Windows 7Despite the fact that Microsoft is now proposing to release full functionality Windows 7 with web browser “Ballot Screen” option for European Economic Area (EEA) customers, the original proposal, Windows 7 E which disables and removes Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), has been prepared with RTM of Windows 7.

Note: Standard Windows 7 will be published and distributed to European end-users unless regardless of European Commission decision on the new Ballot Screen proposal, which will render Windows 7 E obsolete and cease to exist.

Anyway, the official and original untouched Microsoft DVD ISO images for Windows 7 Ultimate E RTM Build 7600.16385 have been leaked to be downloaded via BitTorrent (BT) network. Windows 7 E RTM has the complete full build string of 6.1.7600.16385.090713-1255, and it’s essentially the same with a normal standard Windows 7 SKU, except that IE has been disabled and dropped (not included).

Windows 7 E SKU is available in following editions: Windows 7 Starter E, Windows 7 Home Premium E, Windows 7 Professional E, and Windows 7 Ultimate E. The leaked DVD ISO images of Windows 7 E RTM will install Windows 7 Ultimate E by default. However, it’s possible to enable installation of any other editions of Windows 7 E with simple hack.

Download Windows 7 Ultimate E RTM 32-bit (x86) Retail English DVD ISO Image

File Name: 7600.16385.090713-1255_x86fre_cliente_en-us_Retail_UltimateE-GRMCEULFRER_EN_DVD.iso
Size:2,500,075,520 byte


Download Windows 7 Ultimate E RTM 64-bit (x64) Retail English DVD ISO Image

File Name: 7600.16385.090713-1255_x64fre_cliente_en-us_Retail_UltimateE-GRMCEULXFRER_EN_DVD.iso
Size:3,223,410,688 byte


Also available for download is Windows 7 RTM x86 and x64 ISO images, Windows 7 RTM MUI language packs with localization packs, both supports Windows 7 E versions too.

The Windows 7 E RTM ISOs are leaked by and the SHA1 and CRC checksum hash values are the same with official Microsoft ISO SHA-1 and MD5 checksum hash, indicating the ISO is genuine, legitimate, original, untouched and unmodified by anybody else.

In European Economic Area (EEA which includes UK), some retailers may carry Windows 7 N too. Windows 7 does not include Windows Media Player and its related technologies, and will not include Internet Explorer browser too like Windows 7 E. User may download KB968771 IE Feature Pack add-on to install IE8 on the installed system.

Similar with other Windows 7 RTM versions, the RC or Beta product keys no longer accepted. But user can still rearm Windows 7 for 120 days free usage without activation. More information and FAQ about Windows 7 is available.