How to Submit Reconsideration Request for “This Site May Be Compromised” by Google

Google has recently introduced a new warning “This site may be compromised” into its search engine result. The introduction of the new warning is aimed to ensure the search results presented from the search engine do originate from the pristine publisher. It  is an addition to the existing “This site may harm your computer” warning which have been accompanying Google search results. 

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Fix vBulletin Content Encoding Error (Page Cannot Be Shown)

When visiting a vBulletin community forums, especially after an upgrade or major change to the web server, the following error message may be displayed instead of showing forums proper: The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression.

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How to Hide or Remove Tagged Photos on Top of New Facebook Profile

The new Facebook profile introduces a stream of five photos that is displayed at the top of user profile. The photo streams consists of most recently tagged photos or photos from profile picture album of the user. Recently tagged photos will be shown and visible to the people selected in the “Photos and videos you’re tagged in” privacy setting (which Facebook recommends to set as […]

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How to Reset and Recover Google Apps Administrator Password

When Google Apps users (who may don’t even know that the platform is on Google Apps) forgets their password, they can always go to the system administrators of the Google Apps to reset the password. But what if Google Apps administrator forgets his or her password, especially the single sole administrator?

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Free Calls to US, UK, India, Australia, NZ, China and More on PennyTel

The Australia-based VoIP service provider, PennyTel, is offering 10 million free local, domestic, long-distance and international call minutes promotion to several popular destinations, which includes Australia, Canada, China, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and the USA.

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Free VPN (1 Month FBVPN US IP Address) Giveaway

Need a free VPN with a USA IP address? My Digital Life, in a promotion together with FBVPN, is giving away 30 paid VPN accounts to lucky visitors. FBVPN is a VPN service that provides virtual private network tunnel so that the Internet access is routed though server located in United States. Typically, VPN is used to access contents which restricted for US audience only, […]

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Fix Incorrect Username or Password Error in WordPress for iOS (iPhone or iPad)

The WordPress for iOS is an app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad which allows bloggers to compose, write, edit, manage blog posts, pages and comments with location mapping and geotagging support directly from the iDevices without having to launch a web browser. WordPress for iOS is optimized to make blogging easier on the iPhone platform.

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How to Access PHP Array and Multidimensional Nested Arrays Code Syntax

Array in PHP is used as advanced data type of ordered map that associates values to keys. In its simplest forms, an array can contain a flat list of keys and values. However, the array values can be other arrays for unlimited layers in depth. When arrays are set as values of a parent array, a two-dimensional, three-dimensional or even multidimensional nested arrays are created.

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List Child of a Parent Page in WordPress (Fix wp_list_pages child_of Not Working)

wp_list_pages() template tag in WordPress is used to display a list of WordPress Pages as links, commonly in Sidebar or Header. One of the parameters of wp_list_pages() is child_of, which supposedly restrict and force the tag to display the sub-pages (including direct descendants and recurring grandchildren) of a single Page only based on the ID integer value of the Page specified, where the value 0 […]

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How to Get Author ID and User Profile Outside WordPress Loop

Each and every blog posts and pages in WordPress is written by a author or blogger, and hence has an author ID associated with it. Within the loop, the_author_meta(‘ID’); (previously the_author_ID();) template tag and the_author(); or get_the_author(); functions can be used to retrieve, obtain or get the author ID and profile for further manipulation, though must be inside the loop of WordPress.

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How to Check Matching Pattern in URL Link with PHP

With PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) scripting language, it’s possible to check if a URL (link location) matches a specified pattern, and then if matched or unmatched, perform some operation on the URL string. PHP has several built-in pre-defined variables, chief among them is REQUEST_URI from $_SERVER array, which contains information such as headers, paths, and script locations.

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How to Disable the Please Moderate Comments Email from WordPress

Every time, when there is a comment been held for moderation, an email message will be sent by WordPress to the post or page author with the title that resembles “[Blog Name] Please moderate: “Post Name or Page Title”.

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