Software BIOS emulator or emulation crack is an easy way to activate Windows Vista instantly and permanently, without the need to actually flash a modified BIOS into the motherboard ROM. The initial release of softmod.iso or softmod-l.iso CD image file is emulating BIOS with ASUS OEM ID in the SLIC and RSDT tables of ACPI module. However, this can be easily changed to other OEM brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony and Acer. To modify the vstaldr.img inside the softmod.iso BIOS emulation crack that is loaded by vstaldr, a GRUP multiboot boot loader (GRand Unified Bootloader), the simple steps are listed below.

If you want to try to manually modify the ISO BIOS crack patch yourself, here’s the step, else skip to the below for direct download link to various softmod.iso software BIOS emulator for popular OEMs.

  1. Download UltraISO.
  2. Download the original ASUS-based softmod.iso (softmod-l.iso).
  3. Use UltraISO to open the softmod-l.iso.
  4. Enter into \data directory, and extract vstaldr.img image file.
  5. Open the vstaldr.img file.
  6. Download the SLIC.bin (or ACPISLIC.bin) of the OEM that you want to use.
  7. Rename the ACPISLIC.bin or any other name of the SLIC BIOS file for the OEM to SLIC.bin.
  8. Replace the original SLIC.bin inside the vstaldr.img file with the new SLIC.bin just downloaded for the OEM brand you want.
  9. Save the vstaldr.img.
  10. Download the corresponding OEM certificate for the OEM brand you choose.
  11. Use UltraISO to open softmod.iso again, then save the new vstaldr.img and OEMCERT.XRM-MS (name varies according to which OEM) into softmod.iso, replacing the original files.
  12. Save the softmod.iso.

If you think the above steps is too troublesome, here is the softmod.ISO for popular OEM brands that already been modified and usable. Simply follow the usage instruction listed here to use the crack to activation Windows Vista immediately. Remember that you have to use the correct OEM certificates and product key (cd-key.txt) for the OEM you choose.

Acer (softmod-l-ACER.iso)
ASUS (softmod-l-ASUS.iso)
Dell (softmod-l-DELL.iso)
HP (softmod-l-HP.iso)
Lenovo (softmod-l-HP.iso)
Sony (softmod-l-SONY.iso)

New: Vista Loader 2.0 softmod OEM BIOS

Disclaimer: This article is for educational and informational purpose only.