Panasonic Announces Latest SD Card Camcorders

The leader in digital video technologies, Panasonic has recently announced the launch of its two new SD card camcorders including waterproof SDR-SW20 and ultra-mobile SDR-S7. Both models feature the same single 1/6-inch CCD with a gross pixel count of 560,000, 10X optical zoom and 2.7-inch LCD screen.

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Latest JVC Everio GZ-MG740 HDD Camcorder With More Storage Capacity

JVC has announced the launch of its latest Everio GZ-MG740 HDD camcorder with larger 40GB storage capacity, which is 10GB more disk space than its predecessor – GZ-MG730. Both model feature 10X optical zoom, 7.38-megapixel CCD sensor and shoot 720 x 480 pixel video on a tiny 1.3-inch hard disk.

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Hands-free Camcorder: VholdR

If you ever need to record something on video while on the move, the VholdR camcorder from Twenty20 is the answer to your dreams. The VholdR can be clipped onto helmets, sunshades, goggles, or handlebars to record TV-quality-video to a MicroSd card. The camcorder can record about two hours’ worth of video on a battery charge. It comes with a USB cable and desktop software […]

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Amazing Micro-Camcorder – The World’s Smallest Spy Camcorder

Looking for tiny and small spy camera/camcorder? As what you see in the photo, the Micro-Camcorder which dubbed as the world’s smallest real-time spy camcorder is actually small enough to fit into a standard pack of chewing gum. This “James Bond” spy camcorder can record high-Resolution (3gp) real time (15fps) video via its internal pin-hole wide-angle camera at just one touch of a dedicated button.

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New Sanyo Xacti DMX-HD1000 Full HD Video Cam

The Japanese electronics company, Sanyo has introduced its newest video cam, named as Xacti DMX-HD1000. It’s a small, slim and stylish full HD 1080p camcorder which features an 10x optical zoom, 2.7-inch LCD screen, HDMI output, SDHC compatibility (up to 8GB – holds up to1 hour and 25 minutes of full HD recording) and an adjustable grip that can be rotated up to 135 degrees. […]

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World’s Smallest Camera By Misumi

The manufacturer of spy cameras, Misumi has recently introduced its new MO-R803 Snake Camera, which measures only 4.4mm in diameter and 15mm long. According to the company, this latest spy camera is the world’s smallest camera and it can record 320×240 pixel QVGA video through its integrated 1/18” colour CMOS camera chip.

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New Hitachi DZ-BD7HA Hybrid HD Camcorder

The Japanese leading retailers in new technology that provides high quality products, Hitachi has recently announced its 2 new HD camcorders that able to record HD video directly onto a 8cm Blu-ray discs. Both of them are named as DZ-BD7HA and the DZ-BD70A, with the DZ-BD7HA hybrid model attracting more attention. This hybrid camcorder is comes with an internal 30GB HDD (hard disk drive) and […]

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Canon HG10 AVCHD HDD Camcorder

The leader of imaging solutions, Canon has recently announced its new and first HD (High Definition) HDD (Hard Disk Drive) camcorder, named as HG10, the 40GB HDD camcorder that able to capture up to 5.5 hours of AVCHD video recording at its best quality setting. Besides, this small, handheld and ultra-compact camcorder will feature an 10X optical zoom len with SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization, an […]

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Panasonic HDC-SD5 3CCD Full HD Camcorder

The Japanese consumer electronics giant, Panasonic has recently announced its new 3CCD Full HD camcorder which named as HDC-SD5, the small and stylish camcorder that use the AVCHD format to capture full HD video (1920 x 1080 pixels resolution) at the rate of 30 frames per second.

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New Hitachi Blu-Ray Camcorder To Record Full HD Video

The Japanese company, Hitachi has introduced its new Blu-ray camcorder which the company claiming it to be the world’s first Blu-ray camcorder. This blu-ray video camera features an 8cm disc drive bundled with an 5.3 megapixel CMOS sensor that allows you to record for up to 1 hour of full HD (1,920 x 1,080 resolution) video.

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Amazing Black Box DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

As you see in the photo, this is a new Black Box DVR (Digital Video Recorder) which measures only 2.6 x 2.2 x 0.4 inches and weighs just 45 grams. It’s the tiny digital video recorder which claimed itself to be the world’s smallest DVR under $3k, according to the company.

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New Sony Net-Sharing CAM For Youtube Enthusiast

As video sharing become fast popular, Sony has launched its new digital camcorder for bloggers and internet video-sharing fans, named as Sony NSC-GC1 Net-Sharing CAM, which allows its users to upload short video clips to the video-sharing websites such as Youtube and Crackle.

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