MSN Messenger has been renamed as Windows Live Messenger, so do tools, utilities and tweak apps for WLM, which previously have been made for MSN Messenger. One of the popular MSN Messenger add-on is MultiMSN, which has been renamed MultiLive. Unless A-Patch or other programs, MultiLive or MultiMSN focuses on providing WLM users with polygamy and ads remover ability.

The main feature of MultiLive is enable polygamy feature on Windows Live Messenger. Polygamy is the ability to run multiple instances of Windows Live Messenger at one time simultaneously at same computer, and login to multiple different Windows Live IDs (previously Passport ID or MSN Hotmail user name or email address) or WLM accounts. Another feature of MultiLive is to remove the banner advertisements or ads in Windows Live Messenger window.

To use MultiLive, you need to download and install the version that is compatible with your version of Windows Live Messenger, and the version of the MultiLive is corresponding with the version of WLM, so just choose the one that exactly match your version of WLM. The latest release has support Windows Live Messenger 8.1 version 8.1.0168.0.

Download MultiLive

MultiLive 8.1.0168

If you have to use MultiMSN for earlier version of Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger, visit here. For update or later version, visit MultiLive homepage.

Third party program is no longer needed for Windows Live Messenger 2009 (version 14) and above. There is a registry hack to run multiple instances of MSN Windows Live Messenger.