AntiSpam Bee Review – Best Free Akismet Alternative for WordPress

Akismet by Automattic is a anti-spam service which protects blogs, forums and websites from comment, pingback and trackback spams. It shipped with each and every WordPress installation by default as a plugin, and has been the major contributor in reducing web spams. Unfortunately, officially Akismet is only free for personal weblogs which no ads placement. If you have even one ad block or affiliate link […]

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Pandora Personalized Online Radio Service Gets Comedy Material

Great news for Pandora listeners! The leading provider of highly-popular personalized automated music recommendation Internet radio service, Pandora has expanded its online radio service with the new addition of comedy material, which is powered by Comedy Genome Project team, in order to enhance users radio listening experience. The new addition continues the essence that applied to its music stations – Pandora’s comedy stations also can […]

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Track and Find Stolen Camera Free Online Service

There is a number of helpful services for helping users to locate their stolen handsets and laptops on the market. How about the stolen or lost digital camera? Here is an interesting Web service created by Matt Burns, dubbed as Stolen Camera Finder, which is designed to help trace your missing or stolen camera by seeking for photos captured by that camera.

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Free Fonts to Design Professional Web Pages With Google Web Fonts

Looking for high-quality web fonts to make up a professional web page designs? Then you can use Google Font API. Google Font API is a open source project from Google, which has been designed to provide the developers a choice of high-quality open source fonts, which also works in most of the browsers.

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Migrate and Upload Videos from Google Video to Youtube Directly

Google had initially plan to stop hosting and playbacks of videos on Google Video from April 29, 2011, but has since reversed course to allow vidoes that have already been uploaded to Google Video to stay and continue to be usable, and any embed code to Google Video will continue to work and playable.

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Create Disposable Email Address Using Mailinator

You might encounter situations where you need to provide the email address in order to access particular downloads, especially from public forums or product evaluations. Although providing the email address is not so big of a problem, but there is a concern about the email addresses being sold or shared to the spam vendors. Therefore, isn’t it good if the personal email address is being […]

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Tracking Protection Lists (TPL) for IE9 to Block Ads Trackers

Tracking Protection is a new feature in IE9 which gives users more controls on protecting personal data and privacy by blocking online tracking items such as tracking scripts, web bugs, information collectors, cookies and etc. Tracking Protection in IE9 supports two methods of privacy protection. The primary method is the use of Tracking Protection Lists (TPL) which acts as “Do Not Call” list and normally […]

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When visiting some websites or even when opening and closing Windows Live Messenger main Contacts window or instant messaging chat window, a pop-up prominently displays logo and asks user to take a survey will be automatically appeared randomly. Sometimes, the pop-up is shown after user clicks to close the auto expanding overlay in-text contextual ads from

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How To Find A Match In Input String In C# And Visual Basic With Regex.IsMatch

Visual Studio .Net is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft which has been designed to support .Net Framework. The .Net Framework is a base class library (BCL) which includes common functions such as file reading and writing, database interaction, XML document manipulation, graphic rendering and etc. One of useful method that allows to find a match in input string is Regex.IsMatch, which return true […]

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Amazon Kindle Library Lending Allows Borrowing Books

Amazon is partnering with OverDrive to offer a new dimension of library borrowing experience through a new feature dubbed as Kindle Library Lending, which is designed to allow millions of Kindle customers to borrow Kindle books from more than 11,000 public and educational libraries nationwide for easy reading on full-range of Kindle e-book readers and free Kindle apps.

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Download T-Mobile Bobsled App To Enable Voice Calling on Facebook Chat

T-Mobile has launched a free downloadable, Vivox-powered Bobsled application for Facebook, which the mobile carrier claims as the first VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) product under its new Bobsled by T-Mobile brand aimed at bringing communications services innovation to a new level. This Bobsled app is designed to enable an instant, free-of-charge Facebook calling among over half a billion Facebook users around the globe, right […]

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Gmail Smart Recipients Suggestion and Correction Features Live for All

Google has made a pair of smart recipients suggestion features graduated from the experimental Gmail Labs and live to every Gmail users. Dubbed as Don’t forget Bob and Got the wrong Bob? in Gmail Labs, both features intend to help to prevent Gmail users from making two common mistakes of forgetting to include someone on an email, and sending a message to the wrong person […]

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