If you are new to tablet PC and still considering whether to own a famous iPad or a more feature-rich Samsung Galaxy Tab, the recent consumer survey conducted by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster may give you some reference. Based on the analysis survey, 85 percent of new users prefer Apple’s iPad over Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, regardless of the latter that been enriched with more compelling feature sets such as front and rear camera module and etc.

No reason is provided but the analyst believed that it could be due to mixture of relatively smaller touch screen module as well as plastic construction on the Galaxy Tab. However, there is common opinion from the group that both the tablet PCs are overpriced regardless of their models. According to feedbacks, a 3G 16GB iPad which is selling at $629 was only thought to be worth at $417 (around 34 percent lower). On the other hand, the Galaxy Tab is even worst, with unexpected worth pricing of merely $283, which is around 53 percent lower than the actual unit retailing at $599.

Since the survey was targeted to only 65 people that don’t presently own any tablet PC without any prior experience on the gadgets, so it may not reflect the actual feedback from the whole consumer groups. In actual fact, Apple has sold almost 1.4 million of iPad while Samsung has pushed 600k units of Galaxy Tab in a month since official launching.