IObit Game Booster Premium 2 Free Download With Serial Number

Gaming can be essential part of life for avid gamers, but sometimes some may experience that PC Game runs slowly or gives a lag even if system requirements are met. In this case, gamers might want to upgrade hardware to improve gaming performance, tweak the system settings, and so on. Now users can play games lag free, enjoy fast game launching and response with the […]

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How to Unblock and Access or Connect to PSN on CFW 3.55 (PS3DNS or fuckPsn)

Sony has blocked the trick to access PSN with DNS proxy, and banned access and removed ability to connect to PSN (PlayStation Network) for Sony PS3 (PlayStation 3) gaming console which is still running on earlier version of firmware OS software (i.e. not upgrade to latest version of OFW 3.56). Older version of firmware has been the choice for many currently as it is required […]

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Angry Birds for Windows Free Download

Angry Birds is probably one of the most popular, if not the most popular games in the world itself. In the puzzle video game, developed by Finland-based Rovio Mobile, players use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed on or within various structures in order to destroy all the pigs on the playfield.

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Reduce Stress With Simple Portable Stress Relief Game

Modern working life is generally full of problems, irritation and frustration. You can’t run away from deadlines, demanding bosses, unreasonable customers, etc. If you can’t manage your stress well or find a way to deal with it, it can turn into a serious disease and affect your life and relationship with others. Stress Relief is a simple portable game that can probably help you to […]

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iOS Game Center Hacked to Fake and Cheat Score

Apple introduces Game Center in iOS 4.1 on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 2nd generation through 4th generation, and in iOS 4.2 on iPad, as online multiplayer social gaming network. With Game Center, users can invite friends to play a game, join a multiplayer game, and most importantly, track the gameplay achievements and compare high scores on leaderboard.

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Download Angry Birds (HD) Free For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad

To let more iPhone and iPad users to be able to play its popular games on their devices, Rovio has released a free version of Angry Birds games for iPhone and iPad users which are known as Angry Birds Free (for iPhone and iTouch) and Angry Birds HD Free (for iPad). The new version of Angry Birds games features challenging physics-based demolition gameplay and lots […]

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Download Homebrew Apps and Emulators for Jailbroken PS3

The Sony PS3 has been jailbroken by GeoHot to enable installation of signed homebrew application software. Signing own homebrow apps with the leaked private root keys is a pretty technical stuff, but if you’re looking for more homebrew apps, here’s a few community made homebrews that been shared on Internet.

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How to Jailbreak Sony PS3 (PlayStation 3) to Install Custom Homebrew Packages

The tool to jailbreak and crack Sony PS3 running on latest version of firmware is now been released by GeoHot, the famed iPhone hacker, which cracks and hacks the Sony PlayStation 3 to enable ability to install and run custom packages. The jailbreak is possible after Fail0verflow managed to discover private root keys of PS3, which can be used to sign any apps and games […]

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Sony PS3 Private Root Keys Leaked (With Demo Homebrew Download)

After the source code of development tools for Fail0verflow PS3 exploit been released, the famed iPhone hacker, GeoHot, is leaking the METLDR private root keys for PS3. The private metldr keys of PS3 is the core of Fail0verflow “epic PS3 security bypass” hack, where the root keys can be used to sign official Sony signature to fool PS3 into accepting the software applications or games […]

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Mirror’s Edge for iPhone and iPad EA Game Free Download

Mirror’s Edge is a single-player first person action-adventure video game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE) and published by Electronic Arts. Initially released for Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3), Xbox 360,, and Windows, EA had released Mirror’s Edge on iOS platform, where iPad version available since April 1, 2010, while version for iPhone and iPod touch was released on September 2, 2010.

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Sony New Bravia HD TV With Integrated PS2 Gaming Console

Nowadays technology convergence is a trend and if you wonder what gaming manufacturers can come out with, the recently announced Sony Bravia TV with built in PS2 console could be one of the great examples.

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Dungeon Hunter for Android Free Download

Dungeon Hunter is a RPG role-playing action game developed by Gameloft. With gameplay set over the land of Gothicus, Dungeon Hunter is a 3D epic quest set in a dark fantasy world. Dungeon Hunter is available for iPhone, iPod touch, Windows Phone 7 and Android platform.

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