Adobe Photoshop Express 2.0 for iPhone, iTouch and iPad (Free Download)

Adobe Photoshop Express 2.0 is the latest version of for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The Photoshop Express is a companion app to the for online photo sharing, editing and hosting resource. With Photoshop Express, The user can edit, share and upload photos to their free account (maximum 2GB) from their mobile device. The latest version of the Photoshop Express 2.0 has been […]

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WakeApp Intelligent Alarm Clock And Sleep Recorder For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad

How many of you actually treat iPhone as alarm clock system? If you are one of those and is still searching around for a much more powerful alarm app, the recently announced WakeApp could be one of your best options. Other than serving as a normal alarm clock system, WakeApp is claimed to be intelligent and powerful enough that can be used to analyze your […]

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PowerUp Enables Additional Power, Respring, Restart Options On iOS Devices

Normally when you press and hold the sleep button on your iOS devices, you will be greeted with a simplified “Slide to power off” message and sliding on the bar will put your iOS device into power OFF mode. How nice could it be if users can get more options rather than just a simple OFF button which could be too limited. If you are […]

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Download VMware View Client App for iPad

Have you ever imagine administering Windows operating system virtually from iPad? Or perhaps using iPad to connect to a computer machines safely over the Internet? Here’s the good news for you if you have been thinking about the aforementioned questions. VMware has recently launched VMware View Client App – the iPad application that brings the secure connectivity in between mobile users and the virtual desktops.

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iOS 4.3 Update with Personal Hotspot WiFi Sharing & Repeat SMS Text Alert (Direct Download Links)

iOS 4.3 update build 8F190 or 8F191 has been officially released for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, 3rd generation iPod touch, 4th generation iPod touch, iPad and iPad 2. An build 8F191m iOS 4.3 update is available for Apple TV too, however Apple TV registers it as version 4.2. One of the major feature enhancement for iOS 4.3 is addition of Personal Hotspot feature, which allows […]

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OSFaker Enables Android And Windows 7 Emulation In iOS Devices

iPhone running on iOS is famous now due to its user friendly and multitouch capability but if you would like to have a feel on how Android or Windows 7 OS running on your iOS device, now there is a simulator tweak that you can install with ability to ‘boot’ to Android or Windows 7 OS. Named as OSFaker, it enables users to run emulation […]

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Radial Customizes Keyboard Layout For Speedy Typing On iPad

iPad is ideal for web browsing but when comes to speedy typing, you may still need to rely on external Bluetooth wireless keyboard. If you are looking for good app that can handle such requirement, the recently released app in iTunes with the name of Radial could be your good alternatives.

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HideCallerName To Hide Incoming Caller Name And Number On iPhone

Even wonder how you can hide the caller ID and phone number with a customized caller name on your iPhone? If for any reason you would like to do that, the tweak is exactly what you are looking for. Named as HideCallerName, it allows users to replace all the incoming caller ID with a customized name configurable in the iOS device’s setting menu.

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Free AVG Antivirus for Android Devices

With the rapid growing of Android-powered gadgets such as Android smartphones, tablets and etc, this population of devices has become lucrative targets for the financially-motivated cyber criminals. For instance, Google have recently found a couple dozens of Android apps infected with the notorious rootkit malware – “DroidDream” that could steal private information from the Android gadgets. Although Google acted to remove such apps from Google’s Android Market immediately […]

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iMovie and Garage Band For iPad (App Store Download)

Apple once again astonishing Apple fans with announced of its new generation iPad 2. In addition to the iPad 2, Apple also announced two new apps, namely iMovie and GarageBand for iPad.

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MobileNotifier Enhances Push Notifications to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

You are probably annoyed with the pop-up notifications that interrupted you in the middle of gaming or working on your iOS devices. And if you are looking for a way to workaround this, here is a simple tweak that you can try. Named as MobileNotifier, users can grab it free from Cydia that enables a clear notification in a self partitioned text box without interrupting […]

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MyLyrics Searches For Songs From iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad

If you are using iPhone as as PMP (Personal Media Player) and would like to be able to quickly search for your favorite songs, then the recently released app could be something that you are looking for. Named as MyLyrics, it enables users to search for the related songs by just keying in certain portion of the song’s lyrics, tracks, artist name and anything that […]

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