EgoBook – How to Make a Book from Facebook Profile

It won’t be surprising that Facebook contain great set of memories from many people’s life. Without realizing it, Facebook is in fact a diary that marks many significant events from the daily life. It would certainly a nice to travel down the memory lane by reminisce about these pasts events. Can you imagine all interactions from your Facebook wall are nicely compiled into a physical book […]

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Twitter Tweets via SMS Text for Free with HeyWire’s HeyTweets

The essence of Twitter is the ability to send and receive tweets via SMS or text on mobile phone. While receiving tweet updates notification from Twitter is free, sending a tweet to post update on Twitter will normally incur a cost or charged by carrier or use the allocation in free texts (SMSes) bundled in the mobile plan.

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How to Subscribe or Join Google Groups Without Google Account

If you visit a discussion group hosted on Google Groups via web browser, you will notice that you’re asked to sign in with a Google Account or create a new Google Account when you want to join or subscribe to the group in order to receive the mailing list.

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Activate 2-Step Verification To Enhance Google Sign In Security

When come to Internet security, users especially those who are heavily reliant on it will never compromise and always look for solution to enhance their security system to avoid being the next victim of cyber crime. For better security measures, Google has recently rolled out an advanced sign-in security which requires users to have two-step verification before accessing their Google account. This 2-step or two-factor […]

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Download Free Blogger App For Android Mobile Platform

In order to expand its free weblog publishing tool to Android platform, the world’s search giant, Google has released a new Blogger Android app for blogger users to write blog post directly from their Android based smartphones at anytime and anywhere. Similar to its desktop version, the Blogger Android app allows the users to compose blog posts with pictures and labels. Besides that, it also […]

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HomeVPN Free VPN Accounts (1 Month USA IP) Giveaway

HomeVPN is yet another VPN service provider which determined to excel itself among the competitors with reliable, secure, unfiltered and unmonitored communication service. Built on OpenVPN based SSL-VPN, HomeVPN promises low latency, which perfect for real-time content), high bandwidth of more than 1 Gbit/s and no speed limit.

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SpiderOak Online Backup and Sync Service Free 100GB Account Giveaway (Review)

When choosing how to backup, share, sync and access their data online users nowadays, consumers have quite a few choices. But if you want a service with proven security, reliability, mobile access and cross-platform availability, the choices narrow considerably. One of the services that fulfill all the criteria and also offer an unlimited amount of client installs with only one account is SpiderOak.

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FBVPN (PPTP + L2TP/IPsec VPN) Free Accounts Giveaway

My Digital Life had previously given away free FBVPN accounts. For MDL readers who crave for more, My Digital Life has partnered with FBVPN to giveaway free VPN accounts again, this time for more. A total of 100 free VPN accounts from FBVPN which valid for 1 month will be sent to the winners.

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How to Disable and Remove Gmail Web Clips and Ads

Web clips in Gmail is a single line text that displayed on top of the Gmail’s mailbox. Web clips initially is used as a auto-rotating RSS reader in Gmail to show contents from RSS feeds, but has since been expanded to include Google Ads, Gmail tips, and custom contents.

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Free VPN (VPNTraffic 1 Month Multiple Countries Accounts) Giveaway

VPNTraffic is another VPN (Virtual Private Network) service provider in the mushrooming market. The main draw of VPNTraffic is affordable, where its one month service subscription only costs $5, and subscribers have ability to pick to connect from IP addresses in US (United States), UK (United Kingdom), Australia, Russia, Japan, Italy, Spain, India, Hong Kong and Korea, been one of the most diverse choice available […]

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Free 5GB Online Backup Space from IDrive (with $10 iTunes Giftcard)

IDrive is a online backup service which allows user to backup or sync data files to the online cloud storage space. Previously, IDrive had been given free 2GB of online backup storage space to customers who sign up for IDrive Basic plan. The free disk space has since been increased to 5GB (a little lesser than free 5.5 GB from SugarSync), and to make the […]

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Free 5.5 GB Online Storage Space at SugarSync for Cloud Backup and Sync

People who is looking for free online cloud-based backup and synchronization storage space can now get 5.5 GB from SugarSync, free of charge. SugarSync is competitor and alternative to other online storage space and sync service providers especially DropBox,, MobileMe, IDrive, Carbonite and Mozy.

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