Microsoft has released Knowledge Base Article ID 931573 (KB931573) update which some pirated Windows Vista users who crack the activation with 2099 crack reported that the patch has failed and no longer workable after the upload was downloaded and installed. It also mentioned that majority of Vista cracks have been disabled. Good news is that most users face no problem after installing KB931573, and cracked activation or timer locked in Windows Vsita should not break. If you consent of the possible effect of the KB931573 hotfix, simply skip it and do not install when prompted by Automatic Updates.

According to Microsoft, KB931573 hotfix update is meant to address problem of you’re been prompted to activate Windows Vista on a computer on which Windows Vista activation was not previously required, especially after you install a device driver, install a program, run a new program or remove a program. The problem occurs because a specific system setting is removed when a program runs with administrative credentials and then cause a BIOS validation check which is part of the system activation process to fail. Therefore, you may be prompted to activate Windows Vista again. KB831573 update package is meant to prevent this error and to solve the activation error if you have been prompted to activate Windows Vista, and you have not or have used the product key to manually activate Windows Vista (this situation where you have tried to activate again will need you to activate by phone).

If you need the fix, you can download the Update for Windows Vista (KB931573) package or download the Update for Windows Vista for 64-bit Systems (KB931573) package.

So, it seems like a joke if you have installed the KB931573 update hotfix and your activation has been invalidated and inoperable, as it’s completely opposite and contradict with the intention and motive of the KB931573 patch update. However, if it does happen, it’s most likely a coincident, though you most likely simply need to reapply the Vista crack. Here what’s your can do to remedy or remove it.

  1. Rearm or reinstall Windows Vista at year 2099 (or any future year trick). Change back the date from within Vista after performing the 2099 trick.
  2. Download TimerStop v2a or TimeStop.exe v2 (automated installer for TimerStop crack, both are more advanced version of TimerStop.sys), and follow the instructions to apply the patch.
  3. After restart the computer, if Vista prompt a warning message in the notification area or system tray that a program was trying to run at startup, allow it. It was actually crack the autorun.
  4. Check with “slmgr.vbs -dlv” command to verify the the timer has stopped.

If you reinstall Windows Vista from fresh, and want to download and install all Windows Updates for Windows Vista, skip KB931573 and KB929391 (Vista validation update) first. Reboot the computer and then you can safely apply all updates, except KB929391 which should be avoided at all cost.