How to Broadcast Slideshow Online Using PowerPoint 2010

During a virtual presentation, the presenter usually sends out the PowerPoint file to the audience in advance or use web conferencing tool such as WebEx, Microsoft Live meeting and etc. However, virtual presentation can be simpler by just using the SlideShow Broadcast feature in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 without the need to send the PPT file or to share it via web conferencing tool. The only […]

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How to Disable Facebook Face Recognition (Tag Suggestion) Feature

You may have observed the new feature in Facebook’s photo tagging if you have uploaded photos to Facebook recently. The new face recognition feature in Facebook can intelligently suggests the name of the friends for automatic picture tagging. The new feature is called Tag Suggestion where Facebook tries to automatically identify the faces in the uploaded photos based on the other photos where the people […]

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Auto URL Shortening Built-In in Twitter

With only 140 characters allowed in Twitter, every single character in tweeting is so precious to express the emotions and feelings adequately. Hence, URL shortening is an important feature in tweeting that allows tweeters to share URLs in their tweets. Users have been relying on third-party shortening services in the past such as and to shorten the URLs into a length that can […]

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Steps to Synchronize Firefox Data using Firefox Sync

If you are already using the Firefox 4 browser, Firefox Sync is a feature that you must not missed. Firefox Sync was a feature available in previous Firefox versions via an extension known as Mozilla Weave. The new Firefox Sync synchronizes the data in Firefox browser such as bookmarks, browsing history, passwords and the previously opened tabs to different computers or mobile devices. Do not […]

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Create Disposable Email Address Using Mailinator

You might encounter situations where you need to provide the email address in order to access particular downloads, especially from public forums or product evaluations. Although providing the email address is not so big of a problem, but there is a concern about the email addresses being sold or shared to the spam vendors. Therefore, isn’t it good if the personal email address is being […]

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UMPlayer – Media Player with YouTube & SHOUTcast Streaming

With the expansion of various media formats such as AAC, AC3, ASF, Matroska, AVI, DIVX, FLV, H.263, MOV, MP3, MP4, MPEG, OGG, QT, RealMedia, VOB, Vorbis, WAV, WMA, WMV and etc, users are troubled with the need to install multiple media players with different codecs in order to enjoy the downloaded medias. On the other hand, some users may opt to look for a powerful […]

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AVG Mobilation – Security App for Android Phones & Tablets

Have you been doing many online banking transactions via your Android tablets or worrying about the safety about secrets stored in your Android-based tablet? Fear no more as AVG Technologies – the famous company for anti-virus and internet security solution has just launched AVG Mobilation – AVG’s world’s first security app designed specifically for Android tablets. AVG Mobilation is a successor of the previously introduced AVG Antivirus app […]

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Protect Web Browser using BitDefender TrafficLight

As web browser is the primary utility used by all Internet users, it is often vulnerable to attacks from various malicious threats. For instance, drive-by download is the most common malware-delivery vehicle where systems are getting infected without user’s knowledge during web browsing. Instead of recovering a malware-compromised system, isn’t it a better idea to prevent the infection at the first place? The TrafficLight introduced by Romania-based […]

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Download VMware View Client App for iPad

Have you ever imagine administering Windows operating system virtually from iPad? Or perhaps using iPad to connect to a computer machines safely over the Internet? Here’s the good news for you if you have been thinking about the aforementioned questions. VMware has recently launched VMware View Client App – the iPad application that brings the secure connectivity in between mobile users and the virtual desktops.

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Free AVG Antivirus for Android Devices

With the rapid growing of Android-powered gadgets such as Android smartphones, tablets and etc, this population of devices has become lucrative targets for the financially-motivated cyber criminals. For instance, Google have recently found a couple dozens of Android apps infected with the notorious rootkit malware – “DroidDream” that could steal private information from the Android gadgets. Although Google acted to remove such apps from Google’s Android Market immediately […]

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How to Get Food Recipe Using the New Google Search Filter

Having headaches in figuring out the perfect recipe for your friends and family? Google is introducing Recipe View – the new and convenient way to look up the recipes that match your requirements. Technically, Recipe View is a new search filter type based on the rich snippets markup that consists of Microdata, Microformats and Resource Description Framework attributes (RDFa).

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How to Order Windows 7 SP1 DVD Disc Media

Microsoft has officially released Windows 7 Service Pack 1 RTM comprising the previously released security patches, performance and stability updates. There are a few convenient ways to obtain this service pack via online mode, including direct download from Microsoft Download Center or just allow the Windows Update to take care the service pack installation automatically.

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