How To Load Card Sharing Account Into Orton HD X403p Satellite Decoder

There are many satellite decoders that you can purchase from market but among those series that can support HD (High Definition) with PVR (Personal Video Recorder) features, Openbox/Skybox are considered affordable as compared to Dreambox HD series such as DM800. Besides, some users may able to find Orton HD X403p at comparable price as a good alternative but if you are not familiar with its […]

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How To Activate Parental Lock in Skybox/Hibox/Yumy/Openbox S9/S10 Satellite Receiver

If you are using Skybox/Hibox/Yumy/Openbox S9/S10 HD satellite decoder to receive satellite signals via card sharing, it is sometimes hard to filter off adult channels especially if you have small children at home. And worst thing is you may not aware that some satellites may have added sexual contents just like what had happened to JCSAT 128 C-band in Asia countries recently. Fortunately, there is […]

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Cydia Unfolder Simplifies Folders Deletion in iOS Devices

You may have categorize all your favorite apps and store them into folders for better searching in iOS devices but when the quantity grows tremendously, it becomes very inconvenience to delete the folder as users will need remove all the apps from the folder one by another. If you are looking for faster way to remove folders especially those with full of apps, here is […]

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Txtot Reminds SMS Text Messaging Sending On iOS Devices

Occasionally, you may experience the difficulty to remember and tend to forget to send text messaging which could be important and if you wonder how you can get around with this, here is a simple app which was released recently to serve as reminder. Named as Txtot, or Text on time, it allows users to schedule a reminder so that the SMS text messaging can […]

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ABBYY Business Card Reader Scans And Converts Name Cards For iOS Devices

Smartphone has becomes an all-in-one personal digital assistance and with its built-in camera module, some tasks such as setting up contact lists could be handy and easier. And that is what the new app is designed for. Named as ABBYY Business Card Reader, it is a tiny utility released in App Store that can be installed into iOS device to enjoy such function.

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RecognizeMe Biometric Facial Recognition in Cydia For Jailbroken iOS Devices

You may have bored with the way to access your iOS device’s screen and if you are looking for new way to unlock the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for use, the near-to-launch app in Cydia could be something that you are looking for. Named as RecognizeMe, it utilizes your front facing camera on iOS devices to capture and match with its database before granted […]

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How To Dump .abs File From Openbox/Skybox/HiBox/Yumy S9 HD Decoder

You may have learned the way to load the decoder with new .abs firmware file earlier and if you wonder how you can do it in reverse way, in this case create a backup on your original file so that it can be restore later, here are some simple steps that you can follow to get it done.

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How to Create And Restore Backup For Enigma, Gemini, Addons On Dreambox Satellite Decoder

There could be occasion that you would like to do create a backup file in your Dreambox satellite decoder so that it can be restored whenever something went wrong unexpectedly. If you wonder how to do it, below are simple steps that you can follow to get it done.

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How To Sort And Clean Satellite Channel List In Openbox/Skybox/Hibox/Yumy S9 HD Decoder

Openbox/Skybox/Hibox or Yumy S9 HD is an universal satellite decoder that can be used to receive both KU and C-band channels from the sky. As you may have thousands of channels from multiple satellites by default in the .abs file, but in many occasion, you may not able to view them due to insufficient dishes or non-motorized dishes installed so it is better to remove […]

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How To Load CCcam Card Sharing Into Openbox/Skybox/Hibox/Yumy Using LAN PC

Previously we mentioned about the way to load CCcam card sharing account using remote control or CCcam Config Editor for Dreambox, and we have learned the way to do it by loading from USB thumb drive for Openbox/ Skybox/Hibox or Yumy, but how nice would it be if you can perform the same using PC via Wireless LAN connection, here are some simple steps that […]

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How To Upgrade Or Flash Skybox/Openbox/Hibox Satellite Decoder Using Serial RS232 Null Cable

Previously we mentioned about the way to flash Dreambox either using Ethernet or Serial RS232 null modem cable, and if you wonder how you can perform the same for Openbox/Skybox/Yumy S9 HD satellite decoder with PVR feature, here are some simple steps that you can follow to get it done.

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How To Unlock, Retrieve Or Recover Forgotten Dreambox Root Password

Previously we mentioned the way on how to unlock or recover forgotten parental lock password in Dreambox decoder, and if you wonder how you can retrieve forgotten system password, here are some simple steps that you can follow to get it done.

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