Multi-touch or multitouch functionality has been attracting consumer attraction, thanks to iPhone and iPod Touch, two-finger-scroll in Apple MacBook with TrackPad, and Windows 7, which has built-in multi-touch mapping application, photo viewing program, and gesture support in Internet Explorer 8. Multi-touch is essentially a set of interaction techniques which allow computer users to interact and control graphical applications with fingers.

While normally multi-touch is best performed on touch screen that recognizes multiple simultaneous touch points, the touchpad on laptop and notebook computer does potentially able to be used for multitouch gesture too. Synaptics TouchPad is one such pointing device that supports multi-touch. Most of the Synaptics TouchPad hardware devices do support multi-touch, which is implemented at software driver level as Synaptics Gestures. In fact, Synaptics had a commercial video titled “Things You Can Do With a Gesture” to promote new notebooks with Synaptics Gestures.

However, for marketing reason, Synaptics official standard drivers for most Synaptics TouchPads does not support multi-touch Synaptics Gestures. Synaptics’ drivers lock gesture features on all non-supported OEM notebooks and laptop PCs, except for certain gadgets such as ASUS EEE PC. So multi-touch is disabled even though touchpad hardware does support them.

For user who loves to have multitouch features usable from Synaptics TouchPad, there is a modded Synaptics driver done by Discrucio Anima. The Synaptics driver modification is based on Synaptics driver version, with new Two/Three Finger Scroll, Momentum, ChiralMotion and Pinch gestures derived from version, and is modded for Acer Gemstone series. Although the mod driver is meant for Acer Gemstone series of notebook computer, as the mod only has some extra files and INF customizations for Acer Gemstone 1 models, thus the modded driver can be used and installed on almost all system as Synaptics TouchPad driver to enable and turn on the multitouch Synaptics Gestures support.

Download or (with both 32-bit x86 and 64-bit x64 mod drivers)

The Synaptics TouchPad driver should support all Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. However, do note that the digital signatures of the modded drivers have been broken, and the drivers are no longer signed. Thus, there may be issue when use in 64bit operating system which enforces strict driver signing requirements.


  1. Uninstall all current Synaptics drivers from Control Panel’s Add and Remove Programs or Programs and Features.
  2. Restart the computer.
  3. Install the modded driver by running the setup.exe inside the ZIP archive.
  4. Windows should prompt a warning about unsigned driver. Continue to install the driver anyway.
  5. Restart the computer after installation is completed and Synaptics TouchPad driver is updated.
  6. In Device Manager’s Mouse and Other Pointing Devices” section, Synaptics PS/2 Port Touchpad should have driver version of 10.2.4.

After Sypnatics TouchPad modded driver is installed, Two Fingers Gestures, Three Fingers Gestures, ChiralMotion and Momentum should be now supported and enabled, depending on TouchPad hardware. Unfortunately, Pinch gesture, which similar to iPhone’s multi-touch, is not enabled. If your Synaptics TouchPad does not offer two fingers gestures, try the two-finger-scroll utility to force enable 2 fingers gesture.


Synaptics TouchPad Momentum Gesture

Synaptics TouchPad Two and Three Fingers Gestures

For a demo of how these Synaptics Gestures work, how to perform the multi-touch gestures to activate the functions, what is possible to do with gestures on touchpad, or what’s the meaning of these Synaptics Gestures, flip to next page to view the video demo of various Synaptics Gestures. It’s interesting to note that both two fingers gestures and three fingers gestures can be customized to perform preferred actions such as Page Up, Page Down, and etc, with 2-fingers gestures support 8 direction of sliding motion with two fingers on TouchPad surface and 3-fingers gestures two directions of straight, continuous sliding motion with three fingers on TouchPad surface.

IMPORTANT: Do not upgrade the Synaptics TouchPad driver if you love these touch features, as Sypnatics locks and disable the advanced touch features from driver v11.0.0.0 onwards.

Update: Updated Synaptics TouchPad driver supports multi-touch from HP available.

Synaptics TouchPad Gesture: Linear Scrolling

Synaptics TouchPad Gesture: Two-Finger Flick

Synaptics TouchPad Gesture: ChiralRotate

Synaptics TouchPad Gesture: Momentum

Synaptics TouchPad Gesture: ChiralScrolling for vertical scrolling

Synaptics TouchPad Gesture: ChiralScrolling for horizontal scrolling

Synaptics TouchPad Gesture: Pinch to zoom

Synaptics TouchPad Gesture: Two-Finger Scrolling

Synaptics TouchPad Gesture: Three-Finger Flick

Synaptics TouchPad Gesture: Two-Finger Reverse Scrolling

Synaptics TouchPad Gesture: Two-Finger Rotate

Synaptics TouchPad Gesture: Three-Finger Down

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  • Tanya Remas

    I have a Dell N5010.

    I can do all of the listed gestures without messing around with the drivers and crap

    • Genco

      I have the same laptop, I cannot do any gesture thingy.

  • eltrkbrd

    Just a follow up on Middle Tap Click with the latest Synaptics Touchpad drivers for Windows 7 x32 / x64.

    By default there is no middle click tap option. I was able to successfully get the two finger middle tap click working by simply going into the Windows 7 registry (start | regedit) and then navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARESynapticsSynTPDefaults and right click to add a DWORD (32-bit) Value with the name “2FingerTapAction” (without quotes) and a value of 4.

    Verified working on a Dell Inspiron N4010 with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

    It only takes seconds and proves very useful when using Firefox for example to two finger tap a link (middle click) to open links in a new tab.

    I hope this helps someone out there trying to get two finger tap middle click working with the latest Synaptics Touchpad drivers for Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit.

    Latest drivers available here:


  • gene

    I have an acer aspire 5534. The touchpad will not scroll, none of the multi gesture features work in firefox. The only way you can scroll in firefox is to put curser on arrow and clic left button. This thing only works when it wants to and is very agravating. I would like to turn the multi gesture off if that would allow me to scroll when I want to. When I try to scroll I get a round button at the point of the curser. Can anyone help with this. Gene

  • Dennison Uy

    I'm seeing more and more laptops coming out with a multi-gesture touchpad. While it is a cool and fun feature to have, it doesn't seem to be that practical since you already have a mouse.

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  • oliver

    please help…

    i need the the two finger scrolling utility gesture and the pinch gesture…

    could someone tell me where could i get those two???

  • robin guinea

    I installed this modded 10.2.4 driver on vintage HP n5415 Pavilion with XP Pro SP3, and all worked great — except there are no pinch features. I couldn't derive from this whole page, if the pinch features should be available or not. I'd like them to be. Any suggestions?

  • Mike

    I found that my synaptics device literally made the option INVISIBLE in registry. try the following for the keys

    short version: i missed my 2-finger middle-click from my eee 900ha, my g73jh-x2 had pinch-zoom capability meaning multitouch capability, and i demanded the twain shall meet.

    after more hours than i'd like to have spent doing this, i got all sorts of nifty junk working.

    i'd like to share my findings, and am mildly curious if any bold g73jh owners (or maybe even other users of laptops with relatively recent synaptics touchpads) are daring enough to modify their registries to see if they also get new, free features.

    fair warning and disclosure, etc: i seriously can't guarantee that you won't damage something irreparably because, let's face it, it's the registry and it was a bad idea to begin with. i also can't guarantee that it'll work because i looked at my toshiba laptop with a synaptics 6.2 pad and it did not have the required regkeys, and i looked at a netbook at work with a synaptics 7.2 touchpad (like the g73jh) that ALSO didn't have the requisite keys and i'm not about to start adding keys to my office's computer's registry all willy-nilly and desperado-like.

    ANYWAY for the bored folks that read this far, i am proud to present: some stuff.

    (this assumes you're all still using windows 7 x64 and familiar with regedit and whatever.)

    the following keys have a dword key called "Visibility" – change the value of this key to 0 to enable the function in the synaptics settings in the mouse control panel applet.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARESynapticsSynTPCplControls2Scrolling2Two-Finger Scrolling
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARESynapticsSynTPCplControls8Application Gestures
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARESynapticsSynTPCplControls8Application Gestures1Three Fingers Down
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARESynapticsSynTPCplControls8Application Gestures2Three-Finger Flick
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARESynapticsSynTPCplControls8Application Gestures2Three-Finger FlickEnable Three-Finger Horizontal Flick
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARESynapticsSynTPCplControls8Application Gestures2Three-Finger FlickEnable Three-Finger Vertical Flick
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARESynapticsSynTPCplControls8Application Gestures3Palm On Pad

    (note: i have not had luck enabling palm-on-pad, nor have i even tried rotation angle list, rotation text, or the 3-finger h/v flick settings since i found those entries after dumping the entire HKLMSWSynaptics keystore)

    to enable 2-finger and 3-finger tap for middle- and right-click, navigate to:

    HKEY_USERS[user SID here]SoftwareSynapticsSynTPTouchPadPS2_3

    (to find user SID, use psgetsid)

    find subkey 2FingerTapAction and give it a value of 4 for middle-click, 2 for right-click. configure 3FingerTapAction in the same fashion. i prefer 2-finger middle, 3-finger right, but that's completely irrelevant.

    at this point, simply disable and enable your touchpad (you can do this in the synaptics tab of the mouse control panel applet) or just reboot. hopefully you should have new functionality that was clearly there all along.

    • Matt

      Tried this on my new XPS 17, but to no avail :/ It can obviously do multitouch as the stock driver gives pinch zoom (overrated), but I want the custom 2 and 3 finger gestures I had in my old laptop on this driver, I have a feeling it might be due to the firmware version 7.4.. Just out of curiosity how did you find these out? I'm willing to devote an embarrassing amount of time to getting these back.. *sigh* ^^

    • eltrkbrd

      Hi Mike,

      Your registry hack for the Synaptics middle tap click worked a treat! I had the latest version of the Synaptics driver running on Windows 7 x32 but it looks like they discontinued that feature although 2FingerTapAction was present in the registry where you mentioned. I just had to change the value from 0 to 4 and it works perfectly. I now have two finger tap for middle click again! Honestly that's something hard to live without once your used to it.

      I tried the twofingerscroll application but it didn't work very good not to mention it loads in windows startup and always runs as a separate app. Sometimes it wouldn't work at all and when it did the mouse pointer would jump to some other point on the screen every time I tried using the two finger tap to middle click (very annoying).

      Thanks a ton!

  • francis


  • gatortpk

    It never occurred to me that Windows users didn't have two finger scrolling or multi-touch gesturing for years after Apple introduced it about 6 years ago. I've been using it for more than 5 years, I can't stand having to use the scroll bar or arrow keys.

  • Eduardo

    It's super clunky, two finger vertical scrolling only works as if you were hitting the down arrow on the keyboard, not smoothly or continuous. Sucks ass.

  • James



  • Whimsy Collective

    Found the Windows 7 64 bit driver.

    Needs modding.

  • why doesnt my multi-gesture touchpad wont work any more??

  • Tobe

    Thank you very much for this information.

    I recently ordered an Acer Aspire 5741, which also has the multi-touch thingy.

    However I am wondering if it works using Ubuntu Linux?

    Do you happen to know that?

    Thank you

  • michael


    aaaaa, Now I know what you ment, the version does not have to be 6.2 and more, mine is 5.9 and works ok..

  • michael


    well If u talking about driver version, all you have to do is to update it to version driver from the link above. Than install the "two-finger-scroll utility", open it, activate the functions u wish to use, for example double click for the right click function.. Worked for me on Acer Travelmate 4600 from 2005. Didnt even have to unistall the old driver. Just straight installing and wualaaa. Scrolling with two fingers, right click after two fingers tap is just great. Hope you'll sort it.

  • chris

    I'm tired of people releasing things and not stating which hardware revisions are supported. Next time, please be more clear so people don't try to tear their computer apart trying to get it to work when it clearly will never work. Multi-touch can only be enabled in Synaptics Touchpad V6.3+. V6.2 and below are NOT supported.

  • lkdsfjkdfskl

    Finally windows finds out that apple uses multi gesture touchpad, and then rush to get it worked.

    I had an acer laptop and the gestures were too damn complicated to get used too.

  • trumanhw

    My synaptics 'properties' window says V7.0 .. is that correct? Do I need to clean my registry? Perhaps when I reinstall windows this will work?

    Using a Lenovo T500 – do you know if its M-T capable?


  • Brittany


    trying to figure out if this will work on an Asus laptop model K50I? I'm also wondering if this laptop has a touchpad that even scrolls up and down?

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  • Darrin

    I read in the above:

    IMPORTANT: Do not upgrade the Synaptics TouchPad driver if you love these touch features, as Sypnatics locks and disable the advanced touch features from driver v11.0.0.0 onwards.

    I already had the Synaptics driver > 11. Now when I try to install the driver it give me a "Install Failed error".

    Does anyone know how to completely uninstall the > v11 driver so I can install the driver?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • tmov81

    Installed the drivers on HP DV6 model (Win 7). The chiral scroll would not work in firefox, and worked intermittantly in some microsoft apps. The symbol would show up but it wouldn't work which i imagine is a compatibility issue between the synaptics drivers and the software.

    Gliding worked great

    There weren't any 2 or 3 finger options in the menu. I have reverted to the current drivers because i want to be able to scroll in documents, but it sucks not having the chiral scroll or glide options :(

  • SRChiP

    Momentum & Chiralscrolling is working on my HP dv-5 1070ee.

    Note: It does not have multi-touch touchpad.

  • Markus

    Hi vnesta,

    so, can you do the pinch/punch gesture, too?

    Would be interestedto know.

    Thanks a lot.


  • Dino

    Only Momentum was activated. Are there any hardware limitations. I currently have Vista.

  • vnesta

    I ended up downloading and trying Scrybe which gives you gesture support (Synaptics Gesture Suite 9.4) from here (Scrybe). This means if I want to open my video player I just do a tap with three fingers and draw a "v", or "m" for music, or "G" for google. Anyway, this didn't enable multitouch, and also advanced my driver to v15.

    So then I uninstalled the driver – but left Scrybe in place – restarted the computer and installed the multitouch driver talked about here.

    Another restart (took a long time actually to shut down and restart) and now my Dell XPS m1330 has Multitouch and Scrybe functionality!

  • Jon

    there is nio mirror its a bulshit wants to pay fuck off losers

  • Pijus

    mirror ? :/

  • seth

    Worked for me on my Toshiba A500 running windows 7. No Problems at all.

  • ken

    can anyone upload the drivers again? i can't seem to download them!

  • k

    This only gave me one finger scrolling on my Satellite L505D, but the alternative TwoFingerScroll app let's me scroll with two fingers, and I can pinch to zoom in or out.

    • oliver

      it works for me…

      but i need the two-finger-scroll,,, the pinch utility gesture…

      i have it on my laptop until my dump sister accidentally reformatted my laptop…

  • Markus

    Dear Shelley,

    If you couldn't find a synaptics touchpad in the device manager – your touchpad isn't by synaptics. That'll be it won't work for you.

    Would have been interesting to know what it said under mice and other pointing devices in the device manager before you installed that… or, since you didn't uninstall it, see what it says there now…

    That's why you can't use this driver :(


  • Shelley

    Hi – I am using a Compaq Presario C700 and I cannot find any Synaptics drivers or touchpad devices in the device manager. I figured they must never have been installed so I installed the drivers for windows xp, and that was apparently successful but then when I tried to open the application to enable the two finger scroll, it says something like "sorry, but this computer must have a touchpad to use this" .. does anyone know what the go is there? help would be really appreciated!

  • MurkMenthaa

    I had this pre-installed on my aspire. There's one problem though, touch pad doesn't work while a key is pressed simultaneously. Very frustrating while playing FPSs (can't look around while moving (holding 'w' key)). I uninstalled it due to this.

    I do miss scrolling with two fingers, chiral scrolling, and middle click & right click by tapping over different regions though :(

    I sincerely hope they fix this issue.

  • pcubed

    Will the driver work for Windows7 Starter? Has anyone tried?


  • Howdy!

    I love this driver package, my gosh it makes me enjoy this laptop so much more.

    I am wondering if the Scroll item under pointer feature works? I have not seemed to be able to get it to! I assume this is meant to scroll windows that are behind my current window, yes?

    Any suggestions?

    Oh I am on an acer aspire 3810T running windows 7 (great combination BTW).


  • Goran

    it works perfectly on my acer aspire one a110 under w7 starter

    only problem is need a lot of adjustments to make it fully useful.

  • why is that

    I only got Chiral Motion and extra single touch settings on my HP Compaq Presario CQ71. Is there some kind of hardware limitation on some laptops?

  • Wind Chaser

    It worked!!! After installed windows 7 I didn't have have the old driver in my program files to uninstall. So I simply installed the new Synaptic driver, but it didn't work. Once I downloaded the two-finger-scroll utility it works perfectly! Not all that much application for it though. Beside the linear scroll on web browser and snap doom in & out in window picture viewer, it isn't as functional as I was hoping for. Nice functionality to have, neverless. I have Acer Aspire 1642 w/ synaptic touch pad.

  • Jamoosh

    The driver won't install on my computer.

    It asks for a 64-bit version.

    Windows 7 64-bit on Toshiba Satellite.

    Any suggestions?

  • iemand

    hi, can I use this great piece of software on my dell inspiron 1100 ( no mininotebook, neither synaptics driver)

  • wpnzone

    Hmmm how do i enable the 2 finger zoom function? I dont see any option to do so.


  • The Jack of Clubs

    i have an eeepc 1005ha and windows 7 rtm 7600. theres none of these options. i would love pinch (like i had in xp) and two finger scrolling like a macbook.

  • All well and Good. But it locks my graphic editing programs into HAND mode, and it won't let go. Even when I click off. Plus, the 'multi touch' is limited to the gestures. Not true intuitive multitouch as seen on mobile devices or touch-enabled tablets.

  • Shamx

    GREAT!! This works awesome, I tried it on my Vista Home Premium and worked like a charm and now Im installing it on my other WinXP.

  • kbr

    hey guys

    Anybody know if you can this working on Dell Inspiron 1420? I'm having trouble – the multitouch options do not appear in the settings and the Twofingerscroll program crashes (with message "no synaptics touchpad found". The driver is listed in the device manager as 10.2.4, as desired.

    Thanks in advance

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  • alex

    On windows 7 only momentum acivated. Why?

  • zngavlen

    i use vista home premium sp1 (pre-installed on toshiba satellite laptop) and I only get momentum.

    any options?

  • ME!

    finger gestures didn't get enabled, but I got the chiral motion so :/

  • Ambious

    Will this work with Dell XPS M1330? Has Synaptec, but I don't know if it's capable of hardware multi-touch.

  • Gonto

    In the text you mention "try the two-finger-scroll utility to force enable 2 fingers gesture.". I don't have the two finger scroll utility activated and i dont know where to get that utility. Where can i get it?

    • admin

      Check out tomorrow's post. :) Link will be updated then.