Visual Studio 2010 Express Free Download

Visual Studio 2010 Express is a set of free tools from Visual Studio product line which offers new integrated development environment, a new editor built in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and support for the new .NET Framework 4 for non-professional developers like hobbyists, students and novice developers who want to build dynamic Windows applications, Web sites, and Web services. In essence, Visual Studio 2010 Express […]

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Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Premium, Professional and Team Foundation Server Torrent Downloads

Visual Studio 2010 is the latest version of integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft, which offers C/C++ (via Visual C++), VB.NET (via Visual Basic .NET), and C# (via Visual C#) programming languages. Microsoft releases various RTM editions of pre-activated Visual Studio 2010 ISO images with integrated product key to MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) subscribers, which can be installed and used right away without any need […]

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Master Product Key to Upgrade Activate Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Premium and Professional

The Visual Studio 2010 has just been released, but have apparently been cracked or hacked, thanks to the generic master product key that been used by Microsoft to integrate into pre-activated Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Premium and Professional setup installers in ISO image formats, which is been released to MSDN subscribers, and some editions to WebsiteSpark, BizSpark and DreamSpark participants.

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Download Visual Studio 2010 (Official ISO Direct Download Links and Price Lists)

Microsoft has launched the final RTM release of Visual Studio 2010, which will be available in three (3) editions, namely Ultimate, Professional and Premium. In addition, there are also a Visual Studio Test Professional 2010, a specialized toolset for QA (quality assurance) test execution; Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010, which streamlines and automates software delivery process for all team members; and Visual Studio 2010 […]

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Windows Phone 7 Developer Training Kit Free Download

In effort to encourage Windows Phone Developers to get start on the Windows Phone 7 which was announced by Microsoft last month, Microsoft has recently released Windows Phone 7 Training Kit to Windows Phone developers who want to get started to develop applications for latest Windows Phone operating system. The training kit provides developers with a step-by-step explanation of the tools to use and some […]

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Download iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta To Develop Applications For iPad

After launching its latest multi-touch iPad, Apple has released its iPhone SDK 3.2 beta for developers to start developing applications for iPad. The iPhone SDK 3.2 beta is being designed to include all the necessary tools which allow the developers to start developing and optimizing iPhone OS applications for iPad. The iPhone SDK 3.2 beta is only available for iPhone Developer Program members.

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Silverlight 4 Training Course Free Download

Microsoft Silverlight is a web application framework which provides similar functionality to Adobe Flash that has been integrated with multimedia, graphics, animations and interactivity into a single run environment. In effort to encourage more users in exploring the latest version of Silverlight 4 Beta, Microsoft is now giving away Silverlight 4 Training Course in a single executable (exe) file format for those who interested to […]

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Optimize and Increase MySQL Responsiveness and Performance with max_write_lock_count

MySQL Server is one of the most popular relationship database management system (RDBMS) that runs as a server providing multi-user access to databases. MySQL executes INSERT and UPDATE SQL (table write) statements with higher priority when comparing with SELECT (table read) SQL commands. The behavior may cause bottleneck or deadlock on some type of databases, such as MyISAM engine databases, which requires table lock.

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Adobe ColdFusion 9 Enterprise Free Download (Academic Offer)

Adobe ColdFusion is a commercial rapid application development platform which enables software application developers to rapidly build enterprise-ready rich Internet applications. Adobe ColdFusion includes an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) full scripting language which syntx resembles HTML closely, but comparable to the scripting components of ASP, JSP, and PHP in purpose and features.

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Adobe Flex Builder 3 Pro for Education Free Download

Adobe Flex Builder 3, which to be renamed to Adobe Flash Builder 4 when new version is released in 2010, is an Eclipse based integrated development tool (IDE) enabling intelligent coding, interactive step-through debugging, and visual design of user interface layout, appearance, and behavior of rich Internet applications (RIAs) and cross-platform desktop applications (with the help of AIR), especially on Adobe Flex platform.

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Download Kodu PC Games Creator to Develop Games

Targeted particularly at young kids and PC gamers, Microsoft has lately released the public Beta game creation tool from Xbox to the PC, codenamed Kodu, and offers it to gaming enthusiasts to download for free. Kodu, another Microsot Research project, which was known as Boku previously, is a visual programming language made specifically for gamers to create their own games apart from just playing the […]

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Ocster Backup Free for Security of Documents

Users are mostly aware that important data without proper backup in the computer could spell disaster in the event the computer stops working or call it quits. Be prepared for the inevitable tragedy if you don’t want to fall into a situation whereby a multitude of data and files suddenly go missing. If you find backup software applications generally difficult to use or too complicated […]

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