Windows Phone 7 Training Kit (RTM Refresh) Free Download

Besides releasing the , Microsoft has also released RTM Refresh version of Windows Phone 7 Training Kit. The Windows Phone 7 Training Kit (RTM Refresh) is being designed for developers to jumpstart into the new Windows Phone world by providing a comprehensive explanation of the tools and some key concepts for programming Windows Phone. As compared to previous version of , the RTM refresh version […]

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Download Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools RTW Final Release

Windows Phone 7 is a latest mobile operating system from Microsoft, which is scheduled to release by October 2010. In order to encourage developers to get started developing awesome applications and games for Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has recently released the final release of Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools RTW (Release to Web). The Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools has been designed to include a […]

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Download Free Visual Studio 2010 Keybinding Posters

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is the latest integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft which can be used to develop console and graphics user interface applications for Windows applications, web applications, Window Mobile applications and etc. In an effort for help Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 developers to improve their productivity, Microsoft Visual Studio team has released Visual Studio 2010 Keybinding Posters for Visual Basic, Visual C#, […]

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SQL Azure Getting Started Guide eBook Free Download

SQL Azure Database is a cloud based relational database service from Microsoft. In order to provide detailed information for those who plan to get started with SQL Azure, Microsoft is now releasing “Getting Started with SQL Azure” guideline in DOCX format. This guideline provides details information on how to sign up for SQL Azure and how to get started creating SQL Azure servers and databases.

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How To Perform Scheduled Backups For SQL Server 2005 Express In Windows 7

If you are looking for the way on how to perform schedule backup of your SQL Server Express 2005 in Windows 7, which has been drastically redesigned and different from , then the guide below may be one of the solutions. SQL Server 2005 Express edition is a free version of SQL Server 2005 which lacks of scheduling backups feature. To overcome this limitation, you […]

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Adobe Flash Builder 4 Free Download with Serial Number

Adobe Flash Builder 4, which is the new brand name and successor of Adobe Flex Builder 3, is an integrated development environment (IDE) built on the Eclipse platform which is designed to help software developers rapidly develop cross-platform rich Internet applications (RIA) and desktop applications using the open source Flex framework, particularly on the Adobe Flash platform. Adobe Flash Builder 4 has been included as […]

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Download Free Microsoft Tag Implementation Guidelines (Official Download Link)

In effort to encourage users to learn how to successfully create and print its Microsoft Tag which already been off of beta version, Microsoft is now releasing “Microsoft Tag Implementation Guidelines” in PDF and XPS Format to anyone who want to learn more about the implementation of Microsoft Tag. This implementation guidelines describes practical considerations for the successful implementation of Microsoft Tag high-capacity color bar […]

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Download Android 2.2 SDK To Develop Apps on Android Froyo Platform

After launching its latest Android 2.2 (codenamed Froyo) at the Google I/O 2010 conference in San Fancisco, Google has released its Android 2.2 SDK for developers to start developing applications or testing apps on the Android 2.2 platform. The Android 2.2 platform has been improved with new user features, platform technologies, developer services and developer APIs for users and developers.

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Microsoft Office 2010 Developer Training Kit Free Download

In effort to encourage the developers to get started developing solutions on the Office 2010 which already been released for MSDN and TechNet subscribers, Microsoft has also released the Office 2010 Developer Training Kit to application developers who want to get started developing solutions anything from add-ins to full featured Office Business Applications (OBAs) by using Visual Studio 2010 with Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 as […]

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Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 eBook Free Download

In order to point out the new and improvement in the latest version of SQL Server 2008 Release 2 (R2), Microsoft press is now giving away “Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2” digital e-book in PDF and XPS format. This book is authored by Ross Mistry (technical architect at the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Silicon) and Stacia Misner (the founder of Data Inspirations).

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How to Change Integrated Product Key in Visual Studio Installer

When installing Visual Studio of any versions – Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010, the setup installer does not prompt for any input of product key, serial number or registration code. The bypass of asking for a product key during installation may bring some inconvenience to certain users.

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Download .NET Framework 4 Standalone Setup Installer (Direct Link)

.NET Framework 4 (or .NET 4) is the latest version of .NET software framework from Microsoft, which includes a large library of coded solutions to common programming algorithms and a virtual machine that manages the execution of programs written specifically for the framework. Microsoft has officially brought .NET Framework 4 out of beta or release candidate phase, and released as final RTM version. End-users must […]

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