Sony PS3 (PlayStation 3) and PSP (PlayStation Portable) has a Remote Play feature which allows a PlayStation Portable user to interact with PlayStation 3’s Xross Media Bar. Remote Play delivers live video stream of PS3 output image to PSP, enabling users to access music, videos, photos, PlayStation games, The PlayStation Store and various applications stored on the PlayStation 3’s HDD, or external flash drives and optical media attached to the PlayStation 3.

Essentially, Remote Play is almost similar to Remote Desktop, except that instead of PC-to-PC, it’s a PS3-to-PSP connection that transmit audio and video for remote playing of video games.

After the PS3 been hacked and jailbroken, it appears that PS3 games that currently do not support Remote Play can be made into supporting Remote Play, simply by editing the SFO file of the games that have been backup (i.e. dump or rip) to the PS3’s hard disk.

For PS3 gamers who want to try to enable and turn on Remote Play on the games, the brief description of procedure is as follow:

  1. Jailbreak PS3 with PSGroove, PSFreedom or PSJailbreak.
  2. Backup or dump a game to PS3’s HDD with Backup Manager.
  3. Download and install FTP server for PS3.
  4. Connect via FTP to PS3.
  5. Navigate to dev_hdd0/game/LAUN12345/GAMEZ/<GAME_ID>/PS3_GAME directory.
  6. Transfer and copy PARAM.SFO file to desktop computer.

    Tip: You may have to make a backup copy of PARAM.SFO file too.

  7. Download the PS3 SFO Editor:
  8. In PS3 SFO Editor, open up PARAM.SFO file.
  9. Click on “PSP Remote-Play available” option.
  10. Save the SFO file.
  11. Upload the PARAM.SFO file back to the original directory for which it’s downloaded from.
  12. Run PSP Remote Play to play the just modified game that previously does not support Remote Play.

Here’s a video demo of Infamous, a non Remote Play game, been played on PSP.