How to Connect and Use USB External Hard Drive on iPad

The iPad does not include any USB port on the device itself, but Apple does offer iPad accessory named iPad Camera Connection Kit accessory (at additional price, of course) which kind of like port converter that gives users a USB port, and SD card reader. The USB port on iPad Camera Connection Kit can actually works like a normal USB port, in addition to its […]

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Asus Eee PC 1215N With Dual-Core Atom, Nvidia Ion And Optimus Graphics Technology

Typically Netbook has been perceived as under-powered especially when comes to handle graphics intensive and multimedia applications. If you are waiting for ‘mainstream’ netbook with relatively good hardware specification, here could be a good option that you can consider. Categorized under Asus Eee family, the newly announced 1215N series will be featured with dual-core Atom processor and what makes it more compelling is the Nvidia […]

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Apple’s iPad International Pricing And Availability On May 28th

Good news for those that are located in other geographic areas (other than United States) and would like to get their first hand on Apple’s iPad, the Cupertino based company has announced that the long waiting iPad will be reaching other nine countries on May 28th, making it available for official purchase together with pre-order and initial pricing information.

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Samsung Plans Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A9 Processor Due By 2012/2013

ARM architecture based processor is monopolizing smartphone market and is on way trying to penetrate into much CPU intensive netbook market. While it may have drawback of Windows Operating System compatibility but with the popularity of Linux flavors Operating Systems such as Android or Moblin, it does have advantages in terms of pricing and thermally efficient performance per watt gain with ability to integrate more […]

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Intel N450 Based Classmate PC Targeted For Educational Purpose

Previously we mentioned about Intel second generation Classmate PC being released during last year CES, now the giant chipmaker has refreshed a newer and much powerful version based on its relatively newer Atom N450 processor. Running at 1.66GHz maximum clock speed, the Atom design is paired with NM10 IOH (I/O Hub) as a two-chip solution suitable for smaller form factor and low power requirements, with […]

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Sharp Refreshes Freescale i.MX515 based NetWalker PC-T1 Tablet PC

Apple newly released iPad has created a new wave of keyboard-less tablet PC among consumer space. And in order to follow the trend, there are some handheld makers that actually refreshed and came out with new series of tablet PC, hoping to compete and gain some market shares in this competitive world. Similarly to Sharp, the famous Japanese handheld device maker has just added a […]

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Via Nano E-Series Processors with SSE4, VT and PadLock Technology for Embedded Markets

Previously we mentioned about Via Nano 3000 that boasts with 2GHz with SSE4 and VT (Virtualization Technology), now seems that the fabless processor maker has came out with a new refresh series with intention to compete against Intel famous Atom processor especially in embedded market. Named as Nano E-series, there are SKUs available ranging from minimum of 800MHz with up to maximum of running clock […]

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Via Refreshs New Artigo Kit Powered By Nano U2500 At $243

Previously we mentioned about Artigo Pico-ITX based builder kit that was based on Via C7 processor, now seems that the fabless company has upgraded to a newer board version, Artigo A1100 with a much powerful Via’s Nano processor targeted for embedded and space constraint PC applications.

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Intel Light Peak As Successor For USB 3.0 Due In 2011

USB 3.0 is not really getting sufficient traction with no official chipset support from Intel Corp and consumers will have to opt for alternative solutions by using third party add-on or plug-in card in order to enjoy such features. While you may wonder what the next steps the giant chipmaker will take, the recent IDF event held in Beijing may have some clue for you. […]

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MacBook Pro 13″, 15″ and 17″ with Intel Core-i5 and Core-i7 CPU (Prices & Specs)

MacBook Pro, the portable notebook computer from Apple, has finally received the much-awaited refresh with updated system hardware specifications. The updated spring 2010 models of MacBook Pro features latest Intel Core i5 and Core i7 CPU processors to improve processing speed and prolong batter life. MacBook Pro continues to be available in 3 models –

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How to Fix iPad Wi-Fi Cannot Connect to Wireless Access Point Problem

Owners of iPad tablet PC device may encounter wireless connection problem where iPad may not automatically rejoin a known Wi-Fi network after restarting or waking from sleep. Normally, after connecting to a wireless access point (AP), a computer, and iPad, can reconnect and rejoin the WiFi network automatically as long as the AP still has same SSID, encryption method and security key.

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HTC Patented Dual Touch Screen Control Mechanism for Tablet PC Design

We have seen HTC’s innovative patent idea on how to use stylus on capacitive touch screen, now the Taiwanese company has added a new idea surrounding the touch screen technology aiming to let consumers enjoy much pleasurable reading and control experience on tablet PC.

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