpage..

  • it2051229

    Uhhhmmm.. yeah… neutralized?? ugghh.. Fire fox 2 is far more faster than IE7 lol

  • Anyone attempting to bypass the WGA check will find that it is only a very temporary hack and will soon be neutralized. Please repect intellectual copyright laws and only use "genuine" legal software.

  • it2051229


  • Bill Gates

    I got the same "access denied" error but found the solution. Reset the year on your computer to 2005 and the Registry Diagnostic Tool will run. Then you will be able to see in the log file the registry key that needs its permissions adjusted in order for the IE7 install to complete. In my case, it was the registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.application with "ACL too tight." Then run regedit, highliight the key, right click and make sure under Permissions that Administators and System have Read and Full Control permissions checked. Apply the changes and reboot. IE7 will then install without the access error.

  • Habibi Massari

    My Windows Update is still prompting me to download and install IE 7 when I have already installed it manually. How can I make Windows Update detect that I have already installed IE 7 and that I could proceed on to other IE 7 updates.

  • Ivc

    Thanks, it works well, however I can't update IE7 because this update also requires validation. Please, is possible bypass this validation?

  • Taj

    Why is the new tab is not highlighted. Not able to open a new tab!! Why is that???

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  • peds

    It works for me! Thanks so much!

  • jason

    hey guess what, it worked , you guys are he best lol . what next ??

  • KCE

    I have the "access is denied" error BUT I cannot enter the Registry Diagnostic Tool because it says the software has expired.

    Please help!

  • GreY FoX

    i agree with "eskimgoenigs"

  • eskimgoenigs

    excellent job, i think no one could do betta

  • Asim


    Great Job SwissBoy. it's working Thanks and keep it up really great job


  • Mike


    Worked perfectly.

    Many thanks

  • ze

    ok i just resolved this bad situation , i extracted normaliz.dll to win/system32, and now its working , k



  • ze

    Hello Swiss,

    i have a big problem , i was nerd during a fast installation and wasnt able to see the part to not restart the pc, i just had a quick look to the steps , so miss that 1st one and now im in a big trouble , it seems i cant open entire explorer (main) and menus etc , so i tryed many ways , like another instalation browsing with run on taskmgr , and also in safe mod , but it says i dont have catographic or another files running so i cant install now ,and because ot this problem im not able to find the remove programs too:/ what should i do now? and about that file normaliz.dll should i extract to win ? i sure need help i lost that computer.


  • cool, thx for the tips! i've finally have IE7 installed on my PC.

    btw, i use the second method. and i think there's no need to copy the normaliz.dll, coz it's already there.

  • Streetball

    People…need a help

    I did install the explorer…but I cant open any website…. its like there is no connection at all. I am using DSL line…and the firefox connects normally to all the sites…

    I had this problem with the beta 1 as well..just in a sudden and that is why I reinstalled the latest version but it continues…..

    Any suggestions???

  • Hi Mara,

    You can find the files in the same cracked folder after extracting it.



  • Mara

    Dear Swiss Boy m where can i download the additional file that i need to install your patch?

    3. Run the update XmlLiteSetup.exe 'Hotfix for Windows XP KB915865'. This is necessary to install or actualize the file xmllite.dll, otherwise there may be problems with menubars such as some items are missing or incomplete.

    Run the update NlsDl.exe (download where?).

    Run the update IdnDl.exe (download where?)

    Run the update IdnDl.exe (downlod where?)

    Can you update with direct link?

    I'm not claver and i don't understand so well?

    Very Thanks for eberything you are doing.

    You are fantastic

  • Carl

    If someone could upload it to Megaupload it would be excellent. It never lets me down.

  • Carl

    Can anybody provide me with another link to get WindowsXP-x86-ENU-noWGA? The rapidshare link doesn't work, in fact rapidshare has never worked for me I can never download a thing, it sucks. The depositfiles link gets 220KB from the file and stops. Tried it with different connections even dial-up!Seems like it's corrupted or something.

    WGA is just hateful.

  • swissboy

    @felix: You can found the download link by the alternatively method at point 3.

  • felix

    somebody please send the patch for cracking ie7.

    thenk u…

    my e mail:

  • John

    Hi Swissboy & Jack,

    I disabled Norton Internet Security and was able to perform the install without difficulties. All is working now.

    — John

  • John

    Hi Swissboy,

    I get access denied error like Jack. I DL'ed the reg tool and it says it did not find any problems. In the log, I don't have any keys with "ACL too tight".

    Any ideas?

    — John

  • swissboy

    @Jack: Access is denied is probably cause the registry permissions.

    Download this "Registry Diagnostic Tool for Internet Explorer 7":

    Check the log; goto the keys that say 'ACL too tight', right click, Permissions, select Allow for full control and read.

  • swissboy

    Correction for comment #7: … Then follow the steps 3 to 9 from the intallation instructions of the first method.

  • swissboy

    @Daniel: Yes, the intallation instructions for the second method are not anymore on the current level.

    I recommend that you run additional also the updates NlsDl.exe and IdnDl.exe (can be found also in the update folder), otherwise the IE7 may not work correct.

    @All: If you use the second method, please just follow the steps 1 to 6 from the intallation instructions, bot NOT REBOOT after step 6. Then follow the steps 3 to 7 from the intallation instructions of the first method. The updates XmlLiteSetup.exe, NlsDl.exe and IdnDl.exe can be found in the update folder.

  • Daniel


    (I used the second solution)

    Don't know what happened but when I rebooted the PC (instruction 7) windows asked for normaliz.dll and not even Explorer was working… so I had to copy the file mannualy in prompt (in safe mode)… I think you should revise that procedure..

    now everything is working fine.. tks anyway..


  • Jack

    Yes i am.

  • Administrator

    Jack, check if you are the administrator of the Windows PC before you start the installation.

  • Jack

    Hi swissboy. Thanks for all.

    During the installtion i get an "access denied error" Do you know what may cause it?

  • swissboy

    @Administrator: Thanks for updating the Installation instructions, maybe it make sense to update the Installation instructions for the alternate method in the same way too.

    PS: You forget the second last step "Now reboot the Windows system.".

  • swissboy

    Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 version 7.0.5700.6 English for Windows XP SP2 with cracked WGA validation during the setup.

    I have improved the download package und the installation instructions agin, because I find out that the 2 updates "Microsoft National Language Support Downlevel APIs" and "Microsoft Internationalized Domain Names Mitigation APIs" (contains also the normaliz.dll) also have to be installed.

    Installation instructions:

    1. It's stronly recommended to uninstall possibly existing previous version of IE7 Beta over "Systemcontrol / Software" first, because this will not be made by the modified version of the IE7 RC1 setup.

    2. Run the IE7 RC1 setup installer IE7RC1-WindowsXP-x86-ENU-noWGA.exe.

    IMPORTANT: At the end of the successful IE7 RC1 installation process you will be asked to restart Windows, do NOT RESTART Windows now! Click on the box "Do not restart now" and select then the "Finish" button.

    3. Run the update XmlLiteSetup.exe "Hotfix for Windows XP KB915865". This is necessary to install or actualize the file xmllite.dll, otherwise there may be problems with menubars such as some items are missing or incomplete.

    4. Run the update NlsDl.exe "Microsoft National Language Support Downlevel APIs".

    5. Run the update IdnDl.exe "Microsoft Internationalized Domain Names Mitigation APIs". This update will also install the normaliz.dll which is absolute needed for Windows system restart.

    6. Now reboot the Windows system.

    7. Start the IE7 RC1 and have fun!

    The patched IE7 RC1 can be downloaded here (15.7MB):
    (download managers have to be turned off for download)

    @Adminitrator: Please update the installation instructions and the download links (also the mirror).