Bijin-Tokei Shows Different Hot Japanese Chick Every Minute

Ever dream of turning your clock into pretty, hot and sexy Japanese girls? Wouldn’t it be great if every time you need to know the time, different sexy Japanese girls will indicate to you the exact time with sweaty and sweet smiling faces? A Tokyo designer company has lately launched a new site called Bijin Tokei. This interesting site will tell you the current time […]

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New InFocus DisplayLink Wireless Solution To Connect Computer And Projector Easily Without Cable

InFocus Corporation and Wisair have announced the new InFocus Wireless DisplayLink solution, the ultimate plug-and-project technology that enables presenters to wirelessly connect to InFocus DisplayLink-enabled projectors from ranges of up to 30 feet, by simply plug in the DisplayLink Wireless pre-paired adapters, allowing users to share HD content and video on the big screen at high-bandwidth speeds of 99Mbps net data rate.

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Windows Secret Ads Series: “Life Comes Together”

News such as the number of new features added to Windows 7 or the discounts offered in Microsoft’s promotional packages, etc. may be the main focus of attention for many users. However, putting aside these news items, watching the riveting campaigns deployed especially the commercial ads by the Redmond Company can be a form of enjoyment in itself. A director from McCann Worldgroup, an advertising […]

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Michael Jackon Invincible Full Album MP3 Free Download on MP3panda

Invincible is the tenth and final studio album by the late American singer Michael Jackson during his life time. Invincible was released by Epic Records on October 30, 2001, six years after Jackson’s 1995 double disc studio album HIStory, and is the first featuring all new tracks since Dangerous in 1991. Invincible had been reviewed as good and favorable, although most said the record was […]

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Watch Total Solar Eclipse of July 22 2009 Live Streaming Online Webcast

The total solar eclipse of the Sun on Wednesday, July 22, 2009, will be the longest total solar eclipse in the 21st century, with the disappearance of the Sun when totally covered by moon can last up to a maximum of 6 minutes and 39 seconds, with most area averaging 6 minutes of solar eclipse. The next solar eclipse that can surpass this record duration […]

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Send Your Name To Mars On Board NASA Mars Science Laboratory Rover (MSL)

The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL), which also known as Curiosity, is a NASA rover that will perform first-ever precision landing on Mars. Mars Science Laboratory Rover is scheduled to be launched between October and December 2011. For people who miss out the chance to have your name sent to moon, or people who already had their name footprint on moon, now is time to venture […]

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Apple’s MacBook Sales Dropped Due to Economic Slowdown

Apple Inc has been doing so well with its iPhones in high end smartphone market but its computer sales seems to be slow especially in this economic situation. Just recently, a report from Gartner and IDC, the famous market research firms has revealed that the famous MacBook maker has failed to continue its momentum to push more units into consumer market.

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Innovative USB 2.0 Transmission via Infrared Signal

The pairing of USB 2.0 and infrared technology will likely create murmurs of excitement in the Wireless Japan 2009 exhibition later this month. The new innovation of transmitting information using USB 2.0 via infrared technology is now possible due to breakthrough findings from researchers of KDDI R&D Labs Inc. The researchers have developed a method of converting electrical signals from USB 2.0 interface into infrared […]

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Hollywood New Movie – Office 2010: The Movie?

While pending for the new Office 2010 out from the oven and Office 2010 public beta to be launched, Microsoft has rolled out the trailer for Office 2010: The Movie, a pretty funny trailer with shades of Keanu Reeves’s The Matrix and Angelina Jolie’s Hackers characters. Directed by Dennis Liu, the action film is about a IAT agent seeking out a rogue font uploaded to […]

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Where To Watch Michael Jackson Memorial Funeral Live Streaming Video Online

The memorial service for Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, who had died on June 25th 2009 is going to start on 10 AM (Pacific Time UTC-7) or 1 PM (Eastern Time UTC-4), July 7 2009 at Staples Center arena at Los Angeles, California of United States. Staples Center is also the place where Michael Jackson last rehearsed and prepared for This Is It concerts […]

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Micheal Jackson “This Is It” Rehearsal on “They Don’t Care About Us” Video Footage

Rest in peace Michael Jackson! One of the major casualty of the Michael Jackson sudden death is his planned comeback concert, This Is It, the first major series of concerts since the HIStory World Tour finished in 1997. This Is It scheduled to start on July 3, 2009 at the O2 Arena, London, and already sold out all 50 concert performances tickets, which numbered at […]

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Babyglow to Detect Fever in Baby

First time parents are naturally more anxious and worried about their baby as they do not have the experience of having brought up a child previously. It is particularly worrying when a child gets sick as a fever, for instance, could lead to brain damage if not detected and the temperature brought down. The indispensable household thermometer aside, Chris Ebejer has come up with a […]

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