Apple iPad has received great traction and if you wonder what new features will be introduced into its second generation iPad, or better known as iPad 2, the recent report from a Chinese local newspaper, which claimed to be based on reliable industry sources may have some clues for you.

Basically, the newspaper source believed that the Cupertino-based company will add/improve five new main features on top of its existing feature in current model as listed below:

  • New Display Technology – As you aware that Retina Display provides 4 times better pixel resolutions on iPhone 4 as compared to previous iPhone 3G/S generation, it is likely that Apple will design a similar or a much better AMOLED based display that can demonstrate better graphics especially for gaming applications.
  • Video Phone – Similarly for iPhone 4, Facetime may be ready to be implemented on iPad 2 to enhance its competitiveness among other rivals’ products. However, it is still uncertain if the rear camera will be added as it may be unnecessary to have rear facing camera due to its relatively larger form factor as replacement for mini size digital camera or built-in camera smartphone.
  • Better Mobility – Being one of the most important factors, the Cupertino-based company will definitely consider making the tablet much more convenient to be carried around as a great mobile companion for all. While it may not necessary to reduce the screen size (since Steve Job publicly criticized smaller tablets that don’t fully express its software/graphics capability), you can expect a lighter next generation tablet PC as compared to current one.
  • USB Support – There are many concerns with related to its proprietary 30-pin docking connector and good news now (if this is true), there is a plan to re-design the connector so that it can be compatible with widely available mini USB port for synchronization and charging.
  • 3-axis Gyroscope – Again, the feature is already available in iPhone 4 and it seems to be appropriate to have such feature integrated into its next generation iPad as one of the great selling points for gamers with wide apps supported.

If all these are true, iPad 2 will definitely able to continue its momentum, competing against other feature-rich tablet PCs in current market space.