Cron: Differences Between >/dev/null 2>&1 and >/dev/null

When using crontab in Linux or Unix to schedule cron jobs, the cron daemon will automatically send the output of the each and every cron job to root or email address set by MAILTO variable on the cron job. The email logs all output generated by commands in the cron job which will otherwise display on the console screen.

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How to Delink Gmail and Google Apps Email to Open In Same Browser

Gmail and Google Apps have always been two separate entity for many people who uses Gmail as personal email account, while Google Apps serve as business or company email account. Previously Gmail and Google Apps are running two different system architectures and cookies, allowing users to simultaneously login to Gmail and another email account based on Google Apps on two different tabs within same browser […]

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Skype Down and Causes Client App Crash (Stopped Working)

Skype has been in the news lately for acquisition by Microsoft at astronomical price. Some has said Microsoft will ruin Skype, and the proof seems coming too soon. Skype is now currently down for a major outage for quite a number of Skype users, especially users who are about to log into the Skype. To make matter worse, upon launching and attempting to sign into […]

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Download Firefox 5 Beta 2

It seems that the rapid development cycle for Firefox is indeed very fast. Barely a month ago when Firefox 5 and 6 was released in channel respectively, Mozilla development team has moved its next generation Firefox 5 to beta channel after several weeks on Firefox Aurora channel. Similar to the Firefox 4, this release is also includes lot of features, enhancements, security updates, stability and […]

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How to Embed Facebook Videos on Web Pages

Facebook Videos allows Facebook users to upload and share videos with their friends, with the ability to tag friends in the videos and video messaging support. Unlike other video hosting services such as Youtube, MetaCafe and Dailymotion, Facebook Videos is not meant as general video hosting site, but rather a social networking site with photo and video support. As a result, embed code is not […]

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SEO Tip – How to Choose Correct Domain Name for Search Engine Optimization

We are now living in an omnipresent Internet world that kept growing larger and larger as hundreds if not thousands of new blogs and websites are launched every day. If you’re the one who like to set up a new site and would like to choose the correct, nice as well as right domain name for your personal blog or site, taking into account SEO […]

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TemplateP2P Open Sign Up (Free “Invite Code” for All)

TemplateP2P is one of the biggest community with a focus onsite or blog templates and themes, where members share templates, themes, photographs, boxed arts, graphics, images, icons, fonts, vectors, wallpapers, scripts, 3D, animations, audios, videos, plugins, add-ons, extensions, and other HTML or CSS stuffs, mainly for illegal warez purpose. Though the TemplateP2P has the P2P in its site name, it’s not a torrent tracker, but […]

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Get Free Skype Online Number (SkypeIn) from Ring2Skype

The Skype Online Number, previously known as SkypeIn, costs a hefty price tag of USD $6 a month. The SkypeIn Online Number is essential the virtual phone number of you on Skype service, just similar to your landline or mobile number. It allows callers to call a phone number which is diverted or forwarded to your Skype account automatically, and ring your Skype client on […]

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Workarounds to Cannot Right Click and Save Pictures on Facebook

Viewing photos in Facebook has became a little convenient and elegant with the introduction of slideshow lightbox. When you click on a photo, the photo is opened in an overlay lightbox showing the photo, and also allows users to view other images and pictures in the album as slideshow.

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PHP: How to Truncate A String with Full Whole Word At the End

PHP has several functions which can truncate a string to grab a portion of the string up to certain number of characters. However, there is possibility that a word can be cut off in the middle of nowhere into two, making the separated word unintelligible. The situation is not an error, but by design, as most commands such as substr() simply return portion of string […]

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How to Underline Text in HTML (CSS Method)

In HTML, text can be easily underlined by enclosed the text with the <u> and </u> tags. However, in HTML 4.0, the <u> and </u> tags element has been depreciated. Although most web browsers will continue to support the u element to underline text, the usage of the u element makes the web pages less “pretty” in the sense of web standards compliant.

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What’s the Differences Between <em> & <i> and <strong> & <b>

Web publishers and bloggers who do not only rely on WYSIWYG editor and do all the dirty work directly at HTML coding level will notice that to make a text appears in italic style, both em and i elements can be used, while to make a text appears in boldface, both strong and b elements can be used.

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