TomTom Announces Free Update Of Its iPhone Navigation App

Great news for users of TomTom’s popular iPhone GPS navigation application! The global leading provider of navigation solution, TomTom has announced that it will update its iPhone navigation app with major improvements and new features for free, including lane guidance, text-to-speech, iPod control, “Help Me!” and customizable audio warnings, aiming to ensure users always have the best navigation experience.

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High-Definition and Multi-Recipient Translation via Tele Scouter System

Language is a tool to access information and communicate ideas. As mastering a foreign language is no walk in the park for many people, translation technology and devices can be invaluable for the linguistically challenged. Is it necessary to take years to learn a foreign language? For a country like Japan where Japanese dominates, technology provides the solution.

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The Google Story

Eleven years of history is not really long but the achievement recorded by Google is a formidable feat by any standard. The success story of the Internet giant is fascinating to many and Google has released a two-minute video via Google UK Channel highlighting Google’s milestones: from Stanford to Mountain View and around the world, featuring many different products, starting with BackRub (Search) up to […]

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Solar Photovoltaic Energy System and Installation Cost in Declining Trend

Solar energy is one of the most preferred way of harnessing energy but still there are some technical roadblocks such as system efficiency and cost which appears to be an expensive solution as compared to other solutions. However, you may not aware that the cost of PV (Photovoltaic) systems had actually dropped tremendously as compared to when it was ten years ago. According to the […]

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Wi-Fi Direct Enabling Wi-Fi Devices Connect To One Another In “Wi-Fi Network”

Just wanna share a terrific innovation for Wi-Fi industry which seems going to put Bluetooth to death. Wi-Fi-enabled devices will soon be able to move content and share applications without having to join a traditional home, office or hotspot wireless network before able to communicating between devices themselves, thanks to the upcoming Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct program. The groundbreaking Wi-Fi Direct can enable Wi-Fi devices […]

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Innovative Way of Changing Tiles Colors Ideal for Greener Environment

In Physics, we learned that white surface can be used to reflect heat whereas a dark surface is ideal to absorb heat and that is how it has been reflected on the tiles color design and implementation targeted for different seasons and environment conditions. While the white and shining tiles is suitable to reflect heat during summer season, and the dark color tiles are ideal […]

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Michael Jackson “This Is It” Single Song and Movie Trailer

Michael Jackson may have passed away, but his music, songs and even career apparently not. A new Michael Jackson single hit has been published online for public premier. The song, “This Is It” which has the same title with the now canceled sold-out Michael Jackson return concert in London, is the first track left behind by Michael Jackson to emerge after the singer’s death in […]

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Mobile 3D Without Glasses with 3M Technology

When viewing 3D images on mobile devices, 3D glasses are an inevitable part of the set-up. These are often cumbersome and restrict the freedom of the user. 3M has come up with a new optical film that does away with the 3D glasses and yet gives users the same quality 3D experience.

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Menswear Suit to Prevent Influenza H1N1 Swine Flu Infection in Public Area

Believe it or not, a Japanese menswear company has unveiled a new unique design suit which is claimed to be able to prevent Influenza H1N1 infection that has been widely spread and killed thousands of people worldwide. The company, with the name of Haruyama Trading seems to be very sensitive to market requirement and with this new innovative idea, it reduces the life style change […]

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MIT Sheds New Light on the Blind with Electronic Eye Implant

Vision is one of the most valuable assets of human beings. The loss of vision robs a person of color, beauty, and independence. For the visually impaired, the opportunity to regain part of their vision offers tremendous hope to live life more fully. While engineered eyes remain a distant dream, electronic retinal implants can illuminate some hope on the visually impaired. MIT has come up […]

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Caffeine Test Kit to Test for Decaf Coffee

Coffee lovers have not been given so much attention and pampering before. Now there is a caffeine test kit to test the caffeine level in drinkers’ coffee. Works much like a pregnancy or acid test, one just have to dip a tiny strip of the D-Caf Test Strips by Spoon Sisters into one’s coffee to determine the caffeine level. But one is cautioned not to […]

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Panasonic Transforms Bed into Wheelchair

If Transformers can make lives better for the paralyzed, it will take the form of the Panasonic Robotic Bed. Much like Toyota’s thought-controlled wheelchair, the Hybrid Assistive Limb and Rodem, an ergonomic electric wheelchair, Panasonic’s robotic wheelchair provides a solution to mobility problems for the aged and handicapped. The upper half of the mattress of Panasonic’s Robotic Bed can rise while the lower half slides […]

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