Can’t wait to upgrade to Windows 9, which is expected to be released by spring 2015? Well, you may enjoy great deal if you’re the early adopter of Windows 9, which is codenamed Windows Threshold during development. According to claims by WZOR, the famous leaker for Windows operating system, Windows 9 may be available for free for some Windows 8.1 users, while costs as little as $20 (most likely $19.99) for Windows 8 and other OEM versions that come pre-installed on PC.

WZOR tweeted that Windows 8.1 users will be able to take advantage of a special offer to upgrade to Windows 9, where in some cases it will be free (we speculate that free upgrade will be available to those who buy Windows 8.1 systems nearer to Windows 9 general availability launch date, although Microsoft charged $19.99 for new Windows 7 systems to upgrade to Windows 8 previously).

In separate tweet, WZOR also claimed that customers who purchased the retail or OEM version of Windows 8 will be entitled to upgrade to Windows 9 for just $20. This is even cheaper than Windows 8 upgrade offer which priced at $40, though the later was available for all systems running any previous versions of Windows.

WZOR has been patchy in accuracy when predicting news about Windows 9 release lately, but they’re pretty accurate about the general information on upcoming Windows OS. In fact, free or cheap upgrade offers are nothing new to Microsoft, which offered them in various forms during the initial launch of Windows Vista and Windows 8. In fact, all Windows 8 users get to upgrade to Windows 8.1 for free. Microsoft is expected to be even more ‘generous’ with Windows 9 in order to spur the adoption on Windows 9, which strives to fix the ire and concerns of people about Windows 8. So the discount on Windows 9 may ultimately available to almost everybody.

No other specifics been detailed by WZOR. So let’s hope that possibly Microsoft can offer Windows 9 for free to all Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users, especially those who bought the OS at retail price, which costs more than $100.