Windows 7 (SeVen) Feature Preview: “Surface” Multi-Touch and Gesture Video Demonstration

Microsoft has keeping a tight lips on the new features that going to be added to Windows 7 (download Windows 7 M1), the upcoming next generation Windows operating system replacing Windows Vista, although there is already leaked screen shots of Windows 7 based on build 6159 M1 version. And one of the only one feature of Windows 7 (or Seven) that Microsoft publicly committed to […]

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Free Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008 Product Key for Activation

Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008 is a complete accounting product/solution from Microsoft which formerly known as Small Business Accounting. The accounting software is targeted at small business between 1 to 25+ employees, and helps the company manages everyday financial tasks, get organized, reported with complete business view and grow the business online.

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Turn Off and Disable Windows XP Built-in ZIP Support and Compressed Folders

Windows XP has built-in ZIP support to unzip or uncompressing ZIP archives or files, and also to allow users to compress or zip files and folders as a zip package or Compressed Folder. Beside, in Windows Explorer folder tree, the Compressed Folder which is actually a zip file is treated as directory and displayed as a folder too, thus the folder tree contains both sub-folder […]

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Official Download Link for Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) RC2 (v.3311) Standalone Install Package and Windows Update Registry Keys

Official Download Link for Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) RC2 (v.3311) Standalone Install Package and Windows Update Registry Keys

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Release Candidate 2 (XP SP3 RC2) has been released for free download on Microsoft Download Center for public testing. The Windows XP SP3 RC 2 has a build version that is different slightly from the previously leaked XP SP3 RC2 update package, which has the version number of 3300. The official XP SP3 RC2 build version number is 5.1.2500.3311 with […]

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Windows 7 (Blackcomb/Vienna) Screenshots and Video Demo Clips

Busy familiarizing with Windows Vista? The successor to Windows Vista, with internal codename as Windows 7 (previously known as Blackcomb and Vienna) has also been in development stage by Microsoft, with rumored release date targeted at late 2009. But with Microsoft’s records, the date will definitely delay. But it doesn’t stop Microsoft to send out the first known build of Windows 7, named Milestone 1 […]

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How to Fix Shrinking Disk Space in Vista

Do you ever wondering why the free disk space on your system drive (typically C:\ drive) always shrinking and become lesser and lesser? Even without installing new programs or downloading big files from Internet, the used space in local disk drive been increasing and become larger without reason, even uninstalling some software programs does not help to reduce or control amount of space used.

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Shadow Copy and Salvage Previous Versions of Files in Windows 2000/XP/Vista with FileHamster

When the world is using Novell NetWare network operating system (NOS), the NetWare File System keeps track and make copies of each and every deleted, altered, edited or modified files and documents as long as there is space on the hard drive, and allows users to salvage any files and folders that they accidentally deleted or modified. Windows Server NT and Active Directory networking doesn’t […]

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Adobe Reader for Acrobat PDF 8.1.2 Direct Download Links via HTTP

Adobe Reader, the free reader and viewer for Adobe Acrobat or PDF documents has been upgraded to version 8.1.2. The latest and newest version can be download from Adobe website. If you prefer to download straight away, here’s direct download links to download Adobe Reader 8.1.2 setup installation executable directly from Adobe file server.

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Show Desktop Keyboard Shortcut

Many users place important shortcuts and files on desktop, and thus require frequent access to Windows desktop to access and run these shortcuts or files and folders. There is “Show Desktop” shell command in the Quick Launch Bar, which users can click to show the desktop instantly. For those who don’t use Quick Launch bar or prefer a keyboard shortcut, there is a faster way […]

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Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Release Notes

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Release Notes contains important information that all Vista users who want to upgrade to SP1 should know prior to deploying and installing the update on their operating system. The Vista SP1 Release Notes, now version 2.0 to differentiate that it’s for RTM or official final release of SP1 instead of from beta and release candidate editions. The release notes also […]

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Fix Windows XP and 2003 Require Activation on Every Boot Even After Activated Error

In Windows XP Home Edition, Professional Edition and Windows Server 2003, all Standard, Enterprise, Web Edition, users may encounter a strange error where Windows system will prompt users to activate Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Windows Server 2003 every time users start the computer, even though the system has been successfully activated previously. Worse still, if users answer Yes in order to activate Windows again, […]

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Download Windows XP Service Pack 3 RC1 v3244 Standalone Installer from Microsoft Download Center

Other than hack to install Windows XP SP3 Release Candidate 1 via Windows Update, Microsoft also released the standalone installer setup package for Windows XP SP3 RC 1 which can be downloaded for free from Microsoft Download Center. The near-final release is general public testing version, and not restricted to MSDN and Technet members exclusity, and provides performance boost, stability improvement and security fixes.

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