Google+ (Plus) Open Registration (No Invite Required)

Google+ (Google Plus) is a new social networking service from Google which competes head-to-head with insanely popular Facebook. Google+ was launced on June 28, 2011 as an invite-only testing phase. Initially, existing users were allowed to invite friends, though the ability to invite friends was quickly suspended due to “insane demand”.

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Free FBVPN VPN Accounts Giveaway

My Digital Life has more free VPN accounts from FBVPN VPN service provider to give away, after the previous two rounds of FBVPN VPN accounts giveaway. This round, a total of 100 1-month VPN accounts and 5 6-month VPN accounts of FBVPN will be up for grab.

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Windows 8 Metro EIGHT Start Page (or New Tab Page) for Web Browser

The Windows 8 immersive Metro UI is started to getting popular among Windows enthusiasts, who continue to transform various components to Metro stylish interface. Web browser’s start page and new tab page is the next target. A new Windows 8 Metro style HTML web page has been created to be used as the start page and/or the new tab page of the web browser of […]

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Watch Full Length Bollywood (Hindi) Movies on YouTube BoxOffice

A fan of Bollywood Hindi movies and films? If you’re not a resident in India, and are not keen to buy DVD and Blu-ray disc or subscribe to live or on-demand streaming TV service, it’s pretty hard to find ways to watch Bollywood movies for free. Of course, unless you are downloading from pirated sources.

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Download Google Chrome 12 Final

It seems like Mozilla Firefox development team has tough hill to climb in order to beat Google in its own game, that’s rapid development cycle. Google Chrome development team has worked hard to move their popular Google Chrome browser to stable version of 12. The latest stable version of Google Chrome 12 has included lot of new features, enhancements, security updates, improvements and increased stability, […]

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How to Disable Facebook Face Recognition (Tag Suggestion) Feature

You may have observed the new feature in Facebook’s photo tagging if you have uploaded photos to Facebook recently. The new face recognition feature in Facebook can intelligently suggests the name of the friends for automatic picture tagging. The new feature is called Tag Suggestion where Facebook tries to automatically identify the faces in the uploaded photos based on the other photos where the people […]

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Auto URL Shortening Built-In in Twitter

With only 140 characters allowed in Twitter, every single character in tweeting is so precious to express the emotions and feelings adequately. Hence, URL shortening is an important feature in tweeting that allows tweeters to share URLs in their tweets. Users have been relying on third-party shortening services in the past such as and to shorten the URLs into a length that can […]

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How to Get Refund for MobileMe Subscription or Activation Codes

Steve Jobs announced during the WWDC 2011 keynote address that iCloud will be replacing MobileMe, which will be closed down by June 30, 2012, and has not been accepting new subscribers since February 2011. iCloud will be launched by Fall 2011, which many expects in September. The MobileMe boxes, Individual or Family Pack versions, which were sold in Apple Retail Stores, Apple Online Store, and […]

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Cannot Login to Skype (Network Down, Again)

Looks like Skype is crashing again, barely two weeks after the Skype network down for “a few users” and causing the Skype client app to crash on loading. This round, the Skype program does not stop working. Instead, users are unable to sign in to the network.

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Firefox Aurora 6 and Firefox 7 (x86 and x64 Builds) Download

After releasing Firefox 5 as Beta, Mozilla has officially pushed Firefox 6 into Aurora channel. Aurora channel is meant for adventurous who wants to use the advanced version of Firefox web browser, and expect some level of stability even though the software is still in development. For past one month, Firefox 5 had stayed in alpha phase and released as nightly builds.

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Google +1 Button (Plus One) Code to Install on All Websites

Google +1 Button (Plus One) Code to Install on All Websites

To compete with Facebook Like, which has been cozy with Bing, the main search competitor, Google has launched the much publicized Google +1 (plus One) button globally to any web publishers who want to include the feature on their websites. Similar to Facebook Like button, web users can use the Google +1 button to publicly show what they like, agree with, or recommend on the […]

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How to Hide and Remove “Your Most Popular Sites” in IE9 New Tab

How to Hide and Remove “Your Most Popular Sites” in IE9 New Tab

IE (Internet Explorer) web browser introduced in IE9 a “your most popular sites” feature on New Tab page to enhance usefulness of otherwise blank new tab page. When opening a new tab page, a total of 10 most frequently visited websites are displayed on the tile-based page, where the the most viewed web page is displayed for each site. Users can click on the link […]

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