Windows 7 and its sister OS, Windows Server 2008 R2 has just been released, but the news of Windows 7 Service Park 1 (SP1), which also works for Windows Server 2008 R2 has been flying all around. In fact, an early Beta 1 build of Windows 7 SP1 has been leaked to Internet, despite there is no confirmation on the release schedule of the SP1, which is speculated to be available earliest by late 2010, a year after official RTM.

Windows 7 SP1

The leaked Windows 7 SP1 has the build version of 6.1.7601.16537 v.153, and has the full build string of 6.1.7601.16537.amd64fre.win7.100327-0053 (for 64-bit Windows 7 and Windows Server 20008 R2). The leaked build of Windows 7 SP1 appears to be genuine and valid, and is meant for early beta testing.

Windows 7 SP1 is said to be included only minor updates, among which are previous updates for Windows 7 that are already delivered through Windows Update, except an updated Remote Desktop client that takes advantage of RemoteFX introduced in the server-side with SP1 for Windows Server 2008 R2, according to Windows Team blog. Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, will introduce two new desktop virtualization features: Microsoft RemoteFX and Dynamic Memory.

The leaked Windows 7 SP1 appears to be of beta 1 milestone and is a wave 0 release (contains specific language versions). Here’s the details of the files included in the leaked Windows 7 SP1 download.

FILE: 7601.16537.100327-0053_Update_Sp1_Wave0-B1SP1.0_DVD.iso
SIZE: 1,350,488,064 bytes
MD5: 785D27C10CD58897E2CF72B0EECA05DD
SHA-1: 0176319386113561926314442F80F1C5A8B71DBC

The single ISO above contains the following there SP1 update files:

FILE: windows6.1-KB976932-X64-INTL.exe
SIZE: 575,907,992 bytes
MD5: 08AACB0441CD273749CAF6C075653CCD
SHA-1: 6F9D002B0782CD4E68A10A51241AC646B42340D0

FILE: windows6.1-KB976932-ia64-INTL.exe
SIZE: 457,201,208 bytes
MD5: 34051FD345D29BF5881E61087A3119ED
SHA-1: 6214603A71D8997850EFD02C53DBBB83400B7E39

FILE: windows6.1-KB976932-x86-INTL.exe
SIZE: 316,619,176 bytes
MD5: 1976A6A037F47CBEA4B2577D2B6053BD
SHA-1: C9D35D883AE4F80B89F4073724C374241BB2F46F

Download Windows 7 SP1 via BT (BitTorrent): Win_7_SP1.torrent or Windows_7_SP1_(7601.16537.100327-0053)_Bits_UG_DVD_Beta_Interim.5484776.TPB.torrent

FILE: 7601.16537.100327-0053_Update_Sp_Wave0-B1SP1.0_DVD.iso
SIZE: 1,350,488,064 byte
MD5: 785D27C10CD58897E2CF72B0EECA05DD
SHA1: 0176319386113561926314442F80F1C5A8B71DBC

More download links, especially through file sharing sites like RapidShare, DepositFiles, MegaUpload, and etc is available through search engine.

Windows 7 SP1 Setup Files

There won’t be any noticeable difference found after installing SP1 into Windows 7. In addition, at the corners of the desktop, there will be watermarks added which says “Evaluation Copy” (to mark the beta software), and the Windows 7 with SP1 Beta 1 will expire on 1st of April 2011 or 1st of July 2011. The watermark can be removed with Windows watermark remover, but it’s not sure if Microsoft allows direct upgrade to Windows 7 SP1 final release from beta release. So do download and install with care (not on production machine).

Note that the leaked Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 is not the latest build known. A newer build, 6.1.7601.16543.100403-1630 has already been compiled. Some screenshots of Windows 7 SP1 follows.

Install Windows 7 SP1
Installing Windows 7 SP1
Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

Update: Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Beta Escrow 7601.16556