With the release of Windows 7 SP1, Microsoft has also updated the Windows 7 DVD media ISO image distributed by Digital River for online order fulfillment. Digital River is Microsoft’s partner for fulfillment on online distribution for downloadable Microsoft products.

The Windows 7 ISO images hosted on Digital River is genuine and official version, and the downloads from the server is legal. It’s after all one of the official channel where end-users who purchase a license (product key) for Windows 7 get the setup installation files.

Anyway, without a genuine and legally purchased product key, you can’t get Windows 7 activated, and Windows 7 will only run as evaluation copy for up to 30 days.

The latest version of Windows 7 DVD image available is of media refresh version, which commonly known as Windows 7 SP1-U (Media Refresh). Microsoft released the media refresh version of Windows 7 DVD media to fix a rare bug related to invalid computer name when small set of computer names returned error when used to install Windows 7. Otherwise, the Windows 7 with SP1 and Windows 7 with SP1-U (Media Refresh) is completely the same.

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1-U ISO

English x86: X17-59463.iso
English x64: X17-59465.iso

French x86: X17-59477.iso
French x64: X17-59479.iso

Spanish x86: X17-58877.iso
Spanish x64: X17-58879.iso

Windows 7 Professional SP1-U ISO

English x86: X17-59183.iso
English x64: X17-59186.iso

German x86: X17-59886.iso
German x64: X17-59885.iso

French x86: X17-59195.iso
French x64: X17-59197.iso

Spanish x86: X17-58866.iso
Spanish x64: X17-58868.iso

Italian x86: X17-59212.iso
Italian x64: X17-59215.iso

Portuguese x86: X17-59246.iso
Portuguese x64: X17-59247.iso

Swedish x86: X17-59271.iso
Swedish x64: X17-59273.iso

Norwegian x86: X17-59229.iso
Norwegian x64: X17-59231.iso

Finnish x86: X17-59192.iso
Finnish x64: X17-59194.iso

Dutch x86: X17-59233.iso
Dutch x64: X17-59236.iso

Danish x86: X17-59891.iso
Danish x64: X17-59883.iso

Traditional Chinese x86: X17-59295.iso
Traditional Chinese x64: X17-59297.iso

Korea x86: X17-59299.iso
Korea x64: X17-59300.iso

Windows 7 Professional N SP1-U ISO (Note: N editions come without media components)

English x86: X17-59335.iso
English x64: X17-59337.iso

German x86: X17-59323.iso
German x64: X17-59327.iso

French x86: X17-59348.iso
French x64: X17-59351.iso

Spanish x86: X17-58871.iso
Spanish x64: X17-58874.iso

Italian x86: X17-59364.iso
Italian x64: X17-59366.iso

Portuguese x86: X17-59395.iso
Portuguese x64: X17-59398.iso

Swedish x86: X17-59418.iso
Swedish x64: X17-59424.iso

Norwegian x86: X17-59380.iso
Norwegian x64: X17-59383.iso

Finnish x86: X17-59344.iso
Finnish x64: X17-59346.iso

Dutch x86: X17-59384.iso
Dutch x64: X17-59387.iso

Danish x86: X17-59318.iso
Danish x64: X17-59320.iso

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1-U ISO

English x86: X17-58996.iso
English x64: X17-58997.iso

Spanish x86: X17-58857.iso
Spanish x64: X17-58859.iso

French x86: X17-59007.iso
French x64: X17-59009.iso

While the official Windows 7 SP1 DVD media ISO images are only available in limited sets of languages and editions, it’s possible to install a language pack to switch to another display language, and use Windows 7 ISO Image Edition Switcher to change to another edition. The ultimate solution is to create an all-edition Windows 7 ISO image with ei.cfg Removal Utility.

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  • SaAtomic

    Links appear to be down/redirected. Any other way to obtain a W7 SP1 eval iso?

  • Margaret Khan

    I am trying to download windows 7 Home Premium, if I click on the link it takes me to another page about Microsoft Office, please help

  • Dylan Hunt

    links broken …

  • Rick

    I click on link for W7 ultimate x64 iso …. instead of file it takes you to offer for Take Office home ?

    Are your lniks no longer valid ?

  • tex


    1st: Switch to Linux
    2nd: Done

  • jithin p joy

    can i use this file to instal os with a product key came with my laptop.?? i dont have any recovery disk to reinstall my os in my laptop.

  • Internet

    The links no longer work, can you please provide another resource to download Win7 images? I’m looking for a trusted source, otherwise I guess I can be comparing hashes with what I find on torrents. Thanks.

  • Hasem

    ISO is not found. I saw this message ”

    The Page or File You Requested Could Not Be Provided
    The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

    HTTP Error 404 – File or directory not found.”

    Hello admin, ” I need W7 professional SP1 x86 download link

  • leftler

    Sadly the links no longer work.

  • Jay

    The X17-59186.iso is corrupt or something. It’s impossible to download the full file. There is always the same portion not being able to download so it stops at 99% each time. It’s only this file. All the other files I’ve tried works as it should… please fix!

  • Gabriel Perez

    Windows 7 Pro Spanish link is Home Basic ……

  • malwarebites

    There is no legal Windows 7 ISO now.

  • Howl

    MD5 Checksum for the italian x86 Professional SP1 (not N): 11766E53E0C8545121EB15D9D1E04E12 (at least here!)

  • Skd

    I am replacing my faulty hard drive. After switching out hds, i realized that i am missing 2 out of the 5 System Recovery/ Reinstallation cds. From what I understand, (sorry, I am not fluent in tech speak) I’d have to DL the correct iso, then extract and burn them on cds/dvds, and lastly, reboot with the cd/dvd and it should go into reinstallation mode. Right?…please be right. Or close at least

  • Lachie

    Do I boot the computer from the USB Drive?

  • Neodiscovery

    Windows 7 Home Premium x64 Engilsh X17-58997.iso Failing During Download.

  • JustSayingIre

    I don’t know about the rest, but the download for Win 7 Pro SP1 doesn’t work any more (x17 59186). The links without SP 1 is fine, though.

  • John

    Spanish x64: X17-58859.iso is not available anymore

  • Western Sudan (غرب السودان)

    Thankssssssssssssssssss man but is it imposable to get original copy of window7 included keys i wonder why those have original dvd of windows and they don’t wanna help us by making dat dvd into iso file and help us you guys here we’re suffering from fake copies of windows and it’s hard and expensive to get original copy

  • josh

    English x64 MD5 – da319b5826162829c436306bebea7f0f
    SHA-1 6c9058389c1e2e5122b7c933275f963edf1c07b9

  • Granny in Texas

    I have made several copies of the x17-58997.iso to totally redo an hp laptop. It takes about 3 hours to download. After it is burned, It states that the files are corrupt. What am I doing wrong. I have downloaded and am using Windows 7 USB DVD DOWNLOAD TOOL. The dvd or flash drive do not start until I force it.

  • ladiesy

    Hello, all, I have a question, is there a download for windows vista any version. I did try to download windows on the computer I am trying to get it on but, after I did it one time, the sound was working. Where is the product key for windows 7 or vista if it is on here?

  • PeterC1986

    For the file “X17-59186.iso” (Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1-U)
    MD5: ed15956fe33c13642a6d2cb2c7aa9749
    SHA1: 0bcfc54019ea175b1ee51f6d2b207a3d14dd2b58

    The SHA1 hash is equal to the one attached to the following file on technet: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/subscriptions/downloads/default.aspx#FileId=46598

  • djmar

    why i get error when i want to active it ??? :(
    please help :(

  • Lloyd

    P.S these file are not corrupt! bloody hell, use a download manager like mipony to download these, not your crappy browser manager! i download win7 within 25 minutes using mipony. 3.093 GB.

  • Lloyd


    1st: Download the same version you already have, e.g home premium
    also make sure you use the correct bit, x32 or x64.

    2nd: Download, http://www.pendrivelinux.com/downloads/Universal-USB-Installer/Universal-USB-Installer-

    3rd: Plug in your usb flash drive, ( must be atleast 8gb )

    4th: Run the universal usb installer and in step 1, scroll to the bottom and select windows 7 installer, in step 2 select the windows iso you just downloaded, in step 3 select you flash drive and also select format and click Create.

    Once completely, you can boot from that flash drive to do a fresh install and once installed, USE YOUR GENUINE PRODUCT KEY FOR ACTIVATION.

    These are completely legit files!.

    used them for nearly 2 years and even the other day ( i bought a new laptop that came with win7 and bloatware so i used this to do a fresh install and used my key ) PERFECT!


    • Altan Nolan

      “1st: Download the same version you already have, e.g home premium
      also make sure you use the correct bit, x32 or x64.”

      1st. a) I don´t have a one right now, I´ve XP. How do I do in this case? b) How do I know if x32 or x64 is correct??

      • Dianne DeSha

        These are disks to reinstall an already purchased legal version of Win7. If you want, you could pick a version (look at Microsoft’s site for comparisons and prices) and then buy a license key from the Help Center within a week (or is it 30 days trial?).

        But if you’re starting new with Win 7, it makes more sense to simply purchase a copy in the normal way rather than do a reinstall-then-purchase routine with these.

        (If you have a souped-up 64 bit machine, you’d probably know it. Most likely you have a standard [i.e., “x86”] machine.)

        • Kieran

          x86 (32 bit) OS will limit your programs to only using 2GB of RAM and your RAM limit will be 4GB. If you have more than 4GB of RAM on your PC then you should get x64 (64 bit) because it will not limit your RAM usage.
          P.S I know this is late but for anyone with the same question then this should help

  • Amit Bajaj

    i needed Window 7 home basic…………………………..
    i have deleted my recovery drive and hp softwares ,
    help me to fix this

    • Tony K

      After many problems the following worked for me in installing a new version of Windows on my laptop using your USB flash drive. Please note that these instructions REQUIRE that you have had a legal version of Windows on a computer.
      First a background on the scenario for successfully loading Windows 7 SP1.
      – My laptops hard disc crashed. I purchased a new hard disc (SATA). I had many USB flash drives.
      – My repair discs that I burned when my laptop was new DID NOT WORK. This seems to be a common issue!
      The following steps did successfully install Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium Edition using your USB flash drive. But first you will need the following.
      – Look at your laptop/desktop. There should be a 25 digit Windows key code somewhere. On laptops it is on the bottom. You must have this key code for this process to work.
      – Have an 8 GB or more USB disc available and completely empty.
      – You must have use a working Windows 7 or 8 computer for the following.
      – Download the appropriate Windows ISO image from this website. It is important to download the correct version since the Windows key codes on your computer match a specific version. Most computers purchased at Best Buy etc… between 2010 and 2012 use Windows 7 Home Premium SP1-U ISO. I used the following: “English x64: X17-58997.iso”.
      – Download the ISO file from this website on a Windows 7 or 8 computer and copy to any folder. I created a folder called “test” and placed the ISO image called “X17-58996.iso” in the test folder.
      – Go to the following Microsoft website and download the USB bootable software tool.
      – Insert an empty USB (8 GB or more) Flash Drive in your Windows 7 or 8 computer.
      – Copy the following to any director such as “test”. Run the software file ‘Windows7-USB-DVD-tool.exe”. This will create a new program that you can find in “Start – Windows 7 USB DVD DOWNLOAD TOOL”. Start the program!
      – Windows 7 USB DVD DOWNLOAD TOOL program will ask you where your Windows 7 ISO file is. For example, the “English x64: X17-58997.iso” in your “test” folder.
      – Windows 7 USB DVD DOWNLOAD TOOL will ask you where is the blank USB flash drive? Navigate to the USB flash drive. The program will re-format the USB drive then copy the ISO image from above to make a bootable Windows 7 SP1 USB Flash drive. It took my computer about 5 minutes to do this task!
      – Windows 7 USB DVD DOWNLOAD TOOL will notify you when it is finished. If the program states that it completed it successfully then you have a bootable Windows 7 SP1 USB flash drive!
      – Go to the computer you are repairing. Insert the Windows 7 SP1 USB flash drive into the USB port.
      – Start your computer and hit whatever series of buttons (F12, F2 etc…) to change your boot drive to “USB”.
      – After saving your changes, Windows 7 Installation should start! Again you will need your 25 digit Windows key code to successfully install the Windows OS.
      The above should work for most Windows 7 users however there are differences in hardware etc… that may cause an issue.
      Good Luck!!!

      • Wilner

        Is it possible to put this on my external hard drive? I don’t have that much space in my usb.

    • sean

      Tony K is the Man!!! worked like a charm almost two easy! LOL Now!Lets try & do it again LOL ;)

  • jpclasant

    Thank you very much for the OS.

    Download WIN7PROSP1 in English……….

  • Arco

    CZECH language version is not there?

    • qw

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  • Penguin0

    What? no Enterprise links ?!?

  • jurgen74

    I am looking for a few days of Windows 7 Home Premium, Norsk, 64-bit, has anyone of you have a link

  • Chaitra

    Will it work if i download a 32 bit iso but have a product key for 64 bit genuine win 7?

    • Angel Delight

      Yes it will!!!!

  • Harmeet Singh

    i have a window 7 Home Premium OA edition , i have a product ke , is th product key is valid for Home Premium edition in this web site?

  • fookraa

    For the file “”English x86: X17-59463.iso”” that i downloaded… here are the checksums:

    MD5 : 2572274e6b0acf4ed1b502b175f2c2db
    SHA1 : 65fce0f445d9bf7e78e43f17e441e08c63722657

    Hope this will help, HOWEVER i request you all to verify and post your checksums too…

    • Jan

      The official checksums for all files can be looked up on Technet.

    • Ignotus

      I have the same SHA1 hash that you posted. I also verified these at Microsoft TechNet, which provides the SHA1 hashes. These are the TechNet hashes for the two files that I downloaded (Ultimate):
      English x86: X17-59463.iso = 65FCE0F445D9BF7E78E43F17E441E08C63722657
      English x64: X17-59465.iso = 36AE90DEFBAD9D9539E649B193AE573B77A71C83

      The hashes for both of the downloads do match the TechNet hashes, so those two files at least are correct.

      I plan to use them to build a universal installer that can install all versions of Windows 7 32bit or 64bit. I am going to use a tool from http://joshcellsoftwares.com/products/winaiomaker/. Will try to remember to post back with how it turns out. I typically use Rufus http://rufus.akeo.ie/ to convert the iso to a bootable USB thumb drive. It has never let me down with various Linux iso files or Vista and Win 7 iso files.

      EDIT: Building the AIO iso using the winaiomaker software seems to have worked fine. It’s not completely intuitive, but it’s not difficult to figure out. I started the install selecting Ultimate x86 the first time and Ultimate x64 the other time (exited out at the select partition screen). Now I need to finish prepping my PC and go ahead and do the fresh install.

      • Andrew

        I too can verify that the 32 and 64 bit ultimate versions are good! I got he same SHA1 hashes as well.

        • whp

          win7 HPrem 64 bit (58997) on disc will not upgade over 32 bit 58996 on 64 bit OS. 32 bit loaded w/browser-search prog. To install IE/Google search get virus alert crap, blocked. Got around it but these DRiver dloads seem about same as pirate sites. Need MS file verify prog or some such for dloaded files.

  • Christine

    I downloaded the right iso but when I mount using magicISO and click install I get this message:
    Windows could not retrieve information about the disks on this computer.
    I’m lost as to what this means. I got my hp in June, and somehow deleted the F11 recovery options so I was trying to find a legit copy to install since I do have a product key and don’t need a hacked version. But something isn’t working and I would really appreciate this being resolved asap. thank you

    • Raymond

      You should try an OEM version. That or find the drivers for the HD for your computer so you can install.

    • Tim

      You have to burn the file to a dvd, put the dvd into the cd rom and reboot the computer to install it

    • Jan

      If you are trying to upgrade Windows then you need to enable the virtual disk service.

      1. Click Start / Run and type SERVICES.MSC
      2. Look for the Virtual Disk Service
      3. Right click it and choose “Properties”
      4. Make sure the Startup Type is Automatic, then click the Start button.
      5. Reboot and try the upgrade again.

    • James

      Christie, try using the following program. It is MS Supported for their RT/WinPE coding.


    • Michael

      Christine, these ISOs are not to be mounted in some ISO program. they are to be burned to a DVD and then started from the DVD for Install. What you are trying to do is an upgrade,NOT GOING TO WORK. you need a physical medium to work with these ISOs…..

  • Akka

    Are there ISO’s for Windows 7 Starter? I have a valid product key for it, and no DVD. I was so glad to have found this site, but it doesn’t seem to have ISO’S for Starter Edition…? Any help much appreciated.

    • Explorer

      Download Ultimate version, then open it with WinRAR (or any similar tool) and delete the ei.cfg file. Congrats, now you have All-in-One Windows 7 DVD. At the beginning of the installation process it’ll ask you, which version would you like to install. Just choose Win7 Starter and there you go :)

    • kenny

      you can dl windows basic or any one u want, any of them will run on notepads that came with windows starter. Same as rest but windows starter just don t hav dvd software with it. If u want starter go to asus website and look under there downloads for there notebooks

    • ViDiTM14

      Just extract the ISO and then in the “sources” folder, delete the file “ei.cfg” and again create the ISO. Now, all the versions like Ultimate, Pro, Starter, etc will be unlocked and you’ll have the choice to select any one of them when you boot.

    • ISRAEL

      download the 32 or 64 bit version of your computer. burn iso into usb.
      now. copy all files of the usb into the desktop.
      1 open file in desktop
      2 look for source file
      3 look for ei.cgf
      4 erase that file
      5 click on set up.
      6click on getting the latest internet updates.
      7 you see all the options of windows..all versions included.
      8 select the one that you are looking for.
      9good luck enjoy it

  • missing digit in my license

  • Sandy

    After i installed this, my rundll32 looks like a “page icon”. This means there is walmare inside of these… Right?!?!

  • Wendy

    Are these OEM images?

    • Ray Pevley

      Your product key determines which version of windows to install (i.e. OEM vs. Non-OEM) the image will have files for both. Just plug in your product key and you should be fine

  • Jacker

    i bought my genuine product key code on microsoft website with my money

    • Wendy

      What a nice man you are :(

    • Lighthorse

      Why, because he actually paid for a licence and not be Stupid and pirate one.

    • NigelG1940


    • Zero

      This comment lends credence to your name. Well done.

  • iggy

    3MB per second download speed. Still slow

    • larsion

      kill yourself

  • zmiugaloma

    Use Internet Download Manager (use google to find free version) I’m downloading approximately 400 KB/sec …

  • Jordy

    Product key for X17-59384.iso?

    • saint

      go to win7 product key sale for a low cost activatable product key.

  • Niki

    By product key do they mean the Windows Serial Number?

  • fatih

    so, turkish? thanks

  • akbal

    What is the latest updated version of windows 7 ultimate?

  • Denis

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if the Windows 7 install will also install a new recovery partition / over-write the existing one on my machine. I have Windows 8 installed, but can’t load it anymore due to falty re-partitioning process.

    thanks for your help!

  • saj

    Hi dear friends..
    I have acer aspire 5553G in which i got windows 7 home premium preinstalled.
    now i installed a thin client software then i got my system crashed ..
    after that i could not log on to my computer… The problem is : mouse,keyboard,touch pad are not working.. I tryed many recovery options.. And failed..

    and my question is..
    if i download windows 7 home premium SP1
    can i install it with the product key i find in back side of my laptop???
    Please help…..

  • Name Required
  • fox

    Hi..can the iso be used to install win 7 on an already formattdd harddrive? Thanks.

    • Jason

      Yes you can!, you do not have to format the hard drive to install an os from these ISO’s

    • Kaskus

      Yes, it can.

      • thefox

        Thanks Kaskus – all done , no problems.

  • Wesley

    Where can we find official hashes for these ISOs? Can someone please post them, as well as a verified source link?


  • Benjamin

    where are the checksums ?!

  • Ned

    X17-58997.iso is corrupt

    • Kalec

      I just download it, and its all fine. Converted to USB and burned to disk. No problems.

      • kk

        yes it is corrupted.some of the files are missing from the ISO file

        • Jon

          I just wanted to let everyone know I downloaded Win 7 Home Premium x64 – X17-58997.iso.

          I burned the image to a dvd, and it installed onto my ssd just fine. I’m making this comment from my laptop off of this particular install. So, if it is corrupt it hasn’t affected me any.

          • bummer

            It is corrupted. Kalec and Jon, did you check SHA1?

          • Joe

            is not corrupt, hash match technet

    • zodiac

      Yup. X17-58997.iso is corrupt.

  • Tutorial ei.cfg

    pd. always install multiversion bootin with your windows 7 copy and do it from 0 better, not install inside windows (some people says de menu dont appears when you install windows inside windows)

  • Tutorial ei.cfg

    Hello my english it´s too bad but i try to explain how to do a Windows multiversion

    the first step it´s download the Windows 7 ultimate version. The copys of digitalriver are 100% original (crc no have idea) ;)

    Only works correctly with the “ultimate” because includes all that other versions contains.

    1. Download your adecuate iso … Ultimate x86(32bits O.S) or x64(64bits O.S) (if you don´t have more than 4 gigas of ram it´s better that you download always x32)

    2. Download “Ultraiso” whit this you can edit your iso & save the changes. never directly descompress a ISO for save to a CD/DVD or you loss the boot info. use ultraiso for edit.)

    3. Open the ISO downloaded with ultraiso and delete the file ei.cfg (\sources\ei.cfg)

    4. SAVE the ISO.

    5. Now your saved ISO it´s a multiversion Windows 7! Contains All systems in the bit category you downloaded the iso. x86 o x64.

    Starter, home, home premium, professional, ultimate…


    Let´s go to use the edited ISO!

    in this step you can choose 2 options…

    1.1 Burn to DVD.. download burnaware free and burn de ISO (option burn ISO) don´t choose burn DVD Data or not works ^^.. Only BURN ISO.

    1.2 Download novicorp win to flash and pass the iso to a pendrive for installation.. it´s very easy to use, pay attention at your screen help and all go ok.

    2. With your DVD or Pendrive boot the pc and boot from the DVD or the pendrive .. now the rest of the instalation it´s same how always but in 3 or 4 minutes you have a menu for choose your system.. I recommend Home premium ;)

    if you do this step by step ALWAYS Works! Thanks for nothing :P

    Saludos desde España!

    • Mitch

      Thank you very much…
      Your English might not be the greatest but you more than make up for it with knowledge…
      Keep up the good work.
      Muito obrigado

    • Jan

      Why we want to delete the ei.cfg…? Perhaps some of us have strict limitations on download bandwidth, and don’t want to download three 99.9999% identical files….?

      • Yon

        Jan, please read Tutorial ei.cfg’s posting first. So, you’ll understand why we need to delete the .cfg.

  • Ahmed

    Is there any password needed for setup or any crack with it
    Windows 7 SP1 86X

    • johnnie blue

      you will need to use your own key ,these are legit ISO file not bootleg

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  • crc

    What? No sha1/md5 checksums for the isos?

    Good luck downloading multigigabyte files in one go!

    • Tofu Master

      I posted some MD5sums of the ones I downloaded twice, but it’s awaiting moderation. =/

  • moustafa

    thank’sfor upload win 7
    my bests regards

  • Jan

    You only removed the reference to ei.cfg from the file table. When copying to usb, it wad included again.I think it might not be possible to remove ei.cfg physically.

  • Rajiv

    I have downloaded “Windows 7 Ultimate SP1-U ISO English x64: X17-59465.iso” and to create an all-edition Windows 7 ISO image used “ei.cfg Removal Utility”. Thereafter, copied Windows 7 installation on Pen Drive by using “Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool”. Nevertheless, I have not found any operating system selection menu during installation.

    • TheHuman Being

      easiest way is to just go in and manually edit the cfg file then burn it to dvd/usb… when i use the en-ultimate edition it doesn’t show versions like enterprise or home basic. only starter, home premium, pro, and ultimate show up when i manually edit the cfg. good luck

  • Amit Choudhary

    From where I can download Microsoft windows XP professional Service pack 2/3 .iso bootable cd.
    my original cd has broken, and I need to image.

    please help and tell me and give me official link.


    my mail id :- coolamit007choudhary@yahoo.com

  • Loren Pechtel

    I note some people having problems getting stuck partway through the download. Given the locations you’re saying I wonder if you’re something that doesn’t handle files in excess of 2gb.

    • John Sellers

      That is EXACTLY the problem I have been having, the download for X17-58997.ios quits at about 2.1 gigs. I have done it 5 times on different completers…same result.

  • Tad

    Yes Your Alienware Product Key will work

  • Justin

    I have an alienware and was told that my windows was made special just for alienware. If i use this to repair windows, will it work fine? Also, I have my oem win serial number, will that also work? I have registry errors and i dont know what else to do.

  • mariorocks

    Good day. Sorry, I had to take back my previous comment. My real question is: Does burning the ISO with Windows 7’s default image burner cause problems on install? Thank you.

  • mariorocks

    Is the Professional x86 ISO functioning well? Thanks in advance.

  • Matt

    I can’t get it to download right. it always drops to 0kbs after about 81 percent. Any solutions?

  • ntoytoy

    thanks dude

  • Axel49


    I am looking for a Swedish version of Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 edition disc, of course it can be eligible as an ISO image.

    My problem is that I have bought computer with preinstalled Swedish Windows 7 Home Premium x64 and then upgraded it via the Microsoft Anytime Upgrade service to Windows 7 Ulitimate x64 (Swedish).
    However, later on I have detected that some system files received on original delivery are defective (the effect is unexpected BSOD STOP errors 0x7A and 0xF4 irregularly occuring).

    I localised the defective system files via the SFC /SCANNOW utility, but the SFC could not repair them because the source in the WinSXS directory also was found to be defective. These files are not included in the Anytime Upgrade because they are common for all Windows 7 versions (and exists even in the Vista environment). The diagnosis has been verified by replacing the critical system files manually in the System32 folder thus causing the STOP errors 0x7A and 0xF4 to disappear. Moreover, the system files concerned are common to x32 and x64 versions.

    Actions on the WinSXS directory is not intended for the end customer, they are reserved for the special TrustedInstaller builtin account. Of course, this restriction can be overridden, but updating the WinSXS directory is a complex task due to a complex checkout infrastructure including manifests to prevent errors and I want of course a consistent and homogenouos update to take place for correctness.

    Update/Repair using a source in another language than Swedish will make the system to refuse the action (I have source discs for Windows 7 Ultimate, but in US-EN). Full source covering these files in WinSXS directory is required and not provided bu the Anytime Upgrade.

    I have disc for Swedish Windows 7 Home Premium x64, but it is rejected as Upgrade/Repair tool due to version incompatibility – it cannot act on a Windows 7 Ultimate x64 system.

    So if there is a way to get a full Swedish version of Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 edition disc ISO image I would be happy! Of course I have the Microsoft Anytime Upgrade license key available for this task.
    Or hints about some other way to complete this Repair/Upgrade task on these preequisities – I want to avoid reinstalling everything including applications and other software already installed in the current computer..

    Kind regards,


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  • itchibahn

    I’ve tried eng versions for 64 bit Home Premium and Pro. Both errors with cannot find file, etc half way thru. Used Memorex DL, tried both GBURNER and MagicISO.

    Another thing I noticed, I have obtained original Pro 32 bit and 64 bit Home Premium DVD’s and they are both in DL. When I make an ISO of it, they both are near 5GB. How are these downloadable are in 3GB range?

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  • RJ

    Downloaded and burned x17-58997.iso (Home Prem.) using ISO Recorder 3.1. I’m thinking that using the Windows Image Burner to create these disks may cause problems with an incomplete or corrupted disk image. I was able to fully install this on a spare drive to try it out and it worked just fine.

  • Meir

    Can someone tell me where can I learn how to modify the windows setup?
    I want to change the languages and add office installation if it possible.

    Best regards .

  • Nanda Kishore Reddy

    Thank you for uploading all these versions

    Best Regards

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  • someone

    home premium 64 working with my laptop key

    just had to active by phone

  • Mirko


  • nzdesign

    is windows 7 japanese edition (madobe nanami) exist?

  • wakkawakka

    Should work. I did the same with win7 home premium. Just enter your key (at the bottom of the laptop or in your documentation) and validate online when prompted.

  • duffer

    Help! Help! Help!

  • Alvin

    how to download?

  • weiwei

    please upload danish version

    Windows 7 ultimate

    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1-U ISO

    thank you very very very much…..please please please

  • Mike

    Tried to do a clean install with the English x64: X17-58997.iso Home premium to no avail. Keep getting error message stating Windows cannot find K:Sourceinstall.wim. Make sure all files are available yada yada yada. Thumbs down for this ISO. Unless someone has a solution.

    • RJ

      Did you use the Windows Disk Image Burner to create the disk? If so, try using a 3rd party ISO program such as ISO Recorder.

  • Somebody

    Thanks so much for the ISO. I lost my Win 7 CD before I got shipped to the Middle East and to save me another $100 and weeks and weeks of shipping, this site has helped me out tons. I was so mad when I turned on my computer telling me windows failed to load. Now I have a CD I can use to repair the damage. Thanks a bunch!

    -A soldier.

  • ReiMomo

    Checksums sir!

  • Mohammed

    thank you for your help , i was searching for orginal & clean iso of windows 7 , Keep it up!!

  • balaji

    Wonderful collection on disc images, Downloading at good rate, Is this legimate? Thinking to be work, thanks

  • Dave

    Cannot start download, need iso for Windows 7 Pro x86 sp1 English.
    I tried to click on file, right click target save,,….. only gives small file.
    Any help please.

  • Rajiv

    Why I’m unable to download through Microsoft Download Manager v1.2?

  • Jan
  • Louis

    Excellent, I lent my CD to my housemate and he lost it. This will save me a huge headache.

  • Manu

    thanks for this, downloading pro x86 now. would be awesome if there are checkums for each. :)

  • Patty

    I downloaded the Windows 7 premium 32 bit &put on my backup hard drive but how do I convert it to DVD to copy it on DVD??

    • -HI

      Patty, if the file is an ISO right click and 'burn to disk'

  • kasalacto

    checksums please?

  • DumbMarine

    Can the following :- Windows 7 Professional SP1-U ISO

    English x86: X17-59183.iso

    English x64: X17-59186.iso

    be used with a genuine Win 7 Professional retail serial number?

    • Robbie

      I have the same question: Can a retail non-sp1 serial be used to activate the newer sp1-u version?

  • Cipherfx

    Tried to download Windows 7 Ultimate SP1-U ISO in IDM but it stuck at 83.73% and also tired to use FDM still it stuck at 83%, any help will do… Thanks in advance…

  • L

    Can anybody please check if there are links for the German Version on the Digital River content – Windows 7 HOME PREMIUM SP1 Data Refresh German –

    Thanks in advanced.

  • Ermal

    Please help me !!!!!!! Thanks

    • Qwerty

      Use UltraIso or CDBurnerXP.

  • Heri

    X86 is 32 bits. X64 is 64 bits. Here is why (from yahoo answers):

    "Technically x86 simply refers to a family of processors and the instruction set they all use. It doesn't actually say anything specific about data sizes.

    x86 started out as a 16-bit instruction set for 16-bit processors (the 8086 and 8088 processors), then was extended to a 32-bit instruction set for 32-bit processors (80386 and 80486), and now has been extended to a 64-bit instruction set for 64-bit processors. It used to be written as 80×86 to reflect the changing value in the middle of the chip model numbers, but somewhere along the line the 80 in the front was dropped, leaving just x86.

    Blame the Pentium and it's offspring for changing the way in which processors were named and marketed, although all newer processors using Intel's x86 instruction set are still referred to as x86, i386, or i686 compatible (which means they all use extensions of the original 8086 instruction set).

    x64 is really the odd man out here. The first name for the 64-bit extension to the x86 set was called x86-64. It was later named to AMD64 (because AMD were the ones to come up with the 64-bit extension originally). Intel licensed the 64-bit instruction set and named their version EM64T. Both instruction sets and the processors that use them are all still considered x86."

    • ermal

      oke thanks herii

      what am I supposed to burn this file (2,5GB) ?

      • auvy

        u don't need to burn … u can use ' windows 7 USB DVD ' software to create a boot able USB device .. just insert a pen drive and use the software … better than using by dvd . faster and safer :)

        try it :)

  • ermal


    what is x86 and x64 ?I need the with 32bit version


    • Jason Cook

      x86 is the 32 bit version

  • Sadek

    Gr8 stuff.
    Thanks for sharing with us..

  • Terra

    i've been having the same issues with the newsletter.

    I unsubscribed, resubscribed, worked for about a week, then poof no more newsletters again.

  • thefamousguy

    Thanks for the direct links

  • Mike_S

    First Thanks for the info.

    I m looking for a German Version . exactly for the HomePremium SP1 Data Refresh Version both x64 and x86 from Digital River also original

    Thanks in advanced.

  • Cleric

    COOL :) Downloading Professional x86, Thx

  • jonno


    Thanks for this :)

    Are there checksums available?

  • healthkart

    The Windows 7 ISO images hosted on Digital River is genuine and official version, and the downloads from the server is legal. It’s after all one of the official channel where end-users who purchase a license (product key) for Windows 7 get the setup installation files.

  • mendel

    good to have them updated! =)

  • Sachmo Joe

    Hi guys, anyone know if these images are available for Vista? I'm after 64-bit media and the official microsoft site for ordering it doesn't work any more.

  • Giang

    Nice, downloading Windows 7 Ultimate x64 now :D

  • Shalom

    Thank you :-)

  • kewin

    thanks for the info.

  • roy raay

    what’s up with the newsletters? a long time since i received one, sigh!

  • brocksamson

    MDL used to be a daily newsletter, now it is what once a week…what happened?

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